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Liars and Politicians

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 19, 2017

Politicians are generally a slippery bunch. While initially they may enter the field to improve cities, states or the federal government, they are often corrupted by the lure of reelection and the power and money that flow from it.

Prior to modern digital media, changing and ridiculous politicians’ statements were often lost in time. Now, with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., a politician’s statements are memorialized forever. This brings about a daily litany of political doubletalk, lies and/or stupid statements in clear view.

This week we can thank Congresswoman Maxine Waters for the entertainment within a two minute interview on MSNBC, as included in the video below. First, Waters confirms that she called for impeachment of President Trump. Then, almost immediately said: “I have not called for impeachment.” Ms. Waters’ flip-flop would be comical if one could forget that she is involved in writing the Country’s laws.


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Hillary Clinton Stands by a Sex Predator

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 21, 2016

The dearth of accusations concerning predatory sexual behavior against former President Bill Clinton is damning.  The number of women that have come public with complaints, as well as his behavior with an intern at the White House, indicates the treatment of women that feminists should recoil from.  However, that has not been the case, which seems to indicate that the so-called feminists are more concerned with one’s political views than the treatment of women.

Hillary Clinton has not only been Bill Clinton’s wife during the period that many of these complaints were lodged, but has been his political partner as well.  While some might think it noble that she stood by her man, it is reasonable to ask if she has culpability in attempts to cover up the sexual harassment complaints against her husband.

Earlier this month on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC, cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski interviewed Hillary Clinton backer, former congressman Harold Ford Jr.  Ford was asked about Hillary’s potential culpability in covering up her husband’s mistreatment of Women.   Ford refused substantive response, an example of disingenuous behavior by the Left when it comes to women’s rights.  The same behavior does not allow many on the Left to criticize Islam for its misogynistic practices.

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MSNBC Commentator Sees Racism in “Star Wars” Movies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 16, 2015

Melissa Harris-Perry has been known for rather questionable logic in her position as a MSNBC commentator.  This week she took her rants to a new level accusing the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” and the entire Star Wars franchise of promoting racism.  It is impossible to reasonably comment on Harris-Perry’s logic proffered in the video clip below, other than to say “yikes”!

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MSNBC Host Slams Hillary over Email Scandal

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 24, 2015

Neither MSNBC nor its host Mika Brzezinski have ever been accused of being part of the “right-wing conspiracy” that supposedly is the source of Hillary Clinton’s troubles.  Last week on the network’s “Morning Joe” show, Brzezinski showed displeasure with Hillary’s lame excuses for the growing scandal concerning her usage of a private email account while Secretary of State.  The video below is another indication that the Left is tiring of the Clinton dishonesty.  Get ready for Elizabeth Warren,

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Obama Compares Republicans who Oppose Iran Nuke Deal to Iranian Hardliners

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 6, 2015

Proving once again that he is the most divisive President of modern times, Barack Obama had the gall to this week compare Republicans who disapprove of the proposed Iranian nuclear deal to the hardliners; i.e. Radical Islamists, in Iran.  The President’s said:

It’s those hardliners chanting ‘death to America’ who have been most opposed to the deal, they’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.”

KhameneiThis morning, Obama’s Propagandist-in-Chief, Josh Earnest, was grilled on MSNBC’s Morning Joe concerning the President’s incendiary language.  Instead of backing down, Earnest parsed words and incorrectly attempted to change what Obama said, as shown in the video posted below.

It is remarkable that President Obama, who has been on the wrong side of nearly every issue relating international politics since the day he entered office, has the nerve to compare Republicans to the radical mullahs in Iran.  Let us remember that is less than two years ago Obama called ISIS the “JV team”.  Since then they have become one of the most powerful radical forces in the Middle East.

American politics in Washington had dubious morality long before Barack Obama became president.  However, this President has taken the White House and politics to a new low, a standard that will haunt the Country for years to come.  This legacy will have more long-term negative effects than the questionable policies implemented by Obama.

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State Department’s Lame Strategy for Attacking ISIS

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 17, 2015

Earlier today we posted a clear and concise strategy for defeating the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, proffered by Dr. Ben Carson, GOP presidential candidate.  Posted below is a video clip from State Department spokeswoman, Marie Harf.  Her comments are an embarrassment embarrassing to the country she represents.

Harf says: “We’re killing a lot of them and we’re going to keep killing more of them.  So are the Egyptians, so are the Jordanians.  They’re in this fight with us.  But we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war.  We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs…”

To that MSNBC commentator and fellow liberal Chris Matthews appropriately retorts: “We’re not going to be able to stop that in our lifetime or fifty lifetimes.  There’s always going to be poor people.  There’s always going to be poor Muslims, and as long as there are poor Muslims, the trumpet’s blowing and they’ll join.  We can’t stop that, can we?”

Instead of realizing how preposterous her initial statement was, Harf double downs responding: “What makes these seventeen-year-old kids pick up an AK-47 instead of starting a business? Maybe we can try to chip away at this problem”.  Yikes!

Ms. Harf seems to have shortsighted understanding of history.  It begs the question as to why other poor cultures have not become so violent.  It ignores the fact that Osama bin Laden was a billionaire’s heir and most of the 9/11 hijackers came from wealthy Saudi Arabia.  The passion these terrorists fight for his far deeper than that involved with seeking wealth.  If only it was that simple Ms. Harf.

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Liberal MSNBC Commentators Criticize Obama’s State of the Union Address

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 23, 2015

MSNBC has been a stalwart liberal proponent and outward supporter of Barack Obama and his policies for most of his first six years in office. However, even this Left-leaning network has become increasingly critical of Obama.

