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Bernie Sanders Pushes Healthcare that Failed in Vermont

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 9, 2017

Politicians of both political parties promote programs to satisfy their political base to ensure reelection.  Unfortunately, the tests of efficacy or reasonableness for programs are not based on hard facts or economic realities, but instead on how they could affect politicians’ reelection chances.  This perversion of logic typically results in programs that cause more harm than benefit, especially in the long-run.

Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent-Socialist from Vermont who caucuses with Democrats, promoted a single-payer healthcare system that is long been popular with the political Left, who Sanders counts on for reelection.  This is overly simplistic solution to America’s significant healthcare problems avoids addressing the real issue, the high cost of healthcare.  Instead, single-payer systems merely move costs around like a shell game, promising Americans more for less.  Politicians make a career out of playing this same broken record.

During a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sanders indicated he will introduce new single-payer health care legislation.  Tapper then asked Sanders why his own state of Vermont, or California, both Democratic states, could not be successful passing single-payer health care: “Let’s talk about single-payer, because it was attempted in your home state of Vermont, and it didn’t work because they couldn’t get the funding, because it would be too expensive, the Democratic governor said.”  Tapper concluded his question by stating that both Democratic governors admitted they could not find funding for single-payer systems in their states.

Tapper then concluded with the following question: “How do you make it national if you can’t even get it in Vermont and California?”  Sanders got uncomfortable and merely answered that it was “difficult”.

Bernie Sanders’ position on single-payer health care is a textbook example of how politicians serve special interests to ensure their reelections.  It also helps demonstrate how flawed programs continue to be promoted, irrespective of efficacy.  In this case, even though the single-payer system could not pass in staunchly Democratic states of Vermont and California due to economic constraints, Sanders would inflict this unviable program on entire Country.

Since the election, Donald Trump has shown significant character flaws that are difficult to support.  However, his suggestion last week to have senators and congressmen live under the same healthcare plans that most Americans do, strikes a chord.


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Bernie Sanders Lays off Hundreds

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 27, 2016

bernie-sandersApril 26 was a bad day for Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  During that day Sanders lost for primary elections, including the one in Pennsylvania with its huge number of delegates.  The next day, according to the New York Times, Sanders announced significant layoffs in his staff stating that the layoffs will include “hundreds of staff members”.  In explaining the rationale behind the layoffs, Sanders said:

We want to win as many delegates as we can, so we do not need workers now in states around the country.  We don’t need people right now in Connecticut.  That election is over.  We don’t need them in Maryland.  So what we are going to do is allocate our resources to the 14 contests that remain, and that means that we are going to be cutting back on staff.”

Bernie Sanders’ decision is rational and reasonable.  He has excess human resources for what is required to get his job completed.  Therefore, in order to cut cost, Sanders is laying people off.  Still, there is a bit of irony in this capitalist move by a lifelong socialist.  Sanders is using his prerogative as an employer to cut costs irrespective of the effect it is having on those he is laying off.  A choice Sanders could have instead made, given that it is now impossible for him to get the nomination, would have been to completely stop his campaign and divide the remaining campaign funds amongst all the workers that would be laid off.  It seems that for even for some self-avowed socialists, socialism only goes so far.

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Bernie Sanders and Wealth Redistribution

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 23, 2016

Much has been made by the fact that the second most popular candidate running in the Democratic presidential primary is not even a Democrat, but instead an admitted Socialist.  While some moderate Democrats may be troubled by this, the fact is that the Party has morphed from being merely Progressive to supporting Socialism long ago.

Socialism, and for that matter crony-capitalism from the Right, are a natural progression of a corrupt political system.  The political class in essence buys votes by taking money from certain members of society and handing it out to others, their constituents.  As time goes on the amount of payouts grow as involves embraces more constituents that will then vote for one political party or the other.  Socialism is the natural end to this progression where everybody supposedly becomes economically equal (except for the political elites), although at the aggregate level, society becomes much poor.  This tune has been played many times in countries that tried this utopian experiment.

During a recent interplay (video posted below) between Fox Business host Stuart Varney and Erin Bilbray, a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the goal of Socialists is unveiled.  Ms. Bilbray indicates her belief that when some in society encounter hard times, it is the government’s job to resolve their problems.  That feel-good approach to problem resolution does not work in nature, parenting, education, or economics.  So why do Socialists promote this agenda?  In the case of some, it is naivety and it is likely that Ms. Bilbray falls within this category.  For others including the political elites, it is but a method to gain power and wealth.

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Bernie Sanders Blames Climate Change for Causing Terrorism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 15, 2015

During the Democratic presidential candidate debate Saturday evening, Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont showed nativity to the extreme when it comes to terrorism and its causes.  When asked by the moderator whether he stuck to his previously made claim that climate change is the greatest threat to national security, Sanders answered “absolutely”.  Not satisfied to leave that bit of ignorance to stand on its own, Sanders than went on to claim: “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

Let’s see, the clash between Islam and the West has been ongoing since the Crusades, which started 1,000 years ago, approximately eight centuries before the beginning of industrialization that the zealots claim is the prime cause of climate change.  For Sanders to now blame Islamic terrorism on climate change is incredulous.  More troubling is that Sanders is currently the Democrat’s second choice to be president of the United States.  That’s scary!


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Bernie Sanders Shouted Down by Radical Left

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 10, 2015

For Baby Boomers, the late 1960s were an exciting and turbulent time.  A youth movement exerted itself for the first time in America.  We protested racism, the Vietnam War and other areas deemed ripe for social change.  We also introduced a bit of excitement into our social lives, but that’s a topic for another posting.

While good came of the 60’s movement, there were dark sides that continue to impact society today.  First, our desire to change the world through our youth movement morphed into a perverse type of narcissism.  We not only demanded societal benefits for the less fortunate, but also ourselves in ever increasing amounts.  As a result, programs like Social Security are becoming insolvent due to benefits handed out like candy on Halloween.

In addition, our demands to be heard morphed into an unwillingness to listen to others.  We shouted down the establishment, which has become the norm today for any group with a cause.  It is a tactic that stifles debate with the favorite tool being political correctness.

Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont, was on the receiving end of the Radical Left’s disdain for free speech.  Sanders, who is running for president in the Democratic primaries, was in Seattle this weekend on a campaign swing.  When attempting to make a speech in Seattle, WA, Sanders was not only heckled, but called a part of the “white supremacist liberals” by some involved with the Black Lives Matter movement.  After 20 minutes of heckling, Sanders was forced to leave without giving his speech.  Video clip posted below.

It is ironic that Sanders, an unapologetic Socialist, was at the rally at Seattle’s Westlake Park to commemorate the celebration of entitlement programs Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  These programs were initiated to help those that are at economic risk.  Sanders has been a champion for income redistribution, also benefits the same groups.  For Sanders to be heckled off the stage by the Radical Left is one sign that that the movement has a fascist side.

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