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Politicians Enriched by the System

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 2, 2016

Partisans on both sides of the aisle spout talking-points that are the mainstays of their party’s platform.  For Democrats, this includes social justice and wealth distribution.  Republicans promote the benefits of capitalism and strong national defense.  History indicates disconnect between these propositions and reality.

Democratic policies have not led to social gains by many within their party, nor to “fair” wealth distribution.  The ongoing unrest in many American cities indicates the high-level of discontent.  The fact that during the past five decades most of these cities have been run by Democrats is telling.  As for wealth distribution, during the Obama administration this has significantly skewed towards wealthy Americans.  For example, a University of California, Berkeley study found that 95% of the income gains from 2009 to 2012 went to the top 1% earners in the United States.  Whether this result is from bad policies or bad intent is irrelevant to those impacted by the disparity.

Republicans preach the benefits of capitalism and a strong national defense.  However, Republican politicians often support crony-capitalism to the benefit of large corporations.  In the early 1960s President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the dangers presented by the “military industrial complex”, however, this warning was ignored.  Also, American interventions in the name of freedom have not fared well with no better example than Bush’s invasion of Iraq.  The consequences of the interventions have not made America safer.

There is often a blurring of what the parties preach and their actions.  For example, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson took America into the Vietnam cauldron.  Barack Obama intervened in Libya.  Crony-capitalism has morphed from the military industry to the green energy, social services, and education industries.  The corrupting results are the same whether policies are promoted Harry Trumanby Republicans or Democrats.

Harry Truman once said: “You can’t get rich in politics and less you’re a crook.”  History has proven that the blunt-speaking Truman has often been correct.  It brings into question the wealth made by the Clinton’s since leaving the White House.  It also questions why Congressmen and Congresswoman have fared so much better than the American people in the past decade.

Frustration with political elites by the American people is growing.  This has been manifested by the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  It is being duplicated worldwide with examples including England’s vote to leave the EU and the recent impeachment in Brazil of its president.  Similar discontent by the people has been the historical norm.  Politicians, whether democratically elected or not, typically enter politics with good intent.  The power of the office then corrupts and personal gain becomes a primary goal.

The indications are that people worldwide have had enough, once again.  Historically this has led to radical change in political structures and significant change to the ruling class.  They are always “interesting” periods of time.

Hillary-Clinton-net-worth-over-timeCongress Net Worth


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Education and Student Debt

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 26, 2016

Marshall McLuhan“The reason universities are so full of knowledge is that the students come in with so much and leave with so little.”  Marshall McLuhan


Republicans and Democrats attempt to differentiate themselves via their views of the government’s role in the economy.  With close examination, it is hard to find real differences between them.

Those on the Right promote the benefits of “true” capitalism that allows markets to set prices via supply and demand.  Those on the Left share the view that capitalism is too harsh and that the government needs to step in and smooth out inequities created by markets.  At the extreme Left, socialism is promoted, irrespective of its history of failure.

At the macro-economic level there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Crony capitalism is rampant within both parties.  Republicans typically support large industries and those in the military industrial complex.  Democrats promote social programs that benefit industries including education, social services, medical services, and trial lawyers.  The result of crony capitalism has been a significant increase in governmental spending and a surging United States’ debt over the past 50 years.  This debt is in part responsible for the economic malaise that has been inflicted on the country over the past decade.

An example of crony capitalism and the damage it has done is the educational industry.  Through the US Department of Education, as well as at the state and municipal levels, the funds spent on primary education have been skyrocketing as indicated by the charts below.

Total Educational Spending

Spending Per StudentSat Scores





However, the increased spending has not resulted in improved education.  The chart shows how poorly our students are doing in basic reading comprehension.

Student DebtThe problem is more significant at the college level.  The educational industry, with support of the US government and its loan programs, has created the false narrative that all Americans require and deserve a college education, irrespective of whether or not it improves their economic well-being.  As a result, the amount of student debt now exceeds $1 trillion and a significant portion of college graduates cannot make an income level that would allow them to pay off the debt in a reasonable period of time.  Many have been forced to move back into their parents’ houses.

While a market-based economy can be a cruel arbitrator of scarce resources, crony capitalism has proven to be catastrophic to those who have been cajoled into inappropriate economic decisions based on government programs.  It is a major cause of the growing wealth disparity between the ultra-rich and average Americans.

