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Physicist PhD Believes Global Warming Alarmists have it Wrong

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 20, 2014

Dr. William Happer is a physicist with expertise in atomic physics and optics.  He earned a doctorate at Princeton University in 1964 and has been a professor at Columbia and Princeton Universities.  He also managed a $3 billion research budget for the US Department of Energy.

Professor Happer is a vocal skeptic concerning the danger that man-made CO2 present to the environment.  He does not believe that CO2 has significantly affected the greenhouse effect, placing the blame instead on increased water vapor in the atmosphere.  Happer presents his case in more detail in the video clip below.

Happer presents is the fact that global temperatures have shown no significant change in the past 18 years even though there is been significant increase in man-made CO2 emissions.  In addition, the models presented by the man-made global warming advocates predicted a continual increase in global temperatures as these CO2 emissions increased.  This disconnect alone proves their models flawed.  What is the response from global warming zealots?  “Don’t confuse us with facts.”

There are those that will respond to Dr. Happer by attacking the relevance of his credentials.  Those same people, however, would rely on Al Gore for their science.

Real atmospheric pollution needs to be curbed, as Happer concludes.  However, CO2 is considered a pollutant only because of rulings by lawyers even though it is excreted by all mammals, which then becomes a food source for the plants that feed animals.

Draconian curbing of CO2 emissions offers real dangers to society.  It will increase the cost of energy and food sources worldwide.  This will increase global hunger and starvation, especially in the Third World.  Unlike global warming, these problems do not require complex computer models to predict.  They are here today.


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