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Oil Spill: Obama Using the Review Mirror

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 15, 2010

The response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been textbook Obama.  Using rhetoric and blame the President has deflected from the real issues and solutions to a real problem.

In recent comments President Obama has called responses to the accident a “ridiculous spectacle”, referring mainly to the oil industry.  Then he went after the “cozy relationship” between the government and oil industry.  To add strength to his superfluous comments, Obama sand: “I will not tolerate any more finger-pointing or irresponsibility.  “This is a responsibility that all of us share.”

The first issue is to stop the leak.  All of the blame and butt covering will not aid in this need.

The motivations behind Obama’s rhetoric are political.  Ever since the President opened up additional offshore drilling the radical environmentalists, an important alley of the Democrat Party, have been furious.  The oil spill now allows them to claim their position correct and Obama’s wrong, a political problem for the President.  This is exemplified by Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Blocking Biological Diversity, who indicated that the steps announced by President Obama and the Interior Department do not ensure the safety of offshore drilling.  Suckling stated:

Ken Salazar came into office announcing, ‘There is a new sheriff in town,’ and promised to reform the deeply corrupt Minerals Management Service.  He took action regarding personal, criminal actions, but did absolutely nothing to address the agency’s dangerous practice of rubber-stamping offshore oil-drilling permits.”

Obama’s offshore drilling decision made a few months ago was the correct one.  We need American oil to prosper, period.  However, that reality does not mitigate the current political problem for the President who is using scapegoating and deflection in response.  It is too bad that he does not have the fortitude to back his previous decision instead of blowing in the wind due to current political circumstances.

Drilling for oil in oceans is risky, but so is nearly all other usage of natural resources for man’s benefit.  A few decades ago the radical Left stopped America from adding nuclear energy capabilities in the name of saving the environment.  So we ended up with greater usage of oil and coal that increased more global warming, so they say.  Now that same group tells us that drilling for oil in the oceans needs to be stopped to save the environment.  Whatever hardships or unintended consequences result from this position are of no concern to them.

Mr. President, the blame you now focus on is looking at the issues from the rearview mirror.  First, focus on the immediate problems with the spill in the Gulf.  Then it will be time to take steps to prevent future spills.  Should you continue to find the need to look for scapegoats, keep in mind that you have been in office for over a year and it was under your leadership that the “cozy relationships” were allowed?  What did Harry Truman say as to where the buck tops?


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