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Leftist Actors Accused of Anti-Semitism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 3, 2014

In previous postings this Blog has proffered the view that the dangers of racism and anti-Semitism emanating from Progressives and Leftists are increasing.  This view is in opposite of the narrative the Left promotes of its views.  However, their actions demonstrate a dark side of their philosophies.

Relating to racism, or for that matter sexism, the Left often promotes the view that people of color, as well as women, are somehow unable to complete on a level playing field in the business and academic world.  The numbers of African Americans and women in high places of government and all sectors of the world proves this to be fallacious.  That raises questions as to the nations behind the Left’s continued use of this narrative.  At best it is to support industries that profit from the narrative.  The alternative is darker.

Jon VoightConcerning anti-Semitism, many on the Left now have a strong anti-Israeli bias.  In an effort to cover up the building anti-Semitism within the movement, criticism is typically couched with claims such as they are not anti-Semitic, but merely anti-Israeli policy.  While Israel, as with any country, should be open to criticism, the vitriol behind the Left’s attacks, as well as the disproportionate use of these attacks against Israel, indicate a motivation that goes beyond policy disagreements.  The open anti-Semitism openly promoted by Hamas, other Muslim radicals, and in the protests currently ongoing in various countries, also supports this conclusion.

Hollywood is not only one of the most vocal proponents of Leftist philosophies in the United States, but also a significant monetary contributor to politicians who promote Leftist causes, including President Obama.  That is not to say that all in Hollywood share the leftist dogma.

One actor who has been an outspoken critic of the Left is Jon Voight.  This week Voight attacked fellow actors including Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz for signing an open letter that was highly critical of Israel’s war against Hamas.  Voigt did not pull any punches accusing his fellow actors of fanning the flames of worldwide anti-Semitism.  Excerpts supplied by The Hollywood Reporter are included below, a refreshing view that is to avoid of political correctness or double-talk.

Jon Voight:

I am heartsick that people like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem could incite anti-Semitism all over the world and are oblivious to the damage they have caused.

They are obviously ignorant of the whole story of Israel’s birth, when in 1948 the Jewish people were offered by the UN a portion of the land originally set aside for them in 1921 – and the Arab Palestinians were offered the other half.

The Arabs rejected the offer, and the Jews accepted – only to be attacked by five surrounding Arab countries committed to driving them into the sea.  The Arabs tried again in 1967 and again in 1973.

Each time, the Jews prevailed, but not without great loss of life.  And yet, Israel has always labored for a peaceful relation with its Arab neighbors.  It voluntarily returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in return for peace, and gave the Palestinians all of Gaza as a peace gesture.

What was the response?  The Palestinians elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, and they immediately began firing thousands of rockets into Israel.

I am asking all my peers who signed that poison letter against Israel to examine their motives.  Can you take back the fire of anti-Semitism that is raging all over the world now?

You should hang your heads in shame.  You should come forth with deep regrets for what you did – and ask for forgiveness from the suffering people in Israel.


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Hillary Clinton’s About-Face on Gay Marriage

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 2, 2014

It is instructive to follow how politicians radically change their public positions in order to benefit their own political careers.  There is no better example than Hillary Clinton’s about-face concerning gay marriage.

hillary clintonHillary supported the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act that was signed into law by Bill Clinton.  This law was quite specific, banning any federal recognition of gay marriages.

Hillary’s anti-gay marriage position continued much later.  While running for the 2000 New York Senate seat Clinton supported “domestic partnership measures”, a position that opposes gay marriage.  During that same year, Hillary said: “Marriage has historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman,” making her position on the matter unequivocal.

Clinton’s anti-gay marriage position remained unchanged in June 2003 when during an interview in New York she said: “You know, marriage has a meaning that … I think should be kept as it historically has been, but I see no reason whatsoever why people in committed relationships can’t have … many of the same rights and the same … respect for their unions that they are seeking.  And I would like to see that be more accepted than it is. … I also think that we can realize the same results for many committed couples by urging that states and localities adopt civil union and domestic partnership laws.”  She continued with a similar position through the 2008 presidential race.

