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Anti-Semite Organized Occupy Miami Movement

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 27, 2011

WorldNetDaily a November 25th, published another story titled OCCUPY THIS! exposing additional bigotry that is part of the Occupy movement.  According to The Miami Herald, Mohammad Malik is and organizer of the Occupy Miami movement.  Over recent weeks Malik has in fact been quoted in the press as speaking for Occupy.

Before becoming involved in the Occupy movement, Malik was involved in other radical and Left-leaning groups.  While currently unemployed, he previously worked for the ACLU.  More significantly, Malik was director of CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) South Florida chapter as well as his associations with other Islamic groups that have been involved with hate filled, anti-Israel demonstrations.

As an example of Malik’s radical leaning, during his tenure as a CAIR executive, he organized a dinner with its keynote speaker being Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Wahhaj was an apologist for convicted WTC bomb plotters and has expressed his desire to invoke and Islamic caliphate in the United States, i.e. Sharia law.

Malik is not the first member of CAIR involved with the Occupy movement.  CAIR worked with the Islamic Leadership Council and the Arab-American Association of New York to lead prayer sessions in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  CAIR also has relations with other radical organizations, including Code Pink.

There is growing evidence that the radicals involved in the Occupy movement are more than just fringe misfits tagging along for the ride.  In Miami, a radical anti-Semite is a leader of the Occupy movement.  It is disappointing that Leftist politicians remain silent on the hate groups involved with the Occupy movement.  It is telling that while President Obama and Nancy Pelosi were so willing to speak positively about the movement, they have since remained silent on its growing dark side.

The Leftists has become beholden to bigots and anti-Semites as a source of political power.  It is ironic that earlier days such misfits were more likely to come from the Right now feel so comfortable joining the Left’s movement.

There is growing anger in the United States that comes from the lengthy economic downturn, as well as our dysfunctional government.  That anger was expressed during the November 2010 elections with the electorate showing a throw the bums out mentality.  It was also expressed by the creation of two significant movements, the Tea Party and Occupy.  However, these movements are very different.  While the Tea Party expressed its anger with a main theme; smaller government and less government spending, the Occupy movement after months has yet to create its political theme.  Instead, the Occupy movement has become merely a collection of disgruntled Americans with Leftist views.  That has made them ripe for infiltration and control by radicals such as CAIR and Code Pink.

Cal Thomas wrote an op-ed posted below that expresses the weaknesses behind some of the more mainstream Americans that have become involved with the Occupy movement.  He concludes with a revealing comment by former Democrat Senator from New Jersey and professional basketball player, Bill Bradley, who so aptly said: “Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”  Unfortunately, Progressives have proffered the perverse view that Americans cannot achieve without the help of their government.  Is that belief that now permeates the Occupy movement.

Thankfulness and OWS, by Cal Thomas

For more than half my life I was a 99-percenter.  I kept my first pay stubs in the news business to remind me where I came from and what was necessary in order to get where I am today.

In 1975, while working at a TV station in Houston, I wrote a letter to a friend in Washington complaining about my stalled career and low salary.  “I will probably die here with my boots on, boots bought on a revolving charge and not fully paid for,” I griped.  My memory is not that good. He kept the letter and showed it to me a few years ago.  We laughed.

At age 37, I was making $25,000 a year with few prospects of earning more.  Suddenly things began to change.  All the hard work and experience resulted in a better job and more pay.

As a young reporter, I interviewed many successful people.  “Where did you go to college and what did you study?”  I asked them.  “What is your philosophy of life and work ethic?”  Rather than envy them, I wanted to be like them.

This is what’s missing from the envy culture of the movement known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Envy is greed’s equally bad brother.  Those who lack what they think they deserve lust after the money and property of wealth creators.  They seem to know little of what used to be called the “work ethic.”

Many in the OWS crowd are also deficient in their understanding of economics.  There is not a single pie from which all must eat.  Instead, life contains a recipe everyone can follow to make pies for themselves.  The pies are not guaranteed to be the same size for all, but if the right ingredients are used, those pies can make anyone self-sufficient.

This is the great philosophical divide that liberal politicians have effectively used to gain power for themselves while dooming increasing numbers of their fellow Americans to a life of dependency, failure and envy.

The recently failed debt commission contained elements of a poison familiar to many who have succeeded in life by their own efforts.  Democrats wanted to tax the rich even more, but has a tax increase ever resulted in less spending?  When the federal government gets more of our money, it doesn’t suddenly become fiscally responsible.  The more money it gets, often the more it spends.

In an America not long ago, we encouraged persistence. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” was a little saying I often heard growing up. Now it seems the message too many are sending and receiving is, “If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try again; turn to government (or a lawyer).”

I am thankful to live in a country that still rewards hard work, personal responsibility and accountability.  But that country, which was my role model as a young man, is rapidly fading into history.  Human nature is such that a substantial number of people can be addicted to a government check if they choose not to work.  But many of our grandparents taught us by example that the pursuit of success was a noble quest.  Parents once bragged about what their children had become.

How many parents are bragging about their kids occupying cities and universities and fouling the ground and streets with human waste?

Bill Bradley, former Democratic senator and professional basketball player, once observed: “Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

We should be thankful for such truth. I would be more thankful if it were on the rise instead of in decline.


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