Yes, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have prospered under crony capitalism.  The same cannot be said for most Americans.

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Trump, the Ultimate RINO

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 6, 2016

Sometime in the not too distant past a new term entered American lexicon; RINO.  Google the word RINO and the following definition appears:


The definition of RINO is instructive in today’s political environment.  It helps define the current state of the Republican Party and more specifically the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the Party’s presidential nominating process.

There is significant discontent within the Republican Party, especially by those who consider themselves conservative.  This discontent emanates not only from the direction the Country is travelling and the fact that conservatives feel marginalized, but also by the Republican Party’s inept response to the Progressive agenda associated with the modern Democratic Party.

President George W Bush’s policies clearly defined him as a RINO.  George W. Bush was no fiscal conservative, not only increasing deficit spending, but also supporting fiscal policies that fed into crony capitalism.  As a result of America’s discontent with the state of the economy and the ill-advised war in Iraq, Americans voted for the charm of Hope and Change and elected a radical Leftist, Barack Obama, president.

The change Obama brought to Washington quickly became unpopular, not only with conservatives, but also more moderate Americans.  Two years after his election, America sent a clear message to Washington giving Republicans an historic majority in Congress, as well as significant gains at the state level.  These gains can in art be attributed to the grassroots efforts of the Tea Party.

As unpopular as Barack Obama’s presidency had become, he was able to secure a second term.  Some of the blame for Obama’s reelection rests with the Republican Party’s inept political strategies and disjointed policies.

The discontent among conservatives and Republicans continued with the 2014 midterm elections.  Once again Republicans saw huge gains, now controlling both houses of Congress and making further advances in statewide elections.  This Republican victory should have resulted in a legislative agenda that promoting the will of more conservative Americans.  Instead, Republicans squandered the advantage.  Conservatives saw no perceptible change in the Country’s direction.  This, in a nutshell, explains discontent that has morphed into outright anger for many Republicans.

Shortly after the 2014 midterm elections, the Republican Party’s power elite decided to anoint one of its own, Jeb Bush, as the candidate of choice.  A massive war chest was collected that the Party hoped would lead to Jeb Bush’s nomination (coronation?).   The rank and file would have none of this.  Bush’s rejection was total.  The people have spoken and that is a good thing.

As is often the case when people feel marginalized, currently the case amongst many in the Republican Party, emotions overtake common sense.  A large minority in the Republican Party are exhibiting this emotional response by supporting Donald Trump.  Why understandable, this reaction will not promote the policies or values desired by conservatives.

Donald Trump has been a master at understanding and taking advantage of Republican anger.  He in fact may become the Party’s nominee.  This troubles to this Blogger given Trump’s history, irrespective of than contemporary words.  History shows Trump’s disdain for core conservative beliefs on both economic and social issues.  That history shows a man who used crony-capitalism and litigation to achieve success in business.  It shows a man who was more likely to support Progressive policies, rather than the Constitution.  It seems likely that Trump’s supposed conversion in the past year has been made for personal gain, rather than seeing the light.  Finally, it is difficult to believe that if elected president, Trump would not revert back to the same philosophies that made him successful in the business world.

Trump’s often repeated claim is that he will “make America great again”.  Yet there is no substance behind this claim.  In fact, a true conservative would instead say that government can’t make a country great.  Only the People can make a country great.  In this respect Trump’s battle cry sounds eerily similar to Obama’s “Hope and Change” message of eight years ago.

It is ironic that much of the anger currently being exhibited by Republicans at their party is the result of the power elite and RINOS who run the Party.  While Donald Trump is certainly an outsider as it relates to the Republican Party, he is a life-long member of the power elite and certainly the most famous contemporary RINO.

Donald Trump’s rise to power in the current primaries also emanates from the Party being fractured with too many candidates splitting the anti-Trump vote.  For many of us the candidate we would like to see nominated is already out of the race.  It is now crunch time and we are down to two realistic choices; Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.  While Ted Cruz is not without warts, he is the last man standing if the Republican Party wants to run a conservative against Hillary Clinton.  That makes the choice easy for this Blogger.

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Government is the Problem

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 28, 2016

The Left and Right both believe they have the answers to America’s economic downward spiral.  Those on the Left are sure the problems relate to income inequality, racism and/or too much spending on the military.  My friends on the Right are just as strong in their convictions that the problems are caused by an efficient tax system, excess entitlement programs, illegal immigrants, and of course the Left itself.

