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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Political Doubletalk

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 11, 2017

Washington DC is a remarkable place with mystical powers to turn people who once seemed sane into blabbering fools.  These powers have no political boundaries, affecting politicians on the Left and the Right; Democrats and Republicans.

This week, Congresswoman Maxine Waters became the poster child for the Washington derangement-related illness.  During an interview with MSNBC’s Peter Alexander, Ms. Waters went bizarre, even by Washington standards.  The exchange started with a video clip from late last year showing Waters declaring that former FBI director James Comey had “no credibility”.  After showing this video, Alexander asked Waters if he could assume that she supported President Trump’s decision to fire Comey.  To that, Waters responded in the negative.  It is hard to understand why the Congresswoman would not support the firing of one of the most important federal law enforcement officials who she previously indicated had “no credibility”.

After further exchange included in the video below, Waters went full circle into the bizarre when Alexander asked: “So if Hillary Clinton had won the White House would you have recommended that she fire FBI Director James Comey?”  To that Waters incredibly responds: “Well let me tell you something.  If she had won the White House, I believe that given what he did to her, and what he tried to do, she should have fired him, yes!”

While Congresswoman Waters twisted logic has a humorous side, its underlying logic is dangerous, inflicting many politicians.  To these politicians the law is not blind, but instead a tool to be used to promote a political agenda against political opponents.


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Democrat Party’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 1, 2016

It has been a few wild days in the race for the White House.  On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the Bureau is reopening its criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and potential mishandling of classified documents.  If found guilty of a felony Clinton would be subject to potential jail time.  Quite a shadow hanging over a potential president-elect!

It is remarkable that James Comey, who just a week ago was considered a hero and patriot by the Left after recommending against Clinton’s prosecution in July, is now demonized by these same people.  Either they were wrong about Comey in July or they are wrong now.  In fact the issue is not Comey’s credibility or patriotism, but his findings that go against the political leanings of the Left.  This is incredulous for a group that often claims the need for bipartisanship, blaming Republicans for the polarization in Washington.  How quickly the worm has turned.

Some on the Left are beginning to take their compatriots and Clinton to task for the email mess, Hillary’s own creation.  Earlier this week Doug Schoen, long-time supporter of the Clintons, pulled his support for Hillary due to concern for a Constitutional crisis that would likely occur should she be elected president.  Just as amazing, MSNBC’s liberal cohost, Mika Brzezinski, took off after Hillary Clinton and those on the Left that have attacked James Comey, as shared in the video below.

Both political parties are to blame for the state of American national political mess.  Republicans rejected their Party’s conventional wisdom and nominated Donald Trump merely because he was an outsider and irrespective of qualifications or policies.  Taking a different route, the Democrat establishment chose to coronate Hillary Clinton even though she was deemed dishonest by many and under FBI investigation for potential criminal acts.  Those who cry foul on both sides of the aisle need to take a long look in the mirror to locate the source of the Country’s problem.

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FBI Director Mueller Admits to FBI Incompetence Relating to Boston Bombings

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 16, 2013

Last week FBI Director Robert Mueller was questioned by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.  In a tense exchange included in the video below Mueller admitted to what was FBI incompetence relating to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Mueller testified the FBI did not know that the mosque where one of the bombing suspects attended was started by radical Islamists.  Gohmert asked Mueller if the FBI was aware that the Islamic Society of Boston was started by a convicted terrorist supporter Abdurahman Alamoudi:

Gohmert – “The FBI never canvassed Boston mosques until four days after the April 15 attacks.  If the Russians tell you that someone has been radicalized and you go check and see the mosque that they went to, then you get the articles of incorporation as I have for the group that created the Boston mosque where these Tsarnaevs attended and you find out the name Alamoudi.”

Gohmert – “Were you aware that those mosques were started by Alamoudi?

Mueller – “I’ve answered the question

Gohmert – “You didn’t answer the question, were you aware they were started by Alamoudi?

Mueller – “No.”

Gohmert – “You were not, thank you”.

In 2004 Abdurahman Alamoudi pleaded guilty for playing a part in a plan to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.  He is now serving a lengthy jail term for that crime.

It is troubling that with multiple agencies who employ tens of thousands involved with issues relating to homeland security that the FBI didn’t know the mosque attended by at least one of the Boston bombing suspects was radicalized.  This brings into question the efficacy of the government’s current intrusive programs that include snooping the phone records on tens of millions of Americans and servers of the major Internet providers.  It is likely that political correctness has become so ingrained in our security agencies that time proven basic detective processes are no longer allowable.  The result is less individual freedoms and less than optimal security.

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Sen. Menendez Investigated for Sleeping with Underage Girls: Story Buried by ABC

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 26, 2013

The dailycaller.com published an article about more sleaze in Washington, DC.  This time it is US Democratic Senator from New Jersey, Bob Menendez that got caught.  It seems the good Senator has a penchant for Dominican Republic prostitutes, with some alleged to have been only 16 years old, under the age of consent in the DR.

menedezThe Menendez matter came to light in early April 2012 when Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) was given information concerning the allegations.  According to reports, the FBI opened an inquiry in early August 2012 into the matter.  It is reported that the Senator made multiple sorties to the Republic with big time Democratic donor, Miami eye-doctor Salomon Melgen, and participated in booze and sex parties.

In addition to the allegations of the underage liaisons with underage girls, prohibited under the 2003 Protect Act, Menendez has other potential legal/ethics problems.  It is reported that he was provided with gratis transportation and lodging for some of the party trips that were not reported, as required by Senate rules.  Finally, while prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic, Senatorial ethics rules prohibit members from engaging in acts that are illegal in the United States.  Well duh!!!!!

ABC News investigative producer Rhonda Schwartz got wind of the matter in early May, 2012, seven months before Menendez’s upcoming Senatorial election.  However, ABC decided not to publish the story.  Let’s see, a salacious story about a US Senator is not newsworthy?  Coincidence that this Senator involved is a liberal?  This is but proof that the mainstream media is no longer independent.  That is almost as scary as our current President trampling all over the Constitution.

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Federal Government Purchasing Large Quantities of Ammunition

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 11, 2013

Within the next few days the committee headed by VP Joe Biden will come out with recommendations in response to the massacre at the Connecticut school last month.  The VP has made no secret that the committee will recommend gun-control measures.

President Obama’s tactic of blaming the instruments of violence rather than the perpetrators is troubling on many fronts, as discussed on this Blog previously.  The likely outcome will at least include restrictions on so-called “assault rifles”.  Even if the government were to remove all of these weapons from society, at best it would put only a small dent in America’ s violent crimes.

two_bulletsAlso troubling are reports that while the Obama Administration is focused on gun-control