Ms. Clinton has since done an about-face and has become an ardent supporter of gay marriage.  This year Hillary said: “LGBT Americans are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship.  “That includes gay marriage.”

It would be unfair to criticize Ms. Clinton merely because she changed a position.   It does, however, bring into question why it took me five years for her to see the light on such a major issue.  It is likely that political expediency has more to do with the change than any Eureka moment.

Any conservative today takes a stance on gay marriage that Ms. Clinton took just a few years ago will be branded a bigot, intolerant or worse.  Ms. Clinton received the past from these Leftist fascists because she was one of them.

The Libertarian bent of this Blog leads us to conclude that the government has no business in the private lives of adults.  As for defining what marriage is, that should be left to the will of the people.  At the same time, the radical Left’s badgering of any that disagree with their position is more dangerous to society than any “intolerant” behavior from those who oppose gay marriage.

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Liberal Professor Alan Dershowitz Calls Ted Cruz “Brilliant”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 7, 2014

Alan DershowitzHarvard professor Alan Dershowitz is an un-avowed liberal.  However, unlike many liberal professors today, Dershowitz is true to his ACLU type beliefs even if they encroach on Leftist dogma.

Now, after 50 years of employment at Harvard University, Dershowitz is hanging up his spurs and retiring.  The good professor was recently interviewed by Madeleine Morgenstern of the Philadelphia Inquirer who questioned Dershowitz about some of his former students who went on to become famous.  His comments include:

Former presidential adviser David Gergen– “Very quiet, very quiet.  Not memorable in the classroom, but outside the classroom, when we would talk, he clearly was a leader.  You could see that.

Former United States Sen. Elizabeth Dole– “She was very talkative, and she was in a class of practically all women because in those days family law was called women’s law because women were thought to be only suited for the soft stuff.  She was not soft at all.  She was brilliant.”

CNBC’s Jim Cramer of Mad Money – “Jim didn’t come to class all that often.  He was buying and selling stocks.  You know, his answering machine when he was my research assistant had stock tips.

Ted CruzFormer New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer– “So terrific a research assistant!  Maybe everything that happened to him since was my fault because one day I said to him, ‘Eliot, you’re working too hard. Go out and have some fun.'”

Perhaps Dershowitz’s most telling remarks came when he discussed United States Sen. Ted Cruz of whom he said:  “Off-the-charts brilliant.  And you know, liberals make the terrible mistake, including some of my friends and colleagues, of thinking that all conservatives are dumb.  And I think one of the reasons that conservatives have been beating liberals in the courts and in public debates is because we underestimate them. Never underestimate Ted Cruz. He is off-the-chart brilliant.  I don’t agree with his politics.

This high praise for Cruz must be causing heartburn within much of the Progressive Left and its pals in the mainstream media.  The false narrative created for most politicians who dare to disagree with Leftist dogma is that their opponents are somehow ignorant, approaching subhuman standing.  This fascist approach to politics is meant to discourage reasonable debate and political discourse.  It is likely that Dershowitz’s very public and positive comments concerning Ted Cruz relates to the professor’s concern for the fascist approach embraced by many of his Leftist cohorts.

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Race Baiting by the Left

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 9, 2014

Leftist politicians and their allies in the mainstream media have created the false narrative that racism in the United States only/mainly emanates from those with conservative political leanings.  This is not accurate today nor has it been correct throughout most of American history.  For example, Republicans were the anti-slavery party since Lincoln’s time, a fact that resulted in African-Americans historically voting Republican until more contemporary times.  Only when it became politically expedient during since the 1950s did the Democratic Party drop its segregationist roots.

