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Wind Turbines Killing Bats

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 20, 2011

The narrative often created by radical environmentalist is that energy production based on fossil fuels or nuclear damage the environment while “green energy” is clean and not harmful.  That simplistic view is convenient, but not accurate and clouds a broader agenda of environmentalists.

The post-gazette.com published a story of the dangers emanating from one form of green energy titled Pa. wind turbines deadly to bats, costly to farmers.  It seems that Pennsylvania’s wind turbines are killing bats, which will have significant negative  consequences for the environment.  The article points out that:

  • PA currently has 420 wind turbines that killed 10,000 bats last year.  By 2030, PA is projected to have 2,900 turbines.
  • As bat populations decrease, bug populations increase.  A bat consumes about 3,000 insects each night.  That means 100 will consume about 250,000 insects per night.  According to Miguel Saviroff of Penn State University, “that benefits neighbors and reduces the insect problem with crops.”
  • A turbine that killed only 25 bats in a year accounts for 17 million uneaten bugs per year.
  • It is estimated that in Pennsylvania alone, bats saved farmers last year $280 million of avoided costs.

Using radical environmentalists’ logic, we should immediately shut down all wind turbines and do a multi-year study on the effects of these “green” machines on the environment.  However, the extension of that lame logic would effectively shut down all energy production of any sort since they all have their “costs” to the environment.

Man is a polluter, period.  Any change he makes to the environment has effects and consequences.  The environmentalists know this and their attacks on certain forms of energy production expose their true motives.  To them the green movement is the Trojan Horse used in their effort to promote the true Progressive agenda; redistribution of wealth.  Hold on to your wallets!


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PA Firm’s Solar Energy Farm Has 36 Year Payback Period

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 13, 2011

Air Products, a large American producer of industrial gases with its corporate headquarters located in Trexlertown, PA, recently opened a 15-acre solar energy farm, according to The Morning Call (Switch flicked on solar farm).  This solar farm will power some of Air Products’ corporate offices and save the company an estimated $250,000 annually in energy costs.  However, with an initial cost of $9 million, the project’s payback period is about 36 years not including maintenance expenses, unjustifiable using any normal business or financial logic.  Even deducting the $1 million supplied by the state of Pennsylvania, the payback period is still 32 years.  …..  Yikes.

Solar energy is not yet ready for prime time since is not cost competitive with other energy technologies.  Only government subsidies and political pressures keep the failed approaches going.  This government intervention will become just another boondoggle.

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PA Abortion Doctor Charged with Murder

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 23, 2011

On Friday the Associated press carried a gruesome story Pa. ex-gov. flabbergasted by lax abortion scrutiny. It involved Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who ran a Philadelphia abortion clinic who has been charged with the murders of a women and seven babies.  A grand jury indictment incredibly found that Pennsylvania abortion clinics have not had any state inspections for over 15 years.  It will surprise only the naïve that this lack of inspections was the result of politics.

When asked about the lack of inspections for the abortion clinics, just retired PA Governor Ed Rendell said he was “flabbergasted” when he learned of it after prosecutors announced that a doctor used scissors to kill viable babies at Gosnell’s clinic and also found bloody floors and baby parts in jars at the clinic.  Rendell further said:

When I found this out, as a result of the press on the Gosnell case, I immediately directed the them to inspect these facilities.  It was simply preposterous that the department took this position, ever.” (PA Health Department said it didn’t think its authority extended to abortion clinics.)

The grand jury’s 261-page report stated PA’s Health Department “decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all,” and that Health Department lawyers changed their opinions “to suit the policy preferences of different governors.”

This story is telling on several fronts.   First, don’t except it to get much press as that would not be in the interest of the Leftist media.  While murder via the bombing of an abortion clinic is worthy of front page news for a week, murder by doctors in the abortion industry is handled by the media as merely one cost of doing business.

In addition, the story of Pennsylvania not holding abortion clinics accountable to similar standards that it holds hospitals is an indication of how the government uses regulations as a political tool.  This tactic is worthy of any authoritarian state in the Middle East.

