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Affirmative Action’s Failure in Higher Education

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 25, 2017

In the 1970s concerns grew that people of color were inappropriately represented in America’s institutions of higher education.  Social engineers and the judicial branch of government determined that this inequity could be addressed by programs that became known as Affirmative Action.  While the inequity was real, evidence indicates the corrective actions have failed.

The New York Times published an article whose headline speaks of Affirmative-Action’s failure:  “Even With Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges than 35 Years Ago”.  The article includes data indicating that since 1980 the percentage of African-American students in America’s top 100 schools has remain “virtually unchanged”.  The Times indicated, however, that there have been gains for African-American and Hispanic in “less selective colleges”.

The Times only offered snippets of potential reasons behind the Affirmative-Action’s failure in America’s top 100 schools.  This includes what the Times refers to as “equity issues that begin earlier” and “distinct disadvantage to begin with”.  A deeper dive into these issues could have been informative and point towards corrective actions.  Did the Times avoid such discussion in fear of who may be to blame for the failure of the Affirmative Action Programs?

The Times indicated that the number of white students enrolled in the top 100 universities has declined since 1980.  During this same period there has been an increase in the number of Asian students.  The reasons behind these changes deserve study, but were ignored by the Times.

Social engineering is at best a soft science with a record of success that has been spotty.  It is often riddled with crony-capitalism.  Programs that fail to successfully meet the goals set up when they were created need to be canceled or radically changed.

Social engineering programs should be judges based on results, not emotion.  Programs that have proven successful should be considered for expansion.  Those that have failed should be eliminated.  Unfortunately this type of results-based performance evaluation are rarely used by social engineers and their partners in the government.


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Mainstream Media in Denial of its Leftist Bias

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 5, 2012

Boston Globe writer Jeff Jacoby wrote an interesting piece titled News media need to own their biases.  It reviews the mainstream media’s strong bias towards Leftist and Progressive views.  Jacoby’s most important point is the media’s unwillingness to admit its bias.  It refuses to do so not out of some form of guilt, but rather to preserve their appearance of professionalism where it does not exist.

Irrespective of the media’s overall denials, Jacoby points to some rare examples where insiders admit to the problem including:

  • New York Times journalist Arthur Brisbane last week reviewed the liberal slant of news coverage in American newspapers and specifically referred to the Times saying the paper “virtually bleeds” with “political and cultural progressivism.”
  • In 2004, Times ombudsman Daniel Okrent asked and answers the question “Is the Times a Liberal Newspaper?” in his final column.
  • ABC’s then-political director, Mike Halperin in 2006 said: “that it tilts the coverage quite frequently, in many issues, in a liberal direction…. It’s an endemic problem.”
  • Politico’s executive editor Jim VandeHei said: “If you put all of the reporters that I’ve ever worked with on truth serum, most of them vote Democratic.”

Irrespective of this reality, many on the Left deny the media’s bias since doing so would show one of the Left’s most important allies to be corrupt.

It is entertaining to watch the media squirm when asked about their political bias.  Below are videos of George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s political correspondent, and MSNBC’s De La Cruz being asked about this bias recently.  Their condescending nonresponses to fellow journalists indicate their discomfort with the truth.

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NY Times Treats Leaked Wikileaks and Climategate Documents Differently

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 8, 2012

Newsbusters.org last week published a story showing just how biased the news media is towards the Left.  The article points out how willing the media was to publish the Wikileaks documents that were critical of the United States and some of its policies.  At the same time, the median refuses to publish documents relating to Climategate that showed scientists fudge data to promote their theories on global warming, an issue that is a darling of the Left.

Last week the New York Times, who refused to publish the Climategate e-mails, published an article written by Leftist reporter Leslie Kaufman that focused on who leaked the Climategate documents rather than reporting on the fraudulent data.  The article’s lead text box stated: “A push to find out who tried to undercut scientists, who were later vindicated.”  When the original Climategate documents leaked in November 2009, the Times reporter, Andrew Revkin, stated on his blog, nytimes.com blog, that he would not publish the emails because: “The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.”