As the Democratic Party became the dominating political force within the African-American community, they and their partners in the mainstream media have resorted to the use of race baiting for political gain.  A recent example was the tweet by MSNBC relating to a Super Bowl ad that displayed a biracial family.  That tweet claimed conservatives would disapprove of the ad because it featured a biracial couple.  MSNBC retracted the tweet and apologize for it, but only after significant backlash created on the Internet.

MSNBC is the mouthpiece for the Progressive Left.  Its latest use of race baiting to attack opponents follows a similar attack it made relating to a photograph of the Mitt Romney family that included its African-American grandchild.  While it also apologized for that tasteless attack, the many times the network and its political allies use such attacks indicate more than mere mistakes or bad judgment.

The Boston Globe columnist, Jeff Jacoby, recently posted the op-ed Political values aren’t coded in skin color that appropriately castigates liberals on these race baiting.  These attacks fan the flames of racial division and damage the country’s cohesiveness, dividing us into ever-increasing subsets of society.  Given that these attacks have gone more mainstream since the election of the country’s first African-American president makes the tactic even more politically divisive.

Jacoby also admonishes Republicans, in this case Ann Coulter, on the way they respond to political battles that could be used as racial wedge issues by the Left.  The op-ed is posted post in full below.

Political values aren’t coded in skin color, by Jeff Jacoby

A FEW DAYS before the Super Bowl, MSNBC embarrassed itself with an obnoxious tweet implying that “rightwing” conservatives are such bigots that they were bound to “hate” a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple and their adorable daughter, Gracie.  The backlash was blistering and instantaneous, and the cable channel apologized and deleted the tweet.

When it comes to playing the race card against anyone to its right, MSNBC is a recidivist.  The smear over the Cheerios ad came just a few weeks after an on-air panel smirkingly joked about Mitt and Ann Romney’s newly-adopted black grandson and how incongruous he appeared in the family’s Christmas photo.  That flap also triggered an uproar, followed by multiple apologies.

Count me among those who can’t imagine anyone this side of the fever swamps viewing that sweet Cheerios ad or the Romneys’ quiver full of grandchildren with any kind of racial disapproval, let alone one driven by politics.  That some on the left can so casually traffic in such slander reflects nothing but their own bigotry against conservatives.

If you asked me, I’d have said that was self-evident. (As a right-winger with kids of different colors, I may be biased.)  But Jim Lindgren, a law professor and sociologist at Northwestern University, decided to double-check.  He turned to the General Social Survey, a comprehensive national survey that for years has been compiling sociodemographic statistics on US residents — including (among many variables) data on respondents’ political leanings and the racial makeup of their families.

Not surprisingly, Lindgren found, there was nothing in the data to back up MSNBC’s suggestion that conservatives are more likely than liberals to frown on biracial families.

“Among families with step-children or adopted children,” he wrote for The Volokh Conspiracy, a legal blog hosted by The Washington Post, “11 percent of conservatives were living in mixed-race households compared to 10 percent of liberals.”  Broadening the analysis to include families with biological children of an interracial couple (like Gracie in the Cheerios spot), Lindgren found that 11.9 percent of self-identified conservatives live in mixed-race families compared to 11.4 percent of liberals.  When the numbers were sorted by party affiliation, they showed 9.5 percent of Republicans living in mixed-race families vs. 11.2 percent of Democrats.  Crunching the stats by both race and ideology, 2.0 percent of white conservatives live in mixed-race families, while 2.4 percent of white liberals do.

None of these differences are statistically significant.  Taken together, they reinforce the ugliness of MSNBC’s taunting insinuation that to be politically right-of-center is to be racially intolerant, or that there is something inherently liberal in forging ties of love across the color line.

But there is also a message here that conservatives and Republicans should be taking to heart, one that has nothing to do with liberal closed-mindedness.

In the ongoing debate over immigration reform, there are reasonable arguments on all sides — arguments about the economic, social, and environmental impact of increasing the number of immigrants, sealing the US-Mexican border, or offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.  What is not a reasonable argument, it seems to me, is the claim that more immigrants must mean fewer Republicans.