To this Blogger the cause America’s economic issues, as well as those of the greater world, is government itself, the world’s largest special-interest group.  The video below share some facts proffering the danger of the growing government elites and their minions that includes:

  • During the past 10 years the number of private sector jobs in America has grown by only 1% while during the same period the number of federal government employees has grown by 15%.
  • Prior to the economic meltdown approximately eight years ago, the US Department of Transportation had only one employee earning over $170,000 annually.  That number is now about 1,700.
  • At the beginning of the economic meltdown the US Department of Defense had approximately 1,700 employees making $150,000 or more annually.  That number is now over 10,000.
  • During the first two years after the beginning of the economic meltdown the number of federal employees earning in excess of $100,000 annually doubled.
  • In 2009 the average compensation package including salary and benefits in the private sector was approximately $61,000 per employee.  During that year the average total compensation package for federal employees was over double that or $123,000.

There are currently about 21 million government employees in the United States, approximately 16% of potential voters.  This is a huge voting-block, especially considering how few votes often separate winners and losers in important elections. However, add to this number families of government workers and the potential influence this voting-block rose enormously.

There is a growing anger and disillusionment among American voters that has not been seen in many decades.  On the Left this is expressed by the surprising strength of Socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.  On the Right this is seen through the strength that Donald Trump has within the Republican primaries, even though his views have historically been in conflict with basic Republican ideology.

The electorate’s growing disillusionment has occurred during a time of historic growth in government power and spending.  Those who believe that giving more power to government or allowing them to spend more money change this direction ignore historical precedent.

Many Democrats are on enthused by their likely candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Similarly, many Republicans are aghast at the thought of Donald Trump being their party’s standard-bearer.  Here’s a consolation for both: Not to worry, the special interests groups, including those who make a living on the public payroll, will ensure that the Country continues in the same direction that it has been taking for the last 50 years no matter who is president.  Yikes!

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Late Justice Antonin Scalia

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 17, 2016

Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last weekend at the age of 79.  His conservative view of the Constitution resulted in Progressives demonizing him.  Irrespective of this, Scalia, a graduate of Harvard Law School, was an eminent Constitutional scholar, believing in a strict interpretation of this document.

Almost immediately Scalia’s death became a political issue.  President Obama wasted no time announcing he would nominate a replacement.  Not to be outdone by this precipitous move, Republicans announced they wouldn’t even consider an Obama nominee, stating that they should be left to the next president.

Republicans in the Senate have the numbers and ability to keep an Obama nominee from being confirmed.  It is therefore hard to imagine why they would respond so ineptly to the Obama challenge.

Obama and his Leftist allies claim foul of the Republicans obstructionist behavior.  However, it was not too long ago when then Senator Obama took a similar approach with the George W. Bush nominee, Alito.  When confronted with this duplicative behavior at a recent press conference, Obama responded with a rather comical two-step stating (video posted below): “I think what’s fair to say is that how judicial nominations have evolved over time is not historically the fault of any single party.  This has become just one more extension of politics.  ….”  Translation, the Democrats current whining is but crocodile tears.

Irrespective of the current political maneuvering, Antonin Scalia will go down in history as a legal scholar and fine jurist.  In honor of the man, we post some of his memorable quotes below.

Constitution – “That’s the argument of flexibility and it goes something like this: The Constitution is over 200 years old and societies change. It has to change with society, like a living organism, or it will become brittle and break.  But you would have to be an idiot to believe that.  The Constitution is not a living organism, it is a legal document. It says something and doesn’t say other things.” (National Review)

Bill of Rights – A Bill of Rights that means what the majority wants it to mean is worthless. (Star-Telegram)

Death Penalty – This is an execution, not surgery.  Where does that come from, that you must find the method of execution that causes the least pain?  We have approved electrocution.  We have approved death by firing squad.  (Student News Daily)

2nd Amendment – Undoubtedly some think that the Second Amendment is outmoded in a society where our standing army is the pride of our Nation, where well-trained police forces provide personal security, and where gun violence is a serious problem.  That is perhaps debatable, but what is not debatable is that it is not the role of this Court to pronounce the Second Amendment extinct. (ABC News)

Appointed Judges – As long as judges tinker with the Constitution to ‘do what the people want,’ instead of what the document actually commands, politicians who pick and confirm new federal judges will naturally want only those who agree with them politically. (LA Times)