Finally, this story shows how the abortion industry and its advocates have been successful in creating the narrative that abortions are merely a basic women’s right.  The murder of a women and seven babies in a Philadelphia clinic show that this issue is far greater than that.

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Lincoln University Professor Calls for Israel’s Destruction

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 20, 2010

Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University is America’s oldest African-American college.  This week they placed a cloud over their own storied history.  One of their professors, Kaukab Siddique, was caught on tape rallying in Washington, DC and calling for Israel’s destruction, along with other anti-Semitic rants in the video posted below.  Lincoln has refused to take action against their professor, hiding behind the excuse of his tenure and freedom of speech.

Shame on Lincoln; shame on the Left for allowing racism to fester and grow within their midst.  It is no longer a secret: Progressives define racism not by the action, but by the political view of its purveyors.

Pennsylvania has given $200 million dollars to Lincoln University in the past decade.  This support of a racist institution must be stopped immediately.

Lincoln University’s Kaukab Siddique Anti-Semantic Rant



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Sestak Damage Control Starts

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 28, 2010

Posted below is The New York Time story just posted relating to the Sestak matter.  Since it was leaked by an individual “who insisted on anonymity”, it is likely a trial balloon put out by the White House as its first attempt at damage control.  Will Sestak now confirm it?  No reason to ask Bill Clinton since he has previously proven a willingness to perjure himself.

Breaking News Alert, The New York Times, Fri, May 28, 2010 — 10:24 AM ET

White House Used Bill Clinton to Ask Sestak to Drop Out of Race

President Obama’s chief of staff used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary to see if Representative Joe Sestak would drop out of a Senate primary if given a prominent, but unpaid, advisory position, people briefed on the matter said Friday.

Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, asked Mr. Clinton to explore the possibilities last summer, according to the briefed individuals, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the politically charged situation. Mr. Sestak said no and went on to win last week’s Pennsylvania Democratic primary against Senator Arlen Specter.

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Joe Sestak Political Bribe Could be a Serious Matter

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 25, 2010

On March 2 this Blog posted a story about dirty politics in our home State of Pennsylvania titled: White House makes Chicago Style Politics National.  This story has legs that keep on growing.

The matter involves the PA Democrat Senatorial primary race between Representative Joe Sestak and Senator Arlene Spector that was since won by Sestak.  Before the primary Spector switched from the Republican to the Democrat Party offering the Dems a super majority it the Senate.  In return for this allegiance switch, President Obama promised to back Spector in the Democrat primary contest.   Nothing wrong so far, just politics.  But there was a hitch.  Joe Sestak decided he wanted Spector’s’ Senate seat and started a challenge for it.  This got in the way of Obama’s commitment.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in mid-February that the White House dangled a federal job in front of Sestak to entice him to drop out of the primary.  At first the White House “vociferously” denied Sestak’s accusation.  But Sestak stood by his claim telling Fox News: “I was asked a direct question yesterday and I answered it honestly.  There’s nothing more to go into.  I’m in this race now.”  He since repeated it this past weekend on Meet the Press stating: “I was offered a job.  I answered that“.

Initially White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stalled on answers to press inquiries about the validity of Sestak’s story.  But even the leftist press has gotten getting antsy on the stalling and continued to press on.  Finally, Gibbs recently admitted that there were contacts between Sestak and the White House, but claims that lawyers reviewed the conversations and found that “nothing inappropriate” occurred.  Hmmmmm…..

The more the White House delays on coming clean on this story the worse things have gotten.  It is now reported that Sestak was offered the Secretary of Navy position, a very high post it the Administration.  If Sestak was offered a position in the Obama Amnistraion in return for not running against Spector, this would be a criminal offense that could involve the following Federal Codes:

  • 18USC-600 that states a federal official cannot promise a job in the federal government in return for a political act.
  • 18USC-211 that says you cannot accept anything of value in return for hiring somebody.
  • 18USC-595 prohibits a federal official from interfering with the nomination or election for office.