“At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1 million new immigrants every year — Republicans will be a fringe party in about a decade,” writes Ann Coulter in a recent column.  She cites a wide swath of polling data showing that most immigrants not only come from “societies that are far more left-wing than our own,” but that “they bring their cultures with them.”  Hispanic and Asian immigrants may have little in common economically or culturally, but “both overwhelmingly support big government, ObamaCare, affirmative action, and gun control. . . . How are Republicans going to square that circle?”

But that kind of essentialist argument is as flawed as the claim that interracial families must be left-wing, or that a conservative message of liberty, opportunity, and patriotism can only appeal to voters with white skin.

For more than half a century after the Civil War, blacks were a solid Republican constituency, and the most Democratic-leaning states were the most hostile to black voting rights.  Yet attitudes change — sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not — and voting patterns with them.  Political values aren’t coded in our DNA. Party loyalty isn’t a function of immigration status.

Where do you stand on amnesty?  Whom you support for president?  Would you ever watch MSNBC?  If you’re looking for the answers in the color of your skin, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

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JFK and the Tea Party

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 21, 2013

It is often proffered that the mainstream media has morphed into a propaganda wing for Leftist politics in more recent years.  However, there is evidence that the Leftist bent of the media has been ongoing much longer, but perhaps previously in a more sophisticated and gentlemanly fashion.

The Boston Globe writer Jeff Jacoby has posted an interesting piece titled would “Democrats Embrace a JFK today?”  Jacoby points out that while Kennedy has been canonized by the Left after his assassination, his politics were anything but Leftist.

When John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th president of the United States, he championed many policies that are today promoted by the Tea Party.  This included:

  • Across-the-board cuts of the personal and corporate tax rates.
  • Significantly cutting tariffs to promote international trade.
  • JFK once called city property taxes “confiscatory”.
  • As for big government programs, Kennedy said during his 1960 campaign: “I do not believe that Washington should do for the people what they can do for themselves through local and private effort.”
  • During his first inaugural address, Kennedy said: “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”  Just image a Leftist like Obama making such a statement.

Kennedy was also a proponent of a strong military.  As president he said: “We must refuse to accept a cheap, second-best defense“.  JFK significantly increased the military budget as a percentage of GDP.

In the decades since his assassination, the mainstream media has created the false narrative that Kennedy was a liberal.  This was a deceptive attempt to take advantage of JFK’s martyrdom legacy to promote the Leftist agenda.  However, JFK distanced himself from liberalism.

Look Magazine called JFK a “young, wealthy, and conservative John Fitzgerald Kennedy”.  During an interview in 1950s, Kennedy was challenged by the media concerning his “true liberal” credentials to which JFK replied: “I’d be very happy to tell them I’m not a liberal at all .…  I’m not comfortable with those people.”  FDR’s widow, Eleanor, went so far as to publicly state that she could not back Kennedy as the Party’s presidential nominee.

JFK’s ideology indeed had more in common with today’s Tea Party than what is now promoted by the radical Left Democratic Party headed by Barack Obama.  It is curious that JFK remains a hero of the Leftist media while the Tea Party only receives its scorn.  This bizarre abuse by the media says a lot about its disingenuous behavior.  The acquiescence of the academic intelligentsia to this dichotomy is one indication of its moral decline.

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Tea Party: Radical or Principled

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 18, 2013

You got to give it to the Left’s ability to create the narrative (propaganda) within the media.  Along with President Obama, the Left has painted Republicans as obstructionist, while at the same time created the narrative that they are bipartisan.  How preposterous.  Neither side (party) is bipartisan nor should they be.  Political parties are created to support a political view(s).  If Americans were indeed bipartisan there would be no need for multiple parties.

