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Hollywood Distorts Truth of the Valerie Plame Affair

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 10, 2010

It is remarkable what emanates from the elitists in Hollywood give Tinseltown’s motivation: greed.  While they sometimes (rarely) create art, more often they produce salacious material based on sex and gratuitous violence.  This reality creates dissonance within Hollywood.  There inner yearning is to be considered artists, but they make their living on a lower tier.  The guilt pushes many Hollywood elitists towards radical Leftist causes.

Yesterday, columnist Judith Miller once again exposed Hollywood’s Leftist agenda in her op-ed The Plame Affair, Hollywood Style.   Ms. Miller destroys the “facts” included in the film “Fair Game” starring Naomi Watts.  Fair Game is about ex CIA agent Valerie Plame who was outed in a column written by Richard Novak during the Bush presidency.  The Left’s version of this outing as depicted in the movie was that it related to Plame’s husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV, who took a position opposing Bush’s intervention into Iraq.  Ms. Miller shows that premise to be false.

Judith Miller is more than merely a columnist when it comes to the Valerie Plame affair.  She was a part of the story.  In mid 2005 Miller was sent to jail for refusing to disclose her confidential source used for a Plame story.  That is one of many facts conveniently not mentioned in “Fair Game.”  Miller points to other distortions in the film, including:

  • Contrary to the film’s portrayal, the revelation of Ms. Plame’s identity did not cause the CIA to abandon contacts among Iraqi scientists.
  • As the film would have it, the CIA’s leadership resisted the notion that Saddam Hussein had WMD and challenged the intelligence being provided to the White House.  …. In fact, the agency led the effort to draft the National Intelligence Estimate in 2002 that concluded with “high confidence” on behalf of more than a dozen intelligence agencies that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons and an active nuclear program.
  • If there was a grand plot to punish Mr. Wilson for his candor by outing his wife, as the film suggests, no one was ever indicted for it. Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor who would have indicted the proverbial ham sandwich, never indicted anyone for having outed Ms. Plame.
  • The person who first leaked the fact that Mr. Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA to conservative columnist Robert Novak – who published that information, and her name, despite his opposition to the Iraq war – was not a White House official.  He was State Department official Richard Armitage.  Like his boss, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Mr. Armitage was critical of the push to war.  Yet Mr. Armitage has no on-screen role in the film. He is mentioned only in the film’s text epilogue.
  • Fair Game” suggests that Ms. Plame’s outing inflicted severe damage on the CIA’s sources.  But this, too, may be untrue.  In a letter to the Washington Post on Nov. 12, R.E. Pound, a retired CIA agent who helped assess the damage allegedly caused by the leak at one location, concluded: “There was none.”  He also challenged as “ludicrous” Ms. Plame’s claim, echoed in the film, that her outing forced her resignation.

Fair Game is based on books written by the couple, Wilson and Plame.  Wilson called the movie “fair and accurate“.  Ms. Miller makes the compelling case that it is neither.  Let’s see: Miller’s livelihood does not depend on which account is accurate; Wilson and Plame have already profited handsomely from the story, living in an expensive home in Sante Fe and make a living giving speeches about WMD and the Bush administration.  You make the call on who is being truthful.

Ms. Miller’s opening comment in her op-ed shows the movie to be pure fiction, if not part propaganda: An antiwar State Department official leaked the spy’s name.  You won’t find that in the plot of Fair Game.”

The media and Left in general treat the truth differently based in political motivations.  When President Bush told the American people that there were WMD’s in Iraq and that was proved wrong, he lied.  Conversely, when President Obama promised that with the passage of his Stimulus Package the unemployment rate would not exceed 8% and it subsequently went to 10%, he merely made an error.  The truth is that both were but bad judgment.


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