To Leftist news reporters, truth takes a secondary position to furthering personal political views.  It was not for alternative media, these Leftists hypocrites would be relevant and dangerous.

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Unemployment Numbers Don’t Add Up

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 3, 2011

Yesterday the United States Labor Department released its monthly employment figures that indicated a significant drop in the unemployment rate from 8.8% to 8.6%.  The press responded with positive headlines with the New York Times stating “Jobless Rate Dips to Lowest Level in More Than 2 Years.  The Times embellished on the headline stating: “Somehow the American economy appears to be getting better, even as the rest of the world is looking worse.  In the midst of the European debt crisis, lingering instability in the oil-rich Middle East and concerns about a Chinese economic slowdown, the American unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped last month to 8.6 percent, its lowest level in two and a half years.”  Reality does not match this rather poor effort and journalism.

The Labor Department numbers indicate that the drop in the unemployment rate was caused by the creation of 120,000 jobs in November.  However, this is not enough jobs to keep up with the   America’s working population growth that requires in excess of 150,000 new jobs per month for the unemployment rate to remain steady.  The unemployment rate drop in November was caused by the method the Labor Department uses to determine this figure.  According to economist John Mauldin, the Labor Department eliminated 315,000 people from the unemployed merely because they stopped looking for jobs, not because they are no longer unemployed.

This sleight-of-hand by the Labor Department is not an isolated event.  The government and its bureaucrats have been fudging all data long before the Obama Administration came along.  An example is how America’s Social Security obligations are kept off the governments balance sheet via accounting trickery that no private company would be allowed to use.

The New York Times willingness to report the Labor Department’s unemployment numbers without questioning the obvious accounting trickery is a further example of the disintegration of the mainstream media.  This is mimicked by the incompetence of a Congress that allows billions to be spent collecting and fudging data.

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U.S. Fears Surge of Qaeda Terror in Iraq

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 6, 2011

The New York Times published an interesting and disturbing story on Iraq and the potential for future terrorism emanating from that country.  Following are quotes from the Time’s article:

  • As the United States prepares to withdraw its troops from Iraq by year’s end, senior American and Iraqi officials are expressing growing concern that Al Qaeda’s offshoot here, which just a few years ago waged a debilitating insurgency that plunged the country into a civil war, is poised for a deadly resurgence.
  • I cringe whenever anybody makes a pronouncement that Al Qaeda is on its last legs,” said Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, the American military’s top spokesman in Iraq.  “I think one day we are going to look around and say it’s been a long time since we have heard from Al Qaeda, and maybe then we can say it is on its last legs.”
  • Iraqi analysts express fears that ties between Al Qaeda and members of the former ruling Baath Party may be re-forming.
  • According to General Buchanan, there are 800 to 1,000 people in Al Qaeda’s Iraq network, “from terrorists involved in operations to media to finance to fighters.”
  • A Defense Department official familiar with the Qaeda affiliate said that the group’s leaders and foot soldiers are Sunni Arabs from central, western and northern Iraq.

The Times articles both is curious and perplexing.  This publication, along with many Left-leaning news media, was quite vocal during the Bush Administration with their position that Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had no connections to international terrorism.  Now, the media takes a contradictory position.  While disappointing, this is not surprising for the mainstream media that has become a mouthpiece for the Left.

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Mainstream Media Fawns over “Occupy” Rallies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 18, 2011

The mainstream media has been dominated by Leftist Progressives for decades.  For a significant portion of this period they have offered a façade of neutrality on political issues.  More recently they have come out of the closet, no longer hiding their bias.

Beginning at about the time that Barack Obama began gaining traction in his bid for the presidency, the mainstream media crossed a chasm.  Their support for Obama, first against Hillary Clinton in the primary and later against John McCain, was unabashed.  Who could forget MSNBC’s Chris Matthews saying in February 2008: “I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech.  My, I felt this thrill going up my leg.  I mean, I don’t have that too often.”  Yikes, Matthews needs a social life!

