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Keystone Pipeline Decision has Upset Canadian Allies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 30, 2012

Earlier this month President Obama used his executive powers to halt construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This pipeline, which was to run from Canada to Texas oil refineries, would have brought significant quantities of Canadian oil to the US, reducing our dependence on oil from unfriendly countries.

In announcing the decision, Obama he blamed the Republicans in Congress for demanding action too quickly.  As he so often did when an Illinois State Senator, Obama believes that voting “present” is analogous to decision-making.  How juvenile!

Blog reader John forwarded the video posted below by Canadian talk show host, Ezra Levant.  As Levant explains, Obama’s decision to halt the Keystone pipeline was purely political, designed to assuage radical environmentalists and other Leftist supporters.

Obama’s decision to halt the Keystone pipeline has significant negative implications for the United States.  First, it tells our Canadian allies that we are not a dependable buyer for their oil.  This will force the Canadians to find other buyers, mainly in Asia.  Further, it forces America to continue buying oil from unreliable suppliers who do not particularly like us, including Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela as well as Saudi Arabia.  This is yet another example of Obama rewarding America’s adversaries at the expense of our allies.  How bizarre!

As shown towards the end of the video, during his campaign for the presidency Obama promised to end America’s dependence on oil from Venezuela in the Middle East.  This broken promise is so brazen that it must be considered a “lie”, as Ezra Levant so correctly concludes.



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