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Government is the Problem

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 28, 2016

The Left and Right both believe they have the answers to America’s economic downward spiral.  Those on the Left are sure the problems relate to income inequality, racism and/or too much spending on the military.  My friends on the Right are just as strong in their convictions that the problems are caused by an efficient tax system, excess entitlement programs, illegal immigrants, and of course the Left itself.

To this Blogger the cause America’s economic issues, as well as those of the greater world, is government itself, the world’s largest special-interest group.  The video below share some facts proffering the danger of the growing government elites and their minions that includes:

  • During the past 10 years the number of private sector jobs in America has grown by only 1% while during the same period the number of federal government employees has grown by 15%.
  • Prior to the economic meltdown approximately eight years ago, the US Department of Transportation had only one employee earning over $170,000 annually.  That number is now about 1,700.
  • At the beginning of the economic meltdown the US Department of Defense had approximately 1,700 employees making $150,000 or more annually.  That number is now over 10,000.
  • During the first two years after the beginning of the economic meltdown the number of federal employees earning in excess of $100,000 annually doubled.
  • In 2009 the average compensation package including salary and benefits in the private sector was approximately $61,000 per employee.  During that year the average total compensation package for federal employees was over double that or $123,000.

There are currently about 21 million government employees in the United States, approximately 16% of potential voters.  This is a huge voting-block, especially considering how few votes often separate winners and losers in important elections. However, add to this number families of government workers and the potential influence this voting-block rose enormously.

There is a growing anger and disillusionment among American voters that has not been seen in many decades.  On the Left this is expressed by the surprising strength of Socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.  On the Right this is seen through the strength that Donald Trump has within the Republican primaries, even though his views have historically been in conflict with basic Republican ideology.

The electorate’s growing disillusionment has occurred during a time of historic growth in government power and spending.  Those who believe that giving more power to government or allowing them to spend more money change this direction ignore historical precedent.

Many Democrats are on enthused by their likely candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Similarly, many Republicans are aghast at the thought of Donald Trump being their party’s standard-bearer.  Here’s a consolation for both: Not to worry, the special interests groups, including those who make a living on the public payroll, will ensure that the Country continues in the same direction that it has been taking for the last 50 years no matter who is president.  Yikes!


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Al Sharpton Refuses to Pay His Fair Share

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 23, 2014

Liberals are all for wealth redistribution until the tax man comes for their assets.  Examples include the mega-rich Kennedy clan continuing to live off the riches that patriarch Joseph created before, during and after the Great Depression.  More recently Secretary of State John Kerry, who gained his wealth by marrying into the Heinz catchup family, was caught moving his multimillion dollar yacht to a state with significantly lower taxes than Massachusetts charges.

SharptonThe current outrageous example of tax avoidance by a wealthy liberal is Al Sharpton.  While it is difficult to determine exactly how Sharpton obtained his substantial wealth, he is currently a MSNBC host and often a visitor to the Barack Obama White.  He is a member of the top 10%.  Remarkably, in an article titled “As Sharpton Rose, So Did His Unpaid Taxes”, the New York Times reported that this Progressive owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes.

When confronted with the unpaid tax issue in a recent interview, Sharpton’s first excuse was that “we’re talking about old taxes”.  Then, he went into the victim mode even inferring racism:

“I think it’s political, he said. A lot of people don’t like the fact that President Obama’s the president.  A lot of people do not like the fact that Bill de Blasio won for mayor.  And they certainly don’t like that I’m still here, and I ain’t going nowhere.”

It is hard to fault Sharpton for not wanting to pay taxes that are often excessive.  However, his unwillingness to do so given his Progressive views is hypocritical.  Those with means who preach and rationalize the societal benefits of the welfare state and wealth redistribution should be first in line pay their fair share.  The fact that so many do not is another indication that their political motives are not so righteous.

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Obama Says Paying Taxes is Patriotic

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 5, 2014

Included on www.Whitehouse.gov is President Obama’s radio address of July 26, 2014.  It is quintessential Obama, not only pitting one group of Americans against another, but also demonstrates hypocrisy.