The word “bipartisan” is bantered around often by the Left and its allies in the media.  This Blog proffers the view that bipartisanship inhibits the advancement of societal growth.  Imagine if bipartisanship prevailed between Lincoln, Republicans and the proslavery Democrats prior to the US Civil War. The North would have allowed the South to continue the use of slaves.  How about if prior entering World War II bipartisanship was used to satisfy the demands of isolationists?

Perhaps the best example of the failure of bipartisanship is the United Nations.  It is so much easier to list its failures that its accomplishments.

One of the more outrageous and disingenuous claims of the Left is that the Tea Party is radical.  If true then these Leftists must also believe that our Founding Fathers and the Constitution are radical.  Main themes of the Tea Party include fiscal conservatism and smaller government.  To paint these visions as radical is a horrifying aspect of how far this Country has descended into creeping socialism.

A recent exchange on CNN between, video below, started when reporter Michael Holmes called the Tea Party “radicals”.  CNN’s Jim Acosta appropriately responded: “Well, Michael, I mean, first of all, let’s be careful about using the term ‘radical,’ because a lot of those folks feel like they’re standing on principle today, even though they didn’t come out on top in this.”  It is obvious that Leftists believe that one must agree with their Progressive policies to be principled.  What a convenient way to stop open debate.

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Global Cooling: the Next Threat?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 10, 2013

Progressives love to create a crisis that they can then save the ordinary citizens from.  After World War II the Right portion of the political aisle took the lead on this tactic crying wolf concerning international communism and the related Red scare.  This led to McCarthyism during the 1950s and in the latter portion of the Eisenhower administration the missile gap promoted by John Kennedy.  These scares led to the Domino Theory that propagated the view that should one country fall to communism in a region others would follow.  This logic took Country into the Vietnam War debacle, as well as significant wasted funds spent on the arms race.  The Domino Theory proved false and incompatible with the nationalism found in many countries.  In addition, the Soviet Union was never close to parity with the United States.

The fall of the Soviet Empire did not stop Progressives’ penchant for creating still more crisis.  Examples include the Bird Flu, SARs, Y2K, among others.  While significant funds and effort were spent on unnecessary remedial actions, none of these crises actually developed.

The darling of all proclaimed crises of modern time is Global Warming.  The Left jumped on this supposed scourge with religious zealotry proclaiming Al Gore its chief priest. Society has been bombarded with warnings of dire consequences to humanity that will result from man-made global warming, i.e. emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Any who suggest skepticism are excommunicated from the debate.

Proponents of the man-made global warming crisis state unequivocally that the science is closed. There compelling evidence was a warming trend that has occurred since the early 1980s.  This proof, however, was no better than those who watched the sun orbit the earth and proclaimed the our planet the center of the universe.

The motivations behind those who promote the theory of man-made global warming vary.  Some have the best of intentions and use their own observation and flawed models to conclude the worst.  Others promote the theory to gain power and wealth.  Still others use the fear of man-made global warming to further their Leftist agenda to redistribute wealth between countries. This wealth redistribution agenda has existed on the Left since long before any readers of this Blog came into existence.

Global Warming has been placed on the back burner in recent months.  Other issues have taken priority including the turmoil in the Middle East and the long drawn out worldwide economic malaise.  At the same time there is growing evidence that the data and models used to back up the claims that man’s use of hydrocarbon-based energy is responsible for the global warming are flawed.

The first visible cracks in the man-made global warming evidence occurred in recent years when the Earth’s warming trend stopped and did not follow the trend predicted in the models used to prove the theory. More recently there has been growth in the Arctic ice cap, as reported by the dailymail who recently published the following information:

  • The Arctic ice has grown by approximately a million more square miles since 2012, an increase of 60% during the year. (See satellite photographs below.)
  • Some scientists believe the world is entering a cooling period for the next few decades..
  • Professor Judith Curry, a US climate expert, has stated that she believes the most significant factor affecting the global climate are temperature cycles in the oceans.  She in fact believes that the world is now entering a cooling cycle similar to that which occurred between 1965 and 1975.
  • University of Wisconsin Professor Anastasios Tsonis also believes that ocean cycles significantly affect global temperatures stating: “We are already in a cooling trend, which I think will continue for the next 15 years at least.  There is no doubt the warming of the 1980s and 1990s has stopped.