Shortly after the President’s State of the Union address, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell were highly critical of the President’s bravado concerning foreign policy in the exchange included in video posted below:

Chris Matthews: “… even in a solipsistic way. Because I kept thinking tonight, there’s a real world out there that he didn’t really talk about. And perhaps the over-ambitious notions where we stood in the war against ISIL, the Islamic State – he doesn’t want to call It the Islamic State, but that’s what they call themselves – uh, there’s two Japanese people, no guilt on their shoulders, just staring out of the desert, who are going to be, apparently, decapitated… Uh, that reality, what is going on in Nigeria is reality. How close was the President to reality, overall, globally, tonight?”

Andrea Mitchell: “I think that on foreign policy, his projection of success against terrorism and against ISIS in particular, as I said, is not close to reality. It’s just that… they have not come up with a strategy. And they built a global coalition… but again, he talked about Ukraine, he talked about Putin being isolated… yes, Putin is isolated economically, and the falling oil prices have hammered his economy, but at the same time there is renewed fighting in Donetsk, and we haven’t figured out Ukraine, we haven’t figured out how the NATO alliance can push back. The sanctions have not really worked, and Ukraine is going to need more weaponry. They have not reached that point. So, you’re right, Chris. It doesn’t match the reality.”

Perhaps putting an explanation mark on Matthews’ and Mitchell’s criticism of Obama, yesterday the Middle East country of Yemen fell to a radical Shiite-backed militias. It was not long ago that Obama had the extreme naïveté to call Yemen a success story in his administration’s counter attack to Islamic terrorism

It is clear that Western and America’s interests throughout the world are under attack in the most significant ways since World War II. It is not by coincidence that this is occurring six years after the continuation Obama’s feckless foreign policy. The President has shown an inability to understand, let alone manage, foreign affairs in a way that serves America’s interests. It is unreasonable to expect improvement during Obama’s last two years in office. We can only hope that the problems are relatively contained until the next president takes the office. While hope is not a plan, it is unfortunately the only option available given the President’s unwillingness to admit failure and change course.

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Al Sharpton Refuses to Pay His Fair Share

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 23, 2014

Liberals are all for wealth redistribution until the tax man comes for their assets.  Examples include the mega-rich Kennedy clan continuing to live off the riches that patriarch Joseph created before, during and after the Great Depression.  More recently Secretary of State John Kerry, who gained his wealth by marrying into the Heinz catchup family, was caught moving his multimillion dollar yacht to a state with significantly lower taxes than Massachusetts charges.

SharptonThe current outrageous example of tax avoidance by a wealthy liberal is Al Sharpton.  While it is difficult to determine exactly how Sharpton obtained his substantial wealth, he is currently a MSNBC host and often a visitor to the Barack Obama White.  He is a member of the top 10%.  Remarkably, in an article titled “As Sharpton Rose, So Did His Unpaid Taxes”, the New York Times reported that this Progressive owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes.

When confronted with the unpaid tax issue in a recent interview, Sharpton’s first excuse was that “we’re talking about old taxes”.  Then, he went into the victim mode even inferring racism:

“I think it’s political, he said. A lot of people don’t like the fact that President Obama’s the president.  A lot of people do not like the fact that Bill de Blasio won for mayor.  And they certainly don’t like that I’m still here, and I ain’t going nowhere.”

It is hard to fault Sharpton for not wanting to pay taxes that are often excessive.  However, his unwillingness to do so given his Progressive views is hypocritical.  Those with means who preach and rationalize the societal benefits of the welfare state and wealth redistribution should be first in line pay their fair share.  The fact that so many do not is another indication that their political motives are not so righteous.

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Chastises Obama on Jobs

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 15, 2014

It seems everyone, including his previous buddies in the mainstream media, is piling on President Obama.  This week MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell went on the attack during a recent interview with Obama associate and former advisor David Axelrod.  When discussing the jobs picture in the United States, Mitchell said:

“If you look at the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Financial Times, all the reporting on the job data from Friday, reported that participation rate is at historic lows, decades lows, 59% are involved in the labor force.  That’s just not a sustainable recovery.  We have two Americas, we really do.”

Mitchell is correct that the percentage of the population of working age Americans that are employed is at a 40 year low.  This is in stark contrast with the President recently touting the improved unemployment figure that is now 5.9%.  This contrast not only brings into question the President’s understanding of the current economic situation in the United States, but also the government’s fudging of the unemployment figures to suit its own narrative.  It is no wonder that the American people have lost faith in their government.

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar Blast Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 10, 2014

The decay of the Obama presidency is accelerating following continuous scandals. The most recent crisis involves the tens of thousands of illegal alien children from Central America flooding across the Country’s Southwest borders.

From the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama has had many critics on the Right. This group is no longer the only dissenters against the President with his national approval ratings being measured below 40% in some polls. However, more problematic for the President, is that the criticism is growing amongst some of his previous allies including Democratic politicians and the mainstream media.

In a recent interview by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas went on a strong attack the President questioning why Obama could not take the time to visit the border when the night before he was playing pool of having a beer in Colorado with its governor. Cuellar went so far as to call this Obama’s “Katrina moment” was reporter Mitchell seemingly agreeing on the thesis.

Those that have seen the weaknesses of Barack Obama and his policies some years ago should not rejoice at the decay of his presidency. It weakens the Country and presents significant dangers during the last two years of the Obama’s lame-duck presidency.

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