Obama begins by enlightening listeners on the success of his economic policies stating that “Our businesses have added nearly 10,000,000 new jobs in the past 52 months” and “the unemployment rate is at its lowest point since September 2008.  While these figures may be correct, they paint a distorted picture.  The figures tell nothing of the quality or pay scale of the new jobs or the fact that the unemployment is rate is down mainly because so many Americans stopped looking for jobs and are no longer counted as unemployed.

Real Medium IncomeThe New York Times published a graph showing that Americans’ median income significantly decrease since Obama took office, offering a more realistic picture of the state of the American economy.  It certainly does not paint a picture of successful economic policies.

In the second part of the radio address Obama expressed outrage at some large corporations fleeing the United States “just to avoid paying their fair share” of US taxes.   He goes on to state that these “loophole in our tax laws makes this totally legal” and further says that “you don’t get to pick which rules you play by or what tax rate you pay.”

This is cynical indignation for President Obama to profess.  For example, let’s start with his pals in Hollywood who moved a significant amount of movie production over the years to either states or countries merely to lower their taxes due.  Then there is Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, who was appointed Obama’s Job Czar.  General Electric earned over $20 billion in profits during 2010, but paid no taxes that year.

The President is disconnected with how most Americans view taxes.  Most make significant efforts and take any legal deduction to lower their tax bills.  For this president it seems that the difference between a tax benefit and a “loopholes” depends on who is the recipient.

Rather amazingly, President Obama then invokes a theme often used in the past by the Right to promote their agenda; i.e. patriotism, saying: “In my budget earlier this year, I proposed closing I proposed closing this unpatriotic loophole for good”, and “rather than double down on the top-down economics that let a fortunate few play by their own rules, let’s embrace economic patriotism that says we rise or fall together.”

If the President’s contention that paying taxes is patriotic is a reasonable one, does that mean that the nearly 43% of Americans who pay no income taxes are unpatriotic?



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Entitlement Mentality Affecting US Military Preparedness

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 1, 2013

Today the focus is understandably on the US government shutdown.  President Obama blames the Republicans and the Republican Congress blames the President.  Both contentions are political mere sideshows to the real economic problems facing the Country.  The United States’ overall fiscal problem is that we spend too much money, more each year that we bring in in tax revenues.  How the money is spent or wasted is secondary to the fact that we are stealing from our children’s future to our benefits today.

There are times when it is reasonable for a country to spend more than it brings in such as real economic crisis and war.  However, when a Country continues to run deficits year after year and ignores the perils of the excessive behavior, it is a clear sign of a country degenerating, both economically and morally.

As the federal government grew during the past hundred years, accelerating in the past fifty, it found new ways to generate revenues, i.e. taxes.  Some of these revenues were used appropriately to build infrastructure and supply Americans with essential services.  However, more recent the taxation system became a methodology to redistribute wealth from some Americans to others.  This includes corporate welfare with companies given special tax breaks, as well as entitlements to individuals, some of who are deserving and others who are not.  Also, as the federal government grew, a greater number of Americans became employed by that government and are now dependent on it for their livelihood.  Finally, when enough funds tax revenues could not sustain this perverse payments system, the government began running ever larger deficits.

One’s personal views and needs will likely affect who one believes is truly deserve it of the government’s sugar. This is irrelevant to the fact that when a government takes resources from some Americans and gives it to others it is a corruptive force.

Often those on the Right focus on entitlements given in the form of social programs as being corruptive to the capitalistic system.  While this assumption is correct to an extent, the social welfare given businesses, i.e. the military and other pet projects of the Right, are just as corruptive and damaging to the overall economy.

McKenzie Eaglen and Michael O’Hanlon wrote an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal last summer titled Military Entitlements Are Killing Readiness that reviews how the corruptive entitlement mentality is damaging the United States’ military and its preparedness.  Eaglen O’Hanlon list some of the entitlements military personnel currently receive including: 1) health coverage for life with minimal cost sharing, 2) retiree pensions and 3) housing allowances, grocery discounts, tuition assistance, and tax breaks more.

While many contend that our military personnel deserve such perks for serving the Country, the same argument can be made for many parts of society including police officers, firefighters, etc.  In fact this same argument has often made for municipal workers and has resulted in many cities and municipalities having to cut services in order to honor these entitlement benefits.