BBC - Ice Free PollAn example of the zealotry of the true believers can be found in a 2007 BBC report titled Arctic Summers Ice Free by 2013 that is still posted on their website that incredibly claimed the Arctic would be ice free by this summer.  To true believers, however, their incorrect information is but a hip-hop.  To them, we are merely in a pause on the way to Armageddon.  How convenient.

The information above does not prove that the theory of man-made Global Warming is false.  It, however, raises enough questions to indicate that the science behind the argument is not complete.

Globa Cooling

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Left Starting to Blame Syrian Crisis on Global Warming

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 9, 2013

The crisis in Syria is indeed complex.  Depending on who is pontificating, the blame lies in various circles.  Some blame Obama’s handling of the Middle East, others blame Obama so-called red line, still others blame the Israelis, etc.

The causes behind the current Syrian strife are much deeper and go far beyond the butchery of dictator Bashar al-Assad.  It involves a centuries old conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims.  This conflict will ultimately play out and unfortunately will likely require much bloodshed before being resolved.  It also involves the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and the resulting actions of the colonial powers that created new countries in the Middle East that have no logical reasons to exist as sovereign entities.

As complex as the Middle East problems are, some on the Left have come up with a simplistic and novel cause of the Syrian mess; Global Warming.  One related comment came from Bill Moyers of PBS fame who said:

“One way the changing climate has already made itself known is through a devastating drought – and ensuing food shortage – in Syria; it created a powder keg, and played a significant role in sparking the country’s civil war.  We can expect to see similar scenarios unfold in the future.”

Another example of this Leftist drivel is included in the video clip below.  If one wants to start placing blame on the current Middle East crisis on hunger, then they might instead start by blaming the Progressive governments worldwide that have manipulated interest rates to historic low levels causing currencies in developing countries to plummet.  This has resulted in significant price increases of basic staples including food in those countries.

Okay, if the current Middle East turmoil is a result of Global Warming as proffered by these wackos, was it the absence of Global Warming that caused the turmoil in the Middle East in the previous 2,000 years?  How about the century long wars that engulfed Europe from the time of Henry VIII?  You can’t make this stuff up!

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Left Slings Mud to Shut Down Political Debate

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 23, 2013

ObamaDuring his run for a first term Barack Obama promised to be president for both Red and Blue states, inferring he would represent the interests of all Americans.  This turned out to be perhaps the biggest lie of his many failed campaign promises.  Instead, Obama has proven to be the most partisan president in modern history.

As president, Obama is the leader of the Left and its Democratic Party.  The nasty rhetoric directed against any that dare to disagree has emanated from both since, which is not only hypocritical, but has divided the Country along lines that will be difficult to heal.

The Independent Journal Review has posted the 20 Most Divisive Democrat Quotes of the Obama Era listed below.  Any of these attacks individually could be excused or explained away as part of the heat of battle and politics.  Viewed as a group they indicate a calculated and planned narrative by the Left designed to demean and marginalize any who disagree with their Progressive views.  This presents a clear danger to our democracy. 

Narrative #1: Republicans don’t Want Americans to Have Access to Healthcare

1. President Barack Obama – “The one unifying principle in the Republican Party At the moment is making sure that 30 million people don’t have health care.  Why is it that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail?  Their number one priority?” – Translation – Republicans want people to not have access to healthcare.  Ludicrous on its face.

2. Rep. Alan Grayson (D – FL) – If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly.  That’s right, the Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick.” – Translation – Republicans want to kill sick people.  No further comment required.

