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War Against Radical Islam

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 21, 2010

Barack Obama promised a new approach to foreign policy and how it would relate to Islamic countries.  This included a kumbaya outreach approach to Muslim countries including the expunging from our government phrases such as “the war on terror” and “radical Islamic terrorists” in an effort to disconnect blame for worldwide terrorism from those who deserve it.

Obama’s approach has been a dismal failure.  While he has attempted to change the narrative, terrorism backed by radical Islam continues unabated with more attempts on U.S. soil in his two years than during the entire Bush Administration.  Iran also continues down a belligerent path that includes obtaining nuclear weapons.  Turkey has moved farther from the West and closer to radical Islam.  The war in Afghanistan has bogged down in a Viet Nam-style morass.  We would be hard-pressed to find one area that involves relations between the West and Islam that has improved since Obama came to office.

Inherit in Obama’s naïve Progressive approach is his seemingly total disregard for the incompatibility between orthodox Islam and Western values.  In recent months that divide has exhibited itself in the following examples:

Somalia – Islamists Kill World Cup Fans

Reuters reported last week that Somali Islamists killed two people and arrested others for the crime of watching the World Cup soccer match on television, forbidden by the hard-line Islamist groups who control Somalia.  During their three-year war to control Somali 21,000 people have died and another 1.5 million have become refugees.

Conclusion – Somalian Islamists believe they have the right kill in the name of their religion, even if the crime is merely watching a soccer game.  Western values cannot coexist with Somali Islamists.

Afghanistan – Suicide Bomber Kills 40 at Wedding

The Los Angeles Times reported in June that more than 40 people were killed and nearly 80 injured by a suicide bomber during a wedding party in southern Afghanistan.  As terrible as this story is on its face, it gets worse.  The suicide bomber was a boy no older than 13.

Conclusion – Afghan Islamists believe that they have the right kill in the name of their religion.  They indoctrinate the young to kill those that do not agree with their doctrine.  Western values cannot coexist with Afghan Islamists.

Afghanistan – Taliban Execute Seven Year Old Boy

Taliban militants publicly hanged a 7-year-old boy.  His supposed crime; spying for the Afghan government.

Conclusion – Afghan Islamists will spare no one in their effort to enforce strict Islamic law in their country.  Children are bread to be warriors for their cause.  Western values cannot coexist with Afghan Islamists.

Iraq – Son Kills Father for Working For the U.S.

An Iraqi connected with al-Qaida killed his own father as he slept last week for refusing to quit his job as an Iraqi interpreter for the U.S Military.

Conclusion – Iraqi Islamists teach their children to place religious doctrine over family ties.  Western values cannot coexist with Iraqi Islamists.

Pakistan – A Discriminatory Constitution

On May 28 Islamist militants attacked a mosque in Pakistan killing 100 innocent Muslims as they gathered for Friday prayer.  Why the butchery?  The dead had the misfortune to be a part of minority Ahmadi community Pakistan, a minority Muslim sect in this Sunni Muslim country.  However, this is more than merely sectarian violence pitting Muslim against Muslim; it is State induced murder.  In 1974 Pakistan amended its constitution to declare Ahmadis non-Muslims.  Ten years later an anti-blasphemy law known as “Ordinance XX” made it a crime for Ahmadis to call themselves Muslims.

While the Ahmadi’s agree with all tenets of Islam, but with the additional belief that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came to the Muslim community as a promised messiah, this does protect them from a religion and government that will not tolerate decent.  While many Muslim countries show intolerance for other religions, Pakistan is the only one to explicitly define who is or is not a “Muslim” in its constitution.  It is little wonder that Muslim extremists in Pakistani use the law to justify declaring Ahmadis as “wajib ul qatl” or “worthy of death”.

Conclusion – Pakistani Islamists believe that any minority religion is “worthy of death”. Western values cannot coexist with Pakistani Islamists.

Saudi Arabia – 12 year Old Girl Divorces 80-Year Old Man

The Times of London reported in April that a 12-year-old Saudi Arabian girl obtained a divorce from her 80-year-old husband.  The child was married to her father’s elderly cousin at the age of 11 for a dowry payment of $23,000.  This is nothing more than state and religious sanctioned child rape and slavery.  Some Muslims justify these forced marriages of young girls by the fact that their prophet, Muhammad, married a 9-year-old girl.  Handy excuse isn’t it.

Conclusion – Saudi Arabian Islamists believe that women and children are property to be bought and sold.  Western values cannot coexist with Saudi Islamists.


Examples of intolerant and bigoted behavior could fill volumes, but if the above are not enough to make the point, added to them will not affect ones view of reality.

Many in the West hear little of the bigotry that comes from and within Islamic countries, not surprising in a world unwilling to call these countries on their unacceptable behavior.  It is time for the West and the United States in particular to call on Islamic countries to stop behaviors that our value system cannot coexist with.  Our silence must be interpreted as tacit approval of their bigoted behavior.  Progressives like President Obama who thought they could buy peace with Islam through an appeasement strategy have not only been wrong, but are also in part responsible for the increased violence and belligerence coming from Islamic countries.  Their willingness to buy into the narrative that Israel and the United States are the cause for most problems within the Islamic community is an outrage now coming home to roost in the form of every increasing violence.

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”  Tyranny has gained a strong foothold in many Islamic countries and we in the West who remain silent have helped fuel that tyranny.  Shame un us!


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