The mainstream media was sure of that the charismatic Obama would usher in a new era of Leftist domination in American politics.  Initially the media was rewarded by Obama and the Democrat Congress with a liberal agenda that included bailouts, stimulus spending, and ObamaCare.  However, this party was short-lived as the policies failed and Obama has lost much of his popular support.

While the current Presidency is clearly failing, the mainstream media is unapologetic for its unprofessional support of Obama.  They continue making excuses for Obama’s policy failures and refuse to ask this President tough questions.  They are now morphing towards a deflection mode, moving their focus and Leftist agenda to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Brian Williams of NBC news has said of the Occupy movement that: “It could well turn out to be the protest of this current era.”  A week later he added: “They share a heritage with other big protest movements in American history.”

ABC’s Diane Sawyer was made so giddy by the Occupy movement that she incredibly claimed “it has spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries”, a video of these preposterous claims posted below.

The New York Times, not to be outdone by their comrades in television, decided to put an Occupy spokesman together with a Wall Streeter for a meeting to share their different viewpoints.  They posted an article on this “summit” last Friday titledOpposite Sides of the Protest Come Together, Briefly by Corey Kilgannon.

The Wall Streeter chosen by the Times was 40-year-old Jimmy Vivona, who grew up in a working-class family on Staten Island and has been a stockbroker for 17 years.

For the Occupy representative, the Times chose 25-year-old Edward T. Hall III.  Being a “III”, it should not be a surprise that Hall came from a well-to-do family with both parents both being attorneys.  He attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Bard College in New York and is currently attending classes at Columbia University as a nonmatriculated student.  Hall has spent the past month sleeping with the protesters and claims to the one of the movement’s organizers.

Comparing the backgrounds of the two chosen representatives is revealing.  The Wall Streeter, Vivona, came from average means and today works to support his wife and two children.  The Occupy representative comes from privilege, has been a professional student most of his adult life, and is supported by his well-to-do family.  It is not hard to choose which one represents what made America great.

Mr. Edward T. Hall III, the Occupier, also has a bizarre side as shown in a YouTube video posted below.  (Prior to clicking on this video be warned that Hall uses very vulgar language.)  Clearly some in the Occupy movement have an agenda that go beyond the benevolent ones promoted by the mainstream media.

There are significant economic problems facing this Country.  Some have been created by unscrupulous Wall Streeters.  Others have been caused by inept government policies that include the historically low interest rates that led to bubbles and overuse of debt.

It is difficult to know what the Occupy movement stands for after weeks of protests.  However, one theme that comes from the protesters is resentment towards those that made significant profits on the bailouts, i.e. banks.  This anger is also shared by many aligned with the Tea Party.  However, unlike the Tea Party movement, the Occupy group has not understood the government’s key role in these flawed bailouts.  Should they connect the dots, Obama’s attempt to use the Occupy movement politically will become yet another one of his judgmental errors.

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New York Times Clouds Terrorist Bomb Plot with Political Correctness

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2011

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man was charged last week with plotting to use remote-controlled aircraft to bomb the Pentagon and US capital.  The suspect is an American citizen, Muslim Rezwan Ferdaus, whose goal was Jihad against the United States.

According to the FBI, Ferdaus had connections with Al Qaeda.  He earned a degree in physics from Northeastern University in Boston.  According to FBI reports, Ferdaus had been plotting against United States since 2010.  This is but the latest example of the growing danger from homegrown Muslim extremists within United States.

The issue of the dangers from homegrown terrorists in America is often ignored by the mainstream media as political incorrect.  The media often refuses to acknowledge that there is even a problem within the worldwide Muslim community with Jihad.  For example, in the case of Rezwan Ferdaus’s plans to attack the United States, the New York Times article titled Man Is Held in a Plan to Bomb Washington did not once mention the words Muslim or Islam.  This is a curious omission given Ferdaus’s comments to the FBI that indicated his desire to attack the United States was so strong that “I just can’t stop; there is no other choice for me.”