Now, the increasing cost of the entitlements is beginning to squeeze out the United States’ military capabilities and preparedness.  Here are facts presented by Eaglen and O’Hanlon:

  • The Navy will retire more ships over the next five years than it will build, with the fleet now at only 285 vessels.
  • The Air Force has one-third the number of bombers it had during the early 1970s and is currently is aging.  The relatively newest B-2 stealth bombers are two decades old.
  • In 2014, active duty Army and Marine Corps personnel are set to decrease by over 10% from 2010.

Should the above decreases be the result of a shrinking budget, while it may be bad policy, it would be an understandable economic decision. However, these decreases are more problematic when considered in tandem with the pay/benefit increases given military personnel that according to Eaglen and O’Hanlon include:

  • From 2001 to 2012, inflation-adjusted compensation cost per active-duty service member grew 56%.
  • From 2000 to 2010, the military’s health-care costs skyrocketed 180%, to $49.8 billion from $17.8 billion—more than double the rate of the national increase.  Tricare, a highly subsidized health care system for military retirees, provide members free health care for life.   This had led to over use. For example, in 2004 benefit recipients used outpatient services 44% higher than in civilian plans; with the inpatient rate 60% higher.
  • Military retirees have very generous pension benefits.  One benefit includes receiving 50% of the average salary for the three highest pay years after only 20 years of service.  This benefit also includes a cost-of-living adjustment.  In 2011 this system cost $20 billion, but also has a perverse impact on combat veterans who rarely serve for a full 20 years and therefore receive no pension benefits.
  • There are currently 760,000 civilians working for the military, a number that continues to increase even though the number of active-duty military personnel has decreased.

Certainly our Country should take care of its military servicemen and women, especially those that served in combat.  However, that does not justify pay scales or benefits that are considered sacrosanct by some.  As these pay and benefit costs squeeze out available funds for weapons and training, we are not only doing the Country an injustice, but also those that serve.

It is politically impossible to rein in the cost of any significant governmental program as long as the government is allowed to deficit spend..  Only when we stop robbing from future generations will true political wrangling and compromise be allowed to assist in bringing government spending under control, a requirement for any successful democracy in the long term.

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Federal Spending on Unsustainable Path

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 14, 2013

It is amusing listening to Progressives when they are forced to discuss the United States’ debt and deficits.  Some begrudgingly agree that the deficit spending cannot be continued at the current rate and that our deficit must be brought under control.  Others incredibly claim that we do not have a deficit problem and the United States can continue borrowing nearly endlessly.  Backing this ludicrous conclusion is the fact that currently the US Treasury Department is able to sell bonds at historically low rates.  The fact that the Federal Reserve is purchasing a significant portion of the bonds is lost on these Leftists.

For liberals that agree America has a deficit problem, the next leg of their argument is that the Country has an income (taxing) problem, not a spending problem.  Not surprisingly, given that nearly 50% of Americans do not pay income tax, this has become a popular fairytale.

Economist John Mauldin published this week some interesting figures from the US Census Bureau and the Office of Management and Budget that show a troubling trend concerning governmental spending.

For 2000 – Total net spending for all levels of the federal government was 3,239,913,876,000.  Dividing this amount by the total number of households of 108,209,000 resulted in an average spending per family of about $30,000.  During that year the medium household income was approximately $42,000 meaning that government spending per household was about 71% of the medium income.

For 2010 – Net spending by all levels of the US government was $5,942,988,401,000.  With 118,682,000 households, this equaled approximately $50,000 per household.  During that same year the median household income was approximately $49,500.  In other words government spending per household was now approximately equal to the household medium income.

It does not take an advanced degree in economics to realize the path the Country is on is unsustainable.

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Obamas’ and Bidens’ Tax Returns

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 13, 2013

Progressives often pontificate what others should pay in taxes and give backs to society through charity.  It is interesting to compare what they say with their personal taxes and charity.