Democracy – Persuade your fellow citizens it’s a good idea and pass a law.  That’s what democracy is all about.  It’s not about nine superannuated judges who have been there too long, imposing these demands on society. (New York Times)

Good Judge – If you’re going to be a good and faithful judge, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you’re not always going to like the conclusions you reach.  If you like them all the time, you’re probably doing something wrong. (Romper)

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Obama Compares Republicans who Oppose Iran Nuke Deal to Iranian Hardliners

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 6, 2015

Proving once again that he is the most divisive President of modern times, Barack Obama had the gall to this week compare Republicans who disapprove of the proposed Iranian nuclear deal to the hardliners; i.e. Radical Islamists, in Iran.  The President’s said:

It’s those hardliners chanting ‘death to America’ who have been most opposed to the deal, they’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.”

KhameneiThis morning, Obama’s Propagandist-in-Chief, Josh Earnest, was grilled on MSNBC’s Morning Joe concerning the President’s incendiary language.  Instead of backing down, Earnest parsed words and incorrectly attempted to change what Obama said, as shown in the video posted below.

It is remarkable that President Obama, who has been on the wrong side of nearly every issue relating international politics since the day he entered office, has the nerve to compare Republicans to the radical mullahs in Iran.  Let us remember that is less than two years ago Obama called ISIS the “JV team”.  Since then they have become one of the most powerful radical forces in the Middle East.

American politics in Washington had dubious morality long before Barack Obama became president.  However, this President has taken the White House and politics to a new low, a standard that will haunt the Country for years to come.  This legacy will have more long-term negative effects than the questionable policies implemented by Obama.

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Sen. Chuck Schumer Falsely Blames Amtrak Crash on Funding

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 15, 2015

The Amtrak train crash earlier this week resulted in the death of eight and dozens of seriously injured.  The victims were not even buried before this tragedy became a political tool championed by Democrats to increase governmental spending.

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) quickly concluded that the train crash occurred due to operator error.  The train was traveling over 100 mph, twice the safe speed at that point in the track.  While operator error was the cause, Democrats immediately began placing blame on Republicans who supposedly refused to supply funding to Amtrak to install the safety equipment that could have avoided the accident.

SchulmerSenator Chuck Schumer, Democrat from New York, stated:

“Speaker Boehner’s comments are patently false.  Experts have made clear that Positive Train Control could have prevented the tragedy in Philadelphia.  It is simply a fact that insufficient funding for Amtrak has delayed the installation of PTC, and to deny a connection between the accident and underfunding Amtrak is to deny reality.”

While this Blog is no fan of Republican Speaker of the House Boehner, in this case it is Schumer who is “patently false” and “denying reality”.  Here are the facts reported by the New York Times:

  • In 2008, seven years ago, Congress mandated installation of Positive Train Control system in trains, the system mentioned by Schumer.
  • The Amtrak train involved in the crashed was already equipped with Positive Train Control.
  • The main reasons Positive Train Control in the Amtrak train was not operational were due to technical hurdles and bureaucratic bungling.
  • Amtrak took four years to obtain the wireless frequencies needed for the Positive Train Control system, which were finally approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in March, 2015.

This tragedy and the way Democrats attempt to use it to further their political agenda is telling at various levels.  First, it demonstrates that Schumer is either ignorant, a liar or both.  It further demonstrates the incompetence of government to implement its own regulations.

Liberals offer a basic solution to any societal problem; throw money at it.  Since Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, and more specifically since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, the United States has gone through perhaps the most expensive social reengineering experiment in history.  The results are in and they show failure.  A prime example is the War on Poverty initiated by Lyndon Johnson.  After spending trillions on this “war”, the poverty rate remains nearly unchanged in 50 years.  Then there is Nixon’s War on Drugs that has failed in its efforts to stem the flow of drugs to the United States, has resulted in the growth of cartels south of the border, and led to too many inner-city “capitalists” being imprisoned.  Examples are nearly endless.  But still Progressives call for more spending and more government.  That is indeed insanity.

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Race Baiting by the Left

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 9, 2014

Leftist politicians and their allies in the mainstream media have created the false narrative that racism in the United States only/mainly emanates from those with conservative political leanings.  This is not accurate today nor has it been correct throughout most of American history.  For example, Republicans were the anti-slavery party since Lincoln’s time, a fact that resulted in African-Americans historically voting Republican until more contemporary times.  Only when it became politically expedient during since the 1950s did the Democratic Party drop its segregationist roots.