The great Chinese General Tzu once said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  If General Tzu was alive today, he most certainly would not read the New York Times.

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A Canadian’s View of Barack Obama – Addendum

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 19, 2011

Today’s previous posting, A Canadian’s View of Barack Obama, included an article written by Canadian columnist Rex Murphy.  It was not only critical of President Obama, but also of the mainstream media’s complicity in helping elect a president who was clearly under-qualified.

Almost as if it were teed up, one day after the Murphy’s column was published, the New York Times included an op-ed that helped prove Murphy’s point.  On September 18, Bill Keller of the Times published an op-ed titled “Fill in the Blanks“.  After fawning over Obama’s inauguration, Keller offers four reasons why the President has not been successful stating:

“The decline in Obama’s political fortunes, the Great Disappointment, can be attributed to four main factors: the intractable legacy bequeathed by George W. Bush; Republican resistance amounting to sabotage; the unrealistic expectations and inevitable disenchantment of some of the president’s supporters; and, to be sure, the man himself.”  That’s right, nearly three years into his presidency and the mainstream media is still finding excuses for Obama’s failures.  Rex Murphy can rest his case.

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New York Times Questioning Obama’s Economic Policies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 10, 2011

Yesterday the New York Times, a publication that has been friendly the President since being elected, question the potential benefits of Obama’s jobs’ plan presented earlier this week to a joint session of Congress.  The title of the article posted below, “Employers Say Jobs Plan Wouldn’t Lead to Hiring Spur” says it all.

The article correctly states that it is the very weak economy that is inhibiting jobs growth.  Government interventions during the first three years of the Obama Administration have failed.  Promising yet additional interventions will have even a less positive effect going forward given these failures.

The fact that the New York Times is questioning Obama’s new plan so soon after it is announced is an indication that the mainstream media’s infatuation with the President may be weakening.

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Poll Shows Depth of America’s Displeasure with Washington

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 22, 2011

A recent New York Times poll has expressed the mood of America and it does not bode well for the politicians in Washington.  Here is a sample of what the poll showed:

Negatives for President Obama:

  • Americans are more pessimistic about the nation’s economic outlook and overall direction than they have been at any time since President Obama’s first two months in office.
  • The number of Americans who think the economy is getting worse has jumped 13 percentage points in just one month.
  • 57% of Americans disapprove of the President’s handling of the economy.
  • About 57% of Americans disapprove of how Obama is handling the federal deficit.
  • Twice as many respondents would prefer cuts in spending on federal programs that benefit people like them.
  • 70% say the country was heading in the wrong direction.
  • More disapprove of Obama’s job performance than approve it.
  • Only 39% approve of Obama’s handling of the military campaign in Libya.

Negatives for Congress (Republicans):

  • 75 percent of respondents disapproved of the way Congress is handling its job.
  • About 60% of Americans disapprove of how Congress is handling the federal deficit.

Negative for Congress and the President:

  • Most Americans think neither President nor Congressional Republicans share their priorities for the country.

Positive for President Obama:

  • 72% approve of Obama’s proposal to end tax cuts for those households earning $250,000 a year and more.

Positives for Congress (Republicans):

  • 55 percent of poll respondents said they would rather have fewer services from a smaller government than more services from a bigger one.
  • Nearly two-thirds of poll respondents agree with Tea Party supporters to not raise the level of debt the nation can carry, including about half of Democrats.

The New York Times and much of the Leftist media are undoubtedly surprised by the poll’s findings.  They are just out of touch with what is middle America .  While the media rightfully goes after the Right when they falter, they have not laid as much as a feather on a President whose first two years have been failure.   They have not only hurt the country with this bias, but also the President they are so fond of.  Have they not acted as “yes-men” for Obama, he may have better understood the mood of the Country.

As for the Republicans, some have already forgotten the message the voters gave in November.  Should they continue down the road of politics as usually, the Tea Party (middle America) will turn on them as they did the Democrats.

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