The blaze.com offered some interesting tidbits on the Obama’s and Biden’s 2012 tax returns that included the following:

  • The Obama’s had a total income of approximately $609,000.  Of that they gave approximately $150,000 to charity, just under 25%.  While the First Family is clearly charitable, they are also a part of the 1% and live as such.
  • The Obama’s paid approximately $112,000 in total taxes, an effective rate of approximately 18%.  It would be insightful if the President would confirm whether he believes this to be his “fair share”.
  • The Biden’s had a total income of approximately $385,000.  Their charitable contribution was approximately $7,200, less than 2% of their income.  In addition to being a bit uncharitable, $2,000 of this amount was in the form of items given to Goodwill.
  • VP Joe Biden also received in 2012 approximately $30,000 in Social Security benefits, a rate that is double the amount the average retired worker collects.  Evidently being a “public servant” has its financial benefits.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson Lectures Washington at National Prayer Breakfast

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 8, 2013

President Obama is a gifted orator who typically has his way at public appearances.  In addition it is rare for the President to be challenged by the mainstream media.

The President attended the National Prayer Breakfast this week where he made a speech.  Prior to his presentation, Obama was lectured by its keynote speaker, Dr. Benjamin Carson, a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  As Carson made his 30 minute presentation, Obama was forced to listen to his conclusions that included:

  • Carson called political correctness “a horrible thing” and “dangerous”.  He stated: “We’ve reached a point where people are actually afraid to talk about what they want to say, because somebody might be offended.”
  • Carson pointed to importance of family and education, connecting these items to his marvelous advancement from poverty.  While Progressives often pointed to the importance of education, this is but code words for paying off their union constituents.  They rarely talk of the importance of family.
  • The doctor also expressed concern for the moral decay and fiscal mess of the United States: “I think particularly about ancient Rome. Very powerful – nobody could even challenge them militarily … they destroyed themselves from within.  Moral decay. Fiscal irresponsibility.
  • The Country’s $16 trillion deficit was also addressed: “And one of our big problems right now…our deficit is a big problem.  Think about it — and our national debt — $16 and a half trillion dollars.
  • Carson criticized the complex and progressive federal tax system suggesting instead a flat tax: “What about our taxation system — so complex there is no one that can possibly comply with every jot and tittle.  When I pick up my Bible, you know what I see — I see the fairest individual in the universe — God — and he’s given us a system.  It’s called tithe.”  One does not have to be religious to appreciate the logic here.

Finally, Carson went after the President’s plans for the medical system. He suggested an alternative that would include a tax-deductible health savings account for all Americans that is initiated on the data their birth.  Those without means would receive funds for the account from the government.  This account would be used for healthcare, as determined by each individual.  Any amount remaining at death could be passed on to the individuals heirs.  The idea is beautiful in its simplicity and understanding of human nature.  It offers individuals the ability to manage their healthcare spending, treating this account as a valuable asset.

Dr. Carson’s presentation at the national prayer breakfast is posted below.  It was a good lecture for the President and it is appropriate for all Americans.

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Congresswoman Johnson Tells Cavuto to Shut Up

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 14, 2012

Congresswoman Johnson Tells Cavuto to Shut Up

Too many so-called conservatives on the Right don’t walk the talk.  While claiming to be against big government spending, they supported Pres. George W. Bush’s huge deficit spending.  They also claim allegiance to the Constitution, but often attempt to intervene in social issues not authorized to the government under that Constitution.  Neil Cavuto, commentator for Fox News, is no such interloper, one that is willing to attack either party for fiscal irresponsibility.

During an interview this week with Congresswoman Bernice Johnson, Democrat from Texas, Cavuto exposed Ms. Johnson and her Leftist allies as disingenuous on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  The Left has created the false narrative that raising taxes on the top 2% of Americans will solve the Country’s significant fiscal problems.  While taxes on wealthier Americans will need to increase due to the deficits, this increase will do little to address the Country’s deficits that it been caused by excess spending, especially in the area of entitlements.

During the interview, Cavuto asked Congresswoman Johnson that assuming Republicans agreed to Left’s requested tax increases, where she would cut spending.  It is clear in the answer in the video below that she and her colleagues would not agree real spending cuts.  In fact, when pressed on this matter, the Congresswoman told Caputo to “shut up”.  It is evident that Cavuto hit the crux of the matter.

