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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Political Doubletalk

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 11, 2017

Washington DC is a remarkable place with mystical powers to turn people who once seemed sane into blabbering fools.  These powers have no political boundaries, affecting politicians on the Left and the Right; Democrats and Republicans.

This week, Congresswoman Maxine Waters became the poster child for the Washington derangement-related illness.  During an interview with MSNBC’s Peter Alexander, Ms. Waters went bizarre, even by Washington standards.  The exchange started with a video clip from late last year showing Waters declaring that former FBI director James Comey had “no credibility”.  After showing this video, Alexander asked Waters if he could assume that she supported President Trump’s decision to fire Comey.  To that, Waters responded in the negative.  It is hard to understand why the Congresswoman would not support the firing of one of the most important federal law enforcement officials who she previously indicated had “no credibility”.

After further exchange included in the video below, Waters went full circle into the bizarre when Alexander asked: “So if Hillary Clinton had won the White House would you have recommended that she fire FBI Director James Comey?”  To that Waters incredibly responds: “Well let me tell you something.  If she had won the White House, I believe that given what he did to her, and what he tried to do, she should have fired him, yes!”

While Congresswoman Waters twisted logic has a humorous side, its underlying logic is dangerous, inflicting many politicians.  To these politicians the law is not blind, but instead a tool to be used to promote a political agenda against political opponents.


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245 Dead in Brazilian Nightclub Fire: What Will Progressives Ban in Reaction?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 27, 2013

The Wall Street Journal reported that 245 people were killed yesterday in a Brazilian nightclub fire that also injured 48 in Santa Maria, Brazil.  The Kiss nightclub fire occurred at 2 AM local time, with about 1,000 patrons at the facility.  Initial reports indicate that faulty sound and lighting equipment started the blaze.

This sad tragedy affects many Brazilian families.  Sadly, it is not the first occurrence of similar nightclub tragedies.  In February 2003 a fire at a Rhode Island, USA nightclub resulted in the deaths of 100 young innocents.  Between these two tragedies alone approximately 350 have been killed.  Given the carnage will Progressives respond with similar actions as they did to the Sandy Hook, Connecticut school tragedy?  Will they use it to take even more freedoms from the People?  Just imagine, using similar logic for the nightclub deaths some may call for a ban of rock music, alcohol, and/or sound and lighting equipment.  Sound ludicrous?  Once a country travels down the slippery slope of government impinging on individual rights the end is difficult to foresee.

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Chevy Volt Becomes Another Green Energy Boondoggle

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 2, 2011

General Motors’ Chevy Volt has proven to be a product blunder and yet another example of the results that come from crony capitalism.  The Volt cannot be justified for consumers based on any cost benefit analysis, as outline in this Blog’s December 8, 2010 posting, Chevy Volt: Car or Boondoggle of the Year.  For example, the Volt can only go about 35 miles on battery power before requiring a small gasoline generator to keep the car running.  Even with a $7,500 federal tax subsidy for each vehicle sold, the demand for the Volt has been puny with only about 6,000 in total units sold to date since product introduction December 2010.  As it turns out, this marketing flop may turnout saving General Motors during a growing cleaning now required.

This week the news got worse for General Motors and the Volt when it was announced that the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has opened an investigation into fires that have started in the cars’ lithium-ion batteries.  This is the result of some Volts catching on fire including one that happened a few weeks to a car after be crash tested by the NHTSA.  It seems that some trauma to the Volt’s batteries may make them prone to spontaneous fires.

General Motors in now in scramble mode, offering to buy Volts back from owners fearful that the cars will catch fire.  Also, the Company has set up the Volt’s OnStar safety to notify GM of Volt crashes so that it can dispatch teams within two days to drain the battery and prevent additional fires.

The other all electric car is the Nissan Leaf that has not had fire issues after crash tests or real-world crashes.  However, a major technical difference is that the Leaf’s battery is air-cooled and the Volt’s water cooled.  There is some speculation that this difference may be related to the problem.

The Chevy Volt was a car that was not ready for prime time and the market did not want.  It would not exist today if not for the illegal interventions of the U.S. government.  These interventions included setting up fuel efficiency standards that favor certain builders over others, union protectionist measures that do not allow some cars to be counted in a company’s fleet fuel economy number, the bailout of GM, and a $7,500 tax rebate to incentivize people to buy Volts.  The Volt costly mistake is now added to the Solyndra debacle.  The government’s reckless and precipitous pursuit to go “green” will cost society much more than any ultimate benefit it might receive.

Progressives often show an infantile response to wants and needs.  When a young boy sees the cookie jar on top of the stove, he rarely considers the consequence of getting burnt when reaching for that jar.  Similarly, when Presidente Obama visited the Solyndra factory or drove an early Volt off of the assembly line, he only saw his want and could not conceive of the inevitable negative consequences.  However, unlike the boy who burned himself in the reckless behavior and learned to avoid the stove in the future, Progressives in government burn the People and therefore are all too willing to keep up with the dangerous behavior.  They also use causes like “green energy” as vehicles to funnel taxpayers money to political associates.

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