Narrative #2: Calling Opponents Racists

3. Rep. Steve Cohen (D – TN) – “They say it’s a government takeover of health care, a big lie just like Goebbels.  You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, and eventually, people believe it.  Like blood libel.  That’s the same kind of thing.” – Translation – Republicans are somehow related to Nazis.  Shame on Mr. Cohen.

4. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – Reid on GOP opposition to ObamaCare:  “You think you’ve heard these same excuses before?  You’re right.  In this country there were those who dug in their heels and said, ‘Slow down, it’s too early.  Let’s wait.  Things aren’t bad enough.’ — about slavery.” – Translation – Republicans are obstructionists.  However, Reid recently stated on NPR that ObamaCare is a ‘train wreck’.  Given that the President himself has slowed down its implementation proves the Republicans right in the first place.

5. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – “Here we are seven months into [Obama’s] second term and nothing has changed.  It’s been obvious they (Republicans) are doing everything they can to make him fail.  And I hope, I hope, and I say this seriously, it’s based on substance and not the fact that he’s an African American.” – Translation – Again, Republicans are racists, a claim that is ludicrous on its face.  Using Reid’s lame logic Republicans were anti-white when they controlled Congress and impeached Bill Clinton.

6. Vice President Joe Biden – “(Romney) is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street.  He is going to put y’all back in chains.” – Translation – Republicans are racists, a claim that is ludicrous on its face.

7. Rep. Charlie Rangel (D – NY) – “It is the same group (Tea Party) we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police.” – Translation – The Tea Party is racist, a claim that is ludicrous on its face.

8. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D – TX) – “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.” – Translation – The then Democrat-controlled Congress freed the slaves.  Yikes, she’s off by only 150 years and seems to forget that at the time slaves were freed the Democrats represented the slaveholders of the South.

9. Former DNC Chair Howard Dean – White folks in the South who drive pickup trucks with Confederate flag decals on the back ought to be voting with us.” – Translation – This one is unintelligible, but it seems to have something to do with race.

10. Former Democrat Party Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson – The Tea Party is a new name on an old game … Dr. King fought a ‘tea party’ in Alabama.” – Translation – Tea Partiers are racists.  This is clearly become a talking point of the Left, again designed to shut down legitimate debate on policies.

11. Attorney General Eric Holder – When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia [the Black Panther voter intimidation case] – which was inappropriate, certainly that … to describe it in those terms,   I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people.” – Translation – Voter intimidation is not defined by the act, but who is in power at the Justice Department to enforce laws.

Narrative #3: Demonizing Opponents

12. President Barack Obama – It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” – Translation – Republicans are bunch of redneck hillbillies with inferior IQs.  This type of mudslinging is typically used by the Left to avoid having to have legitimate debate on policies. –

13. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D – FL) – Let us all remember who the real enemy is.  The real enemy is the Tea Party… the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage.” – Translation – People with opposing political views are the enemy in need of destruction.  Now there’s an effort in bipartisanship!

14. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – “I don’t see any swastikas or any pictures of the President in black face or burned in effigy here.  The difference between the way we express our First Amendment rights and the way I’ve seen Tea Party extremists – Republican Tea Party extremists – express their right is dramatically different.” – Translation – Republicans who happen to disagree with Leftist policies are racists and Nazis.  Once again a Democrat, this time the Democratic National Committee Chair, uses mean-spirited rhetoric in an effort to shut down legitimate debate.

15. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – “His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son.” (Reid is referring to Mitt Romney’s deceased father George Romney.) – Translation – A successful businessman who does not agree with Leftist policies is defined as an embarrassment.  More of the Democrat’s use of class warfare

16. Stephanie Cutter (Obama Spokesperson) – The entire reason that [Benghazi] has become the political topic it is, is because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  It’s a big part of their stump speech.  And it’s reckless and irresponsible.” – Translation – Do not question your government or its efficacy.  Whatever the Obama administration does is correct even if four Americans are killed in the process.