Congressman Rand Paul, libertarian Republican Sen. from Kentucky, suggested that Republicans should give into the presence demand for the tax increase on wealthier Americans.  Paul’s theory is that with Democrats winning the presidential election, they should be given a chance to govern.  Their economic policies will fail forcing the Country to have a reality check and go back to a more realistic fiscal path.  Taxes can then be lowered after the Country is ready for more sound policies.  Rand’s approach is a sound strategy worthy of consideration.

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State and Municipal Crony Capitalism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 3, 2012

Often when this Blog writes about the ills of crony capitalism it refers to the actions of the federal government.  Examples are many with this year’s high-profile ones including the $500 million plus loss that the taxpayers took on the wasted Solyndra investment.  A bit further back there was the ill-advised bailouts of General Motors and the Wall Street banks.  In each of these situations, taxpayers were forced to pony up money to save others who made poor business, personal or job decisions.

Crony capitalism is not limited to the federal level.  States and municipalities are guilty of corrupting capitalism and using it for political power.  The New York Times has published an in-depth look on how state and local governments hand out the People’s money to the benefit of some over others in an article titled: As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price.

The Times made studied over 150,000 awards made by states and municipalities to various companies.  It concluded that mayors and governors use governmental subsidies and handouts to attract or retain businesses in their localities in an effort to retain the related jobs.  However, these efforts often do not succeed with costs far outweighing the benefits.  Not only do the companies often close or shrink the facilities after receiving the handouts, but in the negotiations themselves the government officials are outgunned by the professionals hired by the companies to extract benefits.

The Times determined that the state and regional governmental handouts that include tax credits, tax exemptions, subsidize services and tax abatements and up to more than $80 billion annually with 20% of this total being subsidized by the federal government.  It offered examples of these misguided efforts:

General Motors – Long before GM received its $50 billion plus 2009 bailout from the federal government, it was extracting handouts from states and local governments in exchange for opening or retaining plants in certain locales.  Approximately 50 properties involved with the 2009 shutdowns or shrinkage were located in towns and/or states that gave GM incentives and handouts in the billions. The subsidies continue today with GM receiving nearly $2 billion in local subsidies during the past five years.

Ford and Chrysler – Each company received approximately well over $1 billion in subsidies during the past five years

Hollywood – Filmmakers continue to be large recipients of governmental gifts.  It is no wonder that these Leftists are for big government.  An example offered by the Times is Oliver Stone’s 2010 “Wall Street” sequel.  While this film by necessity had to be made in New York City, the filmmaker received $10 million in tax credits from the City.  While Stone has been a vocal critic of subsidies to banking and agriculture, he has no problem justifying handouts to his industry and when questioned said: “It’s good.  Or like basically the way business is done. I don’t understand what the moral qualm is.”  How disingenuous.  Like so many others, Stone is only against handouts that go to others.

New York Times – Yes, even the publisher of the story critical of government givebacks to companies received $24 million since 2000 from the state of New York and New York City.

Shell Oil – Pennsylvania has given this multinational conglomerate tax credits worth up to $1.6 billion over the 25 year period.

Caterpillar – This large equipment manufacturer received nearly $200 million in local aid since 2007.

Twitter – After threatening to leave the city, San Francisco exempted Twitter up to $22 million of payroll taxes.  However, this accompany is flush with cash and has since received a $300 million investment from a Saudi Arabian Prince and $800 million from another source.

BMW – This producer of luxury automobiles perceived a $130 million package from the state of South Carolina in 1992 to locate a plant there.

Mercedes-Benz – Not to be outdone by BMW, another German firm, Mercedes, in 1993 received incentives worth over $300 million from the state of Alabama to locate its plant there.

38 Studios – This videogame startup owned by retired Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling received $75 million in loan guarantees from the state of Rhode Island.  The company never released a game and dismissed nearly all of its 400 workers earlier this year.  The taxpayers of Rhode Island are stuck with the bill.


States and municipalities across the Country are guilty of wasting taxpayer funds on crony capitalism.  The Times reported that Texas offers the most incentives, almost $20 billion per year.  Alaska, West Virginia and Nebraska offer the most corporate handouts per state residents.  Oklahoma and West Virginia giveaways account for about one third of their states’ budgets.  This corruption is massive.