As the Democratic Party became the dominating political force within the African-American community, they and their partners in the mainstream media have resorted to the use of race baiting for political gain.  A recent example was the tweet by MSNBC relating to a Super Bowl ad that displayed a biracial family.  That tweet claimed conservatives would disapprove of the ad because it featured a biracial couple.  MSNBC retracted the tweet and apologize for it, but only after significant backlash created on the Internet.

MSNBC is the mouthpiece for the Progressive Left.  Its latest use of race baiting to attack opponents follows a similar attack it made relating to a photograph of the Mitt Romney family that included its African-American grandchild.  While it also apologized for that tasteless attack, the many times the network and its political allies use such attacks indicate more than mere mistakes or bad judgment.

The Boston Globe columnist, Jeff Jacoby, recently posted the op-ed Political values aren’t coded in skin color that appropriately castigates liberals on these race baiting.  These attacks fan the flames of racial division and damage the country’s cohesiveness, dividing us into ever-increasing subsets of society.  Given that these attacks have gone more mainstream since the election of the country’s first African-American president makes the tactic even more politically divisive.

Jacoby also admonishes Republicans, in this case Ann Coulter, on the way they respond to political battles that could be used as racial wedge issues by the Left.  The op-ed is posted post in full below.

Political values aren’t coded in skin color, by Jeff Jacoby

A FEW DAYS before the Super Bowl, MSNBC embarrassed itself with an obnoxious tweet implying that “rightwing” conservatives are such bigots that they were bound to “hate” a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple and their adorable daughter, Gracie.  The backlash was blistering and instantaneous, and the cable channel apologized and deleted the tweet.

When it comes to playing the race card against anyone to its right, MSNBC is a recidivist.  The smear over the Cheerios ad came just a few weeks after an on-air panel smirkingly joked about Mitt and Ann Romney’s newly-adopted black grandson and how incongruous he appeared in the family’s Christmas photo.  That flap also triggered an uproar, followed by multiple apologies.

Count me among those who can’t imagine anyone this side of the fever swamps viewing that sweet Cheerios ad or the Romneys’ quiver full of grandchildren with any kind of racial disapproval, let alone one driven by politics.  That some on the left can so casually traffic in such slander reflects nothing but their own bigotry against conservatives.

If you asked me, I’d have said that was self-evident. (As a right-winger with kids of different colors, I may be biased.)  But Jim Lindgren, a law professor and sociologist at Northwestern University, decided to double-check.  He turned to the General Social Survey, a comprehensive national survey that for years has been compiling sociodemographic statistics on US residents — including (among many variables) data on respondents’ political leanings and the racial makeup of their families.

Not surprisingly, Lindgren found, there was nothing in the data to back up MSNBC’s suggestion that conservatives are more likely than liberals to frown on biracial families.

“Among families with step-children or adopted children,” he wrote for The Volokh Conspiracy, a legal blog hosted by The Washington Post, “11 percent of conservatives were living in mixed-race households compared to 10 percent of liberals.”  Broadening the analysis to include families with biological children of an interracial couple (like Gracie in the Cheerios spot), Lindgren found that 11.9 percent of self-identified conservatives live in mixed-race families compared to 11.4 percent of liberals.  When the numbers were sorted by party affiliation, they showed 9.5 percent of Republicans living in mixed-race families vs. 11.2 percent of Democrats.  Crunching the stats by both race and ideology, 2.0 percent of white conservatives live in mixed-race families, while 2.4 percent of white liberals do.

None of these differences are statistically significant.  Taken together, they reinforce the ugliness of MSNBC’s taunting insinuation that to be politically right-of-center is to be racially intolerant, or that there is something inherently liberal in forging ties of love across the color line.

But there is also a message here that conservatives and Republicans should be taking to heart, one that has nothing to do with liberal closed-mindedness.

In the ongoing debate over immigration reform, there are reasonable arguments on all sides — arguments about the economic, social, and environmental impact of increasing the number of immigrants, sealing the US-Mexican border, or offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.  What is not a reasonable argument, it seems to me, is the claim that more immigrants must mean fewer Republicans.

