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Thomas Sowell: Common Sense Always Wins

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 28, 2009

Today, my friend Paula forwarded me an article with so much common sense that it is profound in a world that often favors style over substance.  But first, about the author.

070405sowellthomasThomas Sowell is a brilliant economist and social commentator.  He has taught at Rutgers, Howard, Cornell, Brandeis, UCLA, Amherst and Stanford Universities.  Dr. Sowell has often been quoted as an expert in free-market economics and has shown a willingness to buck conventional wisdom, often at the expense of his own stature within the “Left-Halls” of academia.

b-balIn the article below, Dr. Sowell makes the persuasive argument as to why when government attempts to equalize all things to all people, everyone suffers.  His logic is too good for further comment.  It’s too bad that great Americans like Dr. Sowell are not the ones making the economic decisions required to correct the imbalances in our economy.

Basketball Has Treated Me Unfairly; By:  Thomas Sowell

Sometimes, when I hear about “disparities” and “inequities,” I think of a disparity that applied directly to me – the disparity in basketball ability between myself and Michael Jordan.  When I was in school, I was so awful in basketball that the class coach wouldn’t even let me try out for softball, at which I was actually pretty good. Read the rest of this entry »


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