17. Rep. Maxine Waters (D – CA) – This is a tough game.  You can’t be intimidated.  You can’t be frightened.  And as far as I’m concerned — the Tea Party can go straight to hell.” – Translation – Those who disagree with Leftist politics “can go straight to hell”.

18. Rep. Charlie Rangel (D – NY) – What is happening is sabotage.  Terrorists couldn’t do a better job than the Republicans are doing.” – Translation – Republicans are terrorists because they dare to disagree with Leftist political positions.

19. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) – What they want is a continuation of the failed economic policies of President George Bush which got us in the situation we are in now.  What we want is a new direction. … This [Tea Party] initiative is funded by the high end — we call call it astroturf, it’s not really a grassroots movement.  It’s astroturf by some of the wealthiest people in America to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich instead of for the great middle class.” – Translation – Only rich people are concerned with inefficient government and increasing taxes.  Hmmmmmm.

20. President Barack Obama – No, no, no, Don’t boo.  Vote.  Voting is the best revenge.”  (Fall, 2012)  – Translation – Those that disagree with the president’s policies are enemies that need to be crushed.

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Charles Krauthammer Accuses Obama of Being a Flat Earther and Religious Zealot

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 10, 2013

Political forces on the Right for years created a near religious zealotry based on anti-communism that often got American entangled in conflicts not required for national security.  They also rewarded constituents in the military-industrial complex with much business from the government.  However, remember that it was a Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower, who warned America of the dangers of this incestuous relationship.

The military-industrial complex continues to receive a share of government “treats”.  However, its share has been shrinking for decades.  At the same time, a new combination made up of trial lawyers, the social worker industry and others has created a similar incestuous relationship with Leftist politicians. This group has been gaining and increasing share of government handouts and has profited nicely.

Nationally syndicated columnists Charles Krauthammer wrote a thought-provoking op-ed  titled Obama’s Global Warming Folly.  He correctly calls President Obama on nonsensical policies relating to global warming that are not based on science and will not reduce greenhouse gases.  These policies, however, nicely reward Obama’s constituents including green industry giants such as General Electric.  Krauthammer concludes:

“The economy stagnates. Syria burns.  Scandals lap at his feet.  China and Russia mock him, even as a “29-year-old hacker” revealed his nation’s spy secrets to the world.  How does President Obama respond?  With a grandiloquent speech on climate change.”

“Climate change?  It lies at the very bottom of a list of Americans’ concerns (last of 21 – Pew poll).  Which means that Obama’s declaration of unilateral American war on global warming, whatever the cost – and it will be heavy – is either highly visionary or hopelessly solipsistic. You decide:”

“It’s flat-earthers like Obama who refuse to acknowledge the problematic nature of contradictory data.  It’s flat-earthers like Obama who cite a recent Alaskan heat wave – a freak event in one place at one time – as presumptive evidence of planetary climate change.  It’s flat-earthers like Obama who cite perennial phenomena such as droughts as cosmic retribution for environmental sinfulness.”

“For the sake of argument, nonetheless, let’s concede that global warming is precisely what Obama thinks it is.  Then answer this: What in God’s name is his massive new regulatory and spending program – which begins with a war on coal and ends with billions in more subsidies for new Solyndras – going to do about it?”

“The U.S. has already radically cut CO2 emissions – more than any country on earth since 2006, according to the International Energy Agency.  Emissions today are back down to 1992 levels.  And yet, at the same time, global emissions have gone up.  That’s because – surprise! – we don’t control the energy use of the other 96 percent of humankind.”

“As we speak, China and India together are opening one new coal plant every week.”

“Obama imagines he’s going to cajole China into a greenhouse-gas-emissions reduction that will slow its economy, increase energy costs, derail industrialization, and risk enormous social unrest.  This from a president who couldn’t even get China to turn over one Edward Snowden to U.S. custody.”

“For a president to propose this with such aggressive certainty is incomprehensible.  It is the starkest of examples of belief that is impervious to evidence.  And the word for that is faith, not science.”  — Read entire article …

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