“At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1 million new immigrants every year — Republicans will be a fringe party in about a decade,” writes Ann Coulter in a recent column.  She cites a wide swath of polling data showing that most immigrants not only come from “societies that are far more left-wing than our own,” but that “they bring their cultures with them.”  Hispanic and Asian immigrants may have little in common economically or culturally, but “both overwhelmingly support big government, ObamaCare, affirmative action, and gun control. . . . How are Republicans going to square that circle?”

But that kind of essentialist argument is as flawed as the claim that interracial families must be left-wing, or that a conservative message of liberty, opportunity, and patriotism can only appeal to voters with white skin.

For more than half a century after the Civil War, blacks were a solid Republican constituency, and the most Democratic-leaning states were the most hostile to black voting rights.  Yet attitudes change — sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not — and voting patterns with them.  Political values aren’t coded in our DNA. Party loyalty isn’t a function of immigration status.

Where do you stand on amnesty?  Whom you support for president?  Would you ever watch MSNBC?  If you’re looking for the answers in the color of your skin, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

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Obamacare’s Implosion

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 27, 2013

October has been an amazing month on the political front.  It began with the government shutdown, the result of a foolhardy attempt by Republicans to tie the budget talks into shutting down or delaying Obamacare.  This attempt was destined to fail and took the focus off of the miserable implementation of Obamacare and its nonfunctioning website.

After Obamacare’s passage, Republicans took a convoluted strategy.  On the one hand they correctly concluded that the economics behind Obamacare could not work and the program would significantly drive up overall healthcare costs.  This economic reality guaranteed the ultimate failure of Obamacare that would to the choice of substantially changing the program or watching it significantly add to America’s deficit.  Given this the strategy should have been to let Obamacare proceed as quickly as possible to implode on its own.

After the government shutdown defeat, Republicans once again take the wrong strategy with Obamacare.  Given the failure of the website portal and the news media panning Obamacare’s implementation, Republicans now attempt to delay the program for a year.  This will not kill Obamacare, but instead delay it until after the November congressional elections.  This delay will lessen the political damage to Democrats who supported the program.  Those that supported Obamacare must take ownership and responsibility for its failure.  The day of reckoning is in November 2014, unless the Republicans continue to step on their own toes.

Economists Larry Kudlow posted an article titled Don’t Delay Obamacare, Let Democrats Hang Themselves that correctly lays out how Republicans should be responding to Obamacare, as posted below.  Kudlow correctly concludes that “If your opponent is determined to hang himself, for Heaven’s sake, don’t take away the rope”.  Amazingly, Republicans in Congress cannot see what’s so obvious.  And that is one example of why Washington does not work.

Don’t Delay Obamacare, Let Democrats Hang Themselves, By Larry Kudlow

One huge political question surrounds the catastrophic launch of Obamacare:  Will the cancelled insurance contracts for millions, terminated doctor-patient relationships, sticker shock from higher premiums and deductibility, damage to job hiring and economic growth and the administration’s double-talk get the GOP off the shutdown hook for the 2014 midterm elections?

That is the question. Donald Rumsfeld would call it a known unknown. And right now nobody knows the answer.

But Christopher Ruddy, founder and CEO of Newsmax, makes an interesting point about this:  “The key to stopping Obamacare is for its opponents to win in congressional elections in 2014.  Delaying Obamacare only helps the Democrats who support this boondoggle.”

So far, with all the problems plaguing the Obamacare website, Senator Marco Rubio is leading the Republican charge to delay the March 31 enrollment deadline and tax penalty.  And a lot of Republicans are lining up behind him. But is that the right tactic?  On the Democratic side, Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and nine of her colleagues are urging the White House to push back the same deadline.

But is that just to save their re-election hides next November?

Now, Obama recently appointed a new team to fix the website.  And that team promptly predicted a successful fix by the end of November.  So if that happens, it’s possible the whole Obamacare-disaster issue dies.

But according to highly respected health-industry expert Bob Laszewski, the chances of that are low.  He says it will take at least a year to fix the “backend” problems — the technical links between the website, the HHS, and most importantly the insurance companies, which are receiving massively error-laden information.

Laszewski says this is more important than the front-end disaster, where somebody in the Obama administration — literally at the last minute in mid-September — gave the order that the website require a detailed account registration process before a user can shop for insurance.

Nobody knows why that decision was made. Perhaps it was to stop the media from seeing unsubsidized premium prices that undermine Obama’s promise for cheaper insurance. Or maybe the Obama folks wanted to block potential registrants from pricing-structure sticker shock. Either way, the decision to put registration ahead of shopping blew up thewhole system.