A violation of any of these codes involves jail time.  While at this point this is no indication who at the White was involved with the offer to Sestak, it stands to reason that approval had to come from high up the food-chain and could involve the President himself.

This Blog previously compared the arrogance of President Obama and his associates in the White House himself with Richard Nixon and his team.  As time marches on the similarities increased.  Like Nixon’s second election, Obama came into office with an overriding mandate to lead that has been squandered after just one year.  Like Nixon who would have crushed McGovern without Watergate, Obama didn’t need Spector to control the Senate.  However, narcissists like Obama and Nixon are never satisfied without total control.  This was Nixon’s downfall and could very well be President Obama’s.  The same question now exists for President Obama that dogged Nixon before he left the office in shame: “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

Finally, while President Obama has been a tragedy for the United States, should he have broken laws and face consequences while in office, this would create even more far reaching damage to the country than the lame duck president he will become in November.  Let us all hope this is not the case for the good of the country.

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White House makes Chicago-Style Politics National

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 2, 2010

Chicago is notorious for a political style that is infamous even in the dirty game of politics.  Remember, this is the city where the saying “Vote Early and Often” was made famous.  It was therefore quite remarkable when our current President championed the theme “change” during the Presidential campaign.  It was even more remarkable that the lame-stream media and public bought into this sales pitch.

Any concerns that President Obama would turn his back on his Chicago political heritage were quickly dashed after the election.  Examples of the old-style politics include bringing cronies into the White House as Czars that need no consent from Congress; slapping thousand page pieces of legislation on Congresses’ desk just hours before a vote, irrespective of his CSPAN transparency promise; and the backroom deals to get Senate Democrats on board with unpopular bills.

Now we can add another Chicago-style game to Obama’s national resume: playing kingmaker in Congressional races. Take for example Representative Joe Sestak, a Pennsylvania Democrat running in a Senate primary.  The problem for Joe is that Obama and his associates promised that nomination to Senator Arlene Spector in return for Arlene’s (Benedict) switch last year to the Democrats Party giving them a super majority in the Senate.  Hmmmm, I had the mistaken impression that it was the Democrats in Pennsylvania who made such choices, but that isn’t the way it works under Chicago rules.

The ruckus started when Philadelphia Inquirer reported in mid-February that the White House dangled a federal job in front of Sestak to entice him to drop out of the primary against Spector.  At first the White House “vociferously” denied Sestak’s accusation.  But Sestak would go away and stood by his claim telling Fox News: “I was asked a direct question yesterday and I answered it honestly. There’s nothing more to go into.  I’m in this race now.”

In recently weeks White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been asked repeatedly by reporters to clarify the White House’s original denial.  To date Gibbs continues to stall, indicating that he is researching the matter.  OK, let’s translate this Washington double talk:  Sestak’s version is correct and the White House’s denial is not accurate.

This is more of the “change” that we can believe in!  While Obama did not invent the sleaze that has become synonymous with American politics, his marketing of “change” has brought this sleaze to a new level.

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US Deficits – Punishing Our Children

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 28, 2009

rendell030708Recently, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was questioned about the benefits of the $787 billion federal government Stimulus Package to the economy.  The interviewer questioned the success of the Stimulus Package given the continued economic weakness and high unemployment.  Governor Rendell’s answer was emphatic.  He stated that layoffs to State workers were avoided with a few thousand Pennsylvania jobs saved by the $2 billion Stimulus money received by our State.

Let’s assume for the time being that Governor Rendell was correct as to the Stimulus’s benefits to Pennsylvania.  His response, however, completely avoided an important part of the equation; who will pay for these benefits?  With trillion dollar deficits, this generation is no longer paying for the ever increasing governmental programs it has come up with.  Instead, the money will have to be paid back by the next generations, our children and their children.  While PA (and other states) may have saved jobs today, we have done so by mortgaging our children’s’ wealth. Read the rest of this entry »

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