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Posts Tagged ‘Sean Hannity’

Hannity Exposes Occupy Wall Street Greed

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 8, 2012

Last week Sean Hannity interviewed a foot soldier of the Occupy Wall Street movement  that was telling.  In the video below, Harrison Schultz made outrageous claims including: Those were the people that the NYPD was sending to the park to discredit us and make us look bad,” and the NYPD was sending rapists down to the park,” referring to the rapes and other happenings that occurred during the Zuccotti Park Occupy takeover.

As outrageous as Schultz’s above claims are, they pale in comparison to his statements in the video concerning all sorts of luxuries that should be free and supplied by the government; i.e. taxpayers.  This demonstrates realities behind many of the Left’s demands; greed, plain and simple.  These Progressives want what others have and do not want to expend sweat equity in the process.

Leftist politicians like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have embraced the Occupy movement for personal gain.  While they are already members of the one percenters, it is their lust for power that has brought then and the Occupy freeloaders together.


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Ann Coulter Refuses to Call Bill Maher on his Vulgarities

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 28, 2011

Ann Coulter, a darling of the politically Right, recently showed inconsistency to her often spoken moral outrage.  Last week, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Hannity rightfully took radical Leftist Bill Maher to task for vulgar, sexist and bigoted comments that he made, video included below.  That led to Coulter responding by saying of Meyer: I obviously don’t believe in his politics, I like him, he’s a true and loyal friend, he always has been,” and finally added: “he bought me dinner, so I’m not going to say anything bad about it… I’m easy.  I’m a cheap date.”

Selective morality is but a notch above no morality.  Befriending those with different political views is entirely appropriate and American.  However, befriending one so vile as Maher brings to question not only Coulter’s judgment, but her convictions.

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to the Radical Muslim Cleric: “You’re One Sick, Miserable, Evil SOB”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 3, 2011

In a world that too often self-indulges in political correctness, it is refreshing when a person with a huge forum calls it like it is.  Such was the case last night when Sean Hannity took radical Muslim cleric from England, Anjem Choudary, to the woodshed.

As seen in the video clip below, Hannity’s interview of Choudary led the cleric to spewing out hate, distortions and lies, in lieu of answering Hannity’s pointed questions about his radical beliefs.  Instead of rolling over, like most in the media do when faced with Islamic Fascism, Hannity called the cleric on the venom he spews, saying: “You’re One Sick, Miserable, Evil, SOB”.

Obviously Sean Hannity understands that if it quacks like a duck it is not butterfly.  Those in Washington can learn much from Hannity.

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