And it may also have blown up Obama’s attempt to break the Republican Party in half and carry a Democratic House in 2014.

And that’s Ruddy’s point: If Republicans hold the House and win the Senate next year, there’d be two houses to repeal Obamacare. But if the March 31 delay effort works, will voters forgive and forget a botched website launch?

Experts like Laszewski are now talking about the possibility of 16 million people getting pink slips for their current insurance. That’s no insurance. No doctor. Nothing. Already, more than one 1 million people have lost their insurance, with cancellation notices actually soaring above Obamacare enrollment rates.

Of course, President Obama said none of this would happen. Remember?

But everything has changed. And unless the system gets fixed by Jan. 1, a lot of folks are going to be very angry as they’re left out in the cold.

Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal calls the whole Obamacare effort a con job.  By that he means a key Obama constituency, the young and healthy, are not going to buy overpriced insurance policies. They are the losers.  And the winners are the older and sicker shoppers who allegedly are going to be subsidized by the young.

But the young are not stupid. They’d rather pay the minor tax penalty to stay out of this mess.

And that means the system may go bankrupt because older and sicker customers will experience soaring premiums if the young and healthy don’t show up to subsidize their care.

And guess who’s going to do that subsidizing? We are.  The taxpayers.  And the whole cost structure of Obamacare will take another giant leap upward — above the CBO’s already tripled cost estimates.

The net economic effects of Obamacare also will become more apparent as large companies with heavy numbers of low-wage workers cut back on hiring, reduce hours worked, take on part-timers whenever possible, and send their workers into the Obama exchanges.  But those workers won’t wind up in the exchanges. They’ll end up in Medicaid, which is already going bankrupt.

And who’s paying for that bailout? We are. The taxpayers.

The mainstream media have in large part turned against Obamacare, and all these factoids are going to be reported. So that raises the question regarding 2014:  Do Republicans really want to bail out Obama by handing him a year’s delay? If all the flaws in Obamacare do pan out, they may well overshadow the shutdown negatives suffered by the GOP.

I think I am lining up on Chris Ruddy’s side. There’s an old political adage:  If your opponent is determined to hang himself, for Heaven’s sake, don’t take away the rope.

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Allen West on the Senate and Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 17, 2013

The battle is over.  President Obama has soundly defeated the hapless Republicans in Congress over the US budget deficit and Obamacare

The President was elected for a second term based on his Leftist policies and the promise to continue onward with his signature program, better known as Obamacare.  In addition, the American people gave the President’s party control of the Senate thereby neutralizing the Republican’s advantage in the House of Representatives.  The American people have spoken and must live with the consequences.

As his Blog previously proffered, the Republicans should have acknowledged the realities of not only the political landscape, but also what the American people demanded by the election.  They should have allowed the President’s programs to implode under their own weight.  Instead, Republicans chose a battle they could not win and now pay a political price, humiliation at the hands of the strongest Community Organizer in the nation.

Today President Obama gloated over his victory, as expected from the most partisan president of modern time.  He blamed Republicans for threatening default on America’s debt that “inflicted completely unnecessary damage (to) our economy”.  In addition, Obama said that the Republican’s actions slowed the economy’s growth and set back employers’ plans to hire.  The President is clearly setting the stage to blame Republicans for the ongoing economic malaise caused by his failed policies.  Why not?  Obama never takes responsibility for any of his policies.  Shame on the Republicans for their inept actions.

A Republican with more common sense, former Congressman Allen West, shared his thoughts on the President and the lame body that calls itself the U.S. Senate stating:

allen_westI’m watching the spectacle occurring on the Senate floor.  They have passed the 60 vote threshold for ending cloture.  I want the American people to understand that tonight the Constitutional Republic we know as America has suffered a horrible defeat.  Obamacare is not the law of the land.  It is an edict handed down by a tyrant, not a President.  The US Senate has just voted to affirm a new precedent that the executive branch can amend law without Congressional approval, and Congress allows it.  The waivers, exemptions, and delays implemented by President Obama have delineated a separation, not of powers, but between the political elite and their cronies – and you, my fellow Americans.  This is reprehensible, and we can expect even more bad behavior from a President that continues to spit on our Constitution and in our eyes…and smile.  The incessant government spending continues with no solution for economic growth. Anyone voting for this tonight owes some explaining to Americans….but maybe not. As Obama stated, “I won.”

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