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Posts Tagged ‘Inconvenient Truth’

Al Gore Changes Climate Goalposts

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 25, 2017

Former Vice President Al Gore is one poster child of what’s wrong with Washington.  After being a career politician, Gore became very wealthy, including a stint with investment bankers Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers.  He is reportedly worth in excess of $100 million and owns mansions, as well as flies in private jets.  Not a bad gig for a public servant.

Gore has not been shy about tooting his own horn.  During a 1999 interview, Gore took credit for the development of the Internet stating: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

Gore is most known for his positions on man-made global warming and climate change.  In 2006 he released the famous documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.  It included bold predictions of imminent worldwide calamities due to climate change, stating that, “the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years” without worldwide “drastic measures” significantly diminish man-made global warming.  Given we are 11 years post Gore’s prediction, it is reasonable to ask where he went wrong.  Certainly the world has not taken drastic measures.  At best, there have been baby steps.  Therefore, either we have not yet reached the point of no return, meaning Gore was wrong, or we have passed the point of no return and further corrective actions will be ineffective.

Gore, like most Progressives who promise to save the world from imminent catastrophes, is unrepentant by his failed prediction.  He is releasing a sequel titled “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

During a promotion for the sequel, Gore was asked in an interview: “Looking back on that prediction, why did you make the prediction at the time and are you making a new one right now given the current circumstances?”  While his answer was evasive, video below, it was also telling when he said: “Well, first of all, we’ve seen a lot of progress since the first movie came out.  We have the Paris agreement now.  The cost of renewable energy has come down so quickly that people are switching over.  Unfortunately, some elements of the Earth system have crossed a point of no return.”  First he claims some nebulous progress and then moves the goalpost by of creating multiple points of no return.

Irrespective of where one stands on the theory man-made global warming, it is evident that what Gore promotes is not science, but a neo-religious movement.  The fact that he is become wealthy off of these efforts and is a huge user of carbon-based energy, indicates a charlatan.


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Al Gore Apologist Chimes In

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 7, 2010

This Blog appreciates reader input.  Some of these interchanges are worthy of being up fronted, like one received today.

A reader took offence to a May 13, 2010 Posting titled: “Global Warming has Benn Good to Al Gore”  That Posting referred to a new $9 million second home that Al Gore bought and tied that purchase to the income he has derived from preaching about Manmade Global Warming.

It’s amazing how defensive Progressives get when we mention the profit their mentors are making.

Sunny Guy said:

Right.  Al Gore is the only politician that made big bucks over the last 10 years.  Yeah right.  What are Bush and Cheney worth these days, for instance?  And where is your evidence that Al Gore is profiting from the climate crisis?  If none, then it’s just a cheap shot of innuendo on your part.

Sunny Guy

Hi Sunny Guy.  Lighten up on the defensiveness relating to Al Gore.

This Blog has nothing against people making money.  That’s what capitalism is all about, even if it’s made by selling snake-oil like Gore.  But, he didn’t invent that gig anymore than he invented the Internet.

And yes, Gore isn’t the only politician that made money after doing the people’s work.  That’s unfortunately typical for many in Washington on both sides of the isle.  It seems, however, that when someone on the Right makes financial killing, he or she is look at it with some jaundice.  But when a Leftie makes a killing, that is merely good fortune.  Sorry, but I do not drink from that Kool-Aid!

So, what you are saying is that since Bush and Cheney profited after leaving office, all others including Gore are exonerated from scrutiny?  Boy, you haven’t set your bar very high.

Now as for Gore, he at the very least has been in a conflict position.  He has made over $100 million since leaving office, mostly on that Global-warming gig.  That must affect what he is willing to preach.  Global Warming has sure been a Convenient Truth for Al!  Now as for those two huge homes he owns, or the private jest he flies in, their carbon footprint just doesn’t matter to Al.  How convenient!

As for cheap innuendo, Al’s getting plenty of that lately, the result of his habit of calling in female masseuses late at night.  I know, just another right-wing conspiracy.


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Where are the Global Warming Scammers Hiding?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 18, 2010

For much of the past decade Progressives have been warning us about the looming catastrophe coming from manmade climate change; Global Warming.  According to the Progressives, the catastrophe would be so huge that the world should risk their economies, even if that meant trillions of dollars and would impact food production.

Since the New Year, the Progressives have seemed to lose their appetite for the Global Warming gig.  We must take this as an admission that the scare was overblown.  Clearly the facts have impeded their sales pitch.  First, the inconvenient truth got out that the world had not been warming during the first decade of this century.  Then, we had Climate-Gate with leading scientists fudging data to make the warming look more significant than it really was.  Next, we learned that the United Nations report claiming the Himalayan glaciers would completely melt by 2035 was false.  To cap all this nonsense off there was that mega carbon-burning conference in Copenhagen, Denmark last December that ended with no accomplishments; i.e. the Progressives in each country arguing on next steps.  Where is Al Gore hiding?

The Global Warming scare was not created because of science.  Progressives used it to: 1) obtain more power for governments, 2) scare the world to help implement their plan for redistributing wealth, worldwide; and 3) plan old fashion greed.  Large corporations and individuals stood to make a lot of money selling “green” gear and trading carbon credits.

Events of recent months served to remind us that man is not as in control of the earth as Progressives preach in their religion of climate change.  We had major earthquakes in Haiti and China, for which the world was ill-prepared.  The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland popped its top sending derby into the atmosphere.  While the initial effect was the disruption of air traffic in Europe, should it send enough dust into the atmosphere this could lead to extensive global cooling.  That would probably be just fine with the Progressives who would then start a new scam.

The Global Warming scam came from the same folks that gave us the Y2K scam, as well as other.  The motives behind these “catastrophe scams” are no more noble than those of the bankers that gave us the economic meltdown of 2008.  There is a difference:  our government is prosecuting Goldman Sachs (and soon others) for the financial scams, but not the scammers that gave us Global Warming.

There is a connection between the financial and Global Warming scammers that brings a bit of irony to this story.  Goldman Sachs and financial giant General Electric were big backers of the Global Warming scam, as they stood to make billions trading carbon credits and selling green gear.  The Progressives would have you believe that when these corporations are on the Global Warming gig they are acting in our best interest.  You have got to love their gall!

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