“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

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House Finds Rangel Guilty of Ethics Violations

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 22, 2010

This Blog’s first posting on the crooked actions of Congressman Charles B. Rangel, Democrat of New York, was titled Charlie Rangel: Just Another Tax Cheat and was posted September 4, 2009.  Today, The New York Times reported that a House panel found Rangel in violation of various ethics rules.  While the specific findings are not yet published, the Times reported that a House official stated that the violations include the more serious ones examined.

It took the House committee two years to finally conclude that Rangel received improper discounts on Harlem apartments, failed to pay taxes on a Dominican Republic property, and that he supplied legislative favors to a firm who offered $1 million for his an academic center.  More government efficiently!

OK Ms. Pelosi, will you now call for Rangel’s resignation and finally start to “empty the swamp” as you promised when you became House Majority Leader?  How about you President Obama?  Will you call the crooks in Congress on their actions?  We are waiting for leadership.


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Al Gore Apologist Chimes In

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 7, 2010

This Blog appreciates reader input.  Some of these interchanges are worthy of being up fronted, like one received today.

A reader took offence to a May 13, 2010 Posting titled: “Global Warming has Benn Good to Al Gore”  That Posting referred to a new $9 million second home that Al Gore bought and tied that purchase to the income he has derived from preaching about Manmade Global Warming.

It’s amazing how defensive Progressives get when we mention the profit their mentors are making.

Sunny Guy said:

Right.  Al Gore is the only politician that made big bucks over the last 10 years.  Yeah right.  What are Bush and Cheney worth these days, for instance?  And where is your evidence that Al Gore is profiting from the climate crisis?  If none, then it’s just a cheap shot of innuendo on your part.

Sunny Guy

Hi Sunny Guy.  Lighten up on the defensiveness relating to Al Gore.

This Blog has nothing against people making money.  That’s what capitalism is all about, even if it’s made by selling snake-oil like Gore.  But, he didn’t invent that gig anymore than he invented the Internet.

And yes, Gore isn’t the only politician that made money after doing the people’s work.  That’s unfortunately typical for many in Washington on both sides of the isle.  It seems, however, that when someone on the Right makes financial killing, he or she is look at it with some jaundice.  But when a Leftie makes a killing, that is merely good fortune.  Sorry, but I do not drink from that Kool-Aid!

So, what you are saying is that since Bush and Cheney profited after leaving office, all others including Gore are exonerated from scrutiny?  Boy, you haven’t set your bar very high.

Now as for Gore, he at the very least has been in a conflict position.  He has made over $100 million since leaving office, mostly on that Global-warming gig.  That must affect what he is willing to preach.  Global Warming has sure been a Convenient Truth for Al!  Now as for those two huge homes he owns, or the private jest he flies in, their carbon footprint just doesn’t matter to Al.  How convenient!

As for cheap innuendo, Al’s getting plenty of that lately, the result of his habit of calling in female masseuses late at night.  I know, just another right-wing conspiracy.


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