The crony capitalism exhibited in the governments’ corporate handouts is problematic on many levels.  First, it assumes that the states’ constitutions allow these governments to make the gifts.  In addition, there are no guarantees the companies will remain after receiving the handouts.  Finally, giving these awards to particular companies is nothing more than governments’ picking winners and losers.  For example the incentives to bring in new companies come from the tax base that includes long-term payers, the already existing employers in the states.  This perverse system results in money from the long-term tax payers being used to increase the competition for local labor and materials that ultimately increases their costs and lowers their profits.  Not only is this a unfair disadvantage to the already existing corporations, but it ultimately leads to lower tax revenues from these entities as they become less profitable.

A company’s decision to locate its facilities in a state or city should be made only on the basis of sound economics that includes the quality of its labor force, the relative cost of that labor, as well as other factors such as permanent taxes and infrastructure availability.  When the government subverts this most basic of business and economic logic, it guarantees negative consequences in the long term.  It is also a corruptive force on the political class.


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Republicans Must Focus on Strategic Issues

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 17, 2012

Blog reader Liz pointed us to an interesting op-ed in the Wall Street Journal written by James Taranto titled The Audacity of 51%Taranto correctly points to the doubletalk that has become the hallmark of Barack Obama.

After George W. Bush was reelected in 2004, Obama wrote in his book: “The Audacity of Hope“: “Maybe peace would have broken out with a different kind of White House, one less committed to waging a perpetual campaign–a White House that would see a 51-48 victory as a call to humility and compromise rather than an irrefutable mandate.”  Fast-forward eight years with Obama winning a second term by a similar margin over Mitt Romney and the President’s tone is quite different.  In this week’s news conference he acted like a man who received a mandate.  This myopic approach will result in his second term becoming as disastrous as that of George W. Bush.

One of the first actions taken by the President took after his second term election was to invite to the White House ultra-Leftists for a summit on economic policy.  This group included union bosses and MoveOn.org.  The significance of the meeting immediately following the election was clear; the hard Left will lead in his administration for the next four years, hardly a sign of compromise.

The rants coming from those Leftists after attending the meeting was telling.  Teacher union president Dennis Van Roekel, said: “I brought the message that, number one, it’s important that we let the Bush tax cuts disappear for the wealthiest 2%.  As we’re looking for a $1.2 trillion solution, $829 billion takes us a long way there.”  Forgetting for a moment whether one agrees with increasing taxes on the upper income bracket, this statement exhibits illogic.  October’s deficit alone was $120 billion.  At an estimated $829 billion in taxes over 10 years, this surcharge will only cover about seven months of the deficit, certainly not “a long way there” for anyone on the proper side of sanity.

Efforts to control the Country’s deficit and spending have failed during the past decade.  While the deficit has been made significantly worse under President Obama, the problems started before his election.  Those of us who believe in smaller government and more responsible spending have failed to exert any political clout, even when Republicans controlled the presidency and the Congress.

The obstructionist behavior of Republicans during past two years has also failed to limit government spending or its intrusions and has played a role in the reelection of the most Leftist Pres. of modern times.  If the GOP is to be the party of responsible government, a change in its strategy and governance are demanded.

The American people reelected a president who was clear on his goals and policies.  Therefore, this writer suggests that the Republicans in Congress should allow Obama to implement his fiscal policies including the proposed tax increases.  The President’s policies are not grounded in economic reality and are therefore destined to fail.  Given the precarious economic situation facing the United States, this failure will occur relatively quickly and the President and his party will be held responsible and accountable.  This is the only avenue open for conservatives to obtain the mandate required to realistically address the deficit and overregulated environment that had so sapped the strength out of the Country and its economy.

In addition, conservatives must focus all of the capital they maintain in Washington on battles whose outcomes have truly long-term future effects.  There are no battles more important than those that are yet to come over President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees.  Taxes and their rates can be changed in fairly short order.  The same is true for most legislation.  A Supreme Court justice can inflict damage on the country for decades.

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