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Policies Correctness Gone Wild

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 8, 2015

Many Americans on right of center politically are aghast at how Political Correctness has ruined intellectual discourse in the country.  What started innocuously has morphed into a form of modern fascism.  Those that do not agree with Progressive views are disparaged and marginalized.  Nowhere is the PC problem worse than on America’s college campuses that should instead be the bastion of free speech and opposing views.

The Left is pleased to accept the current direction of Political Correctness since it favors their narrative.  However, they would do well to recall that just a few decades ago Political Correctness supported the Radical Right in a way similar to that it currently favoring Radical Left.

Dr. Ben Carson, current candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, came to national prominence chastising the Left and President Obama concerning Political Correctness at a National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.  That video clip is included below.  For Millennial’s with a shorter attention span, also included is a clip of comedian Colin Quinn exposing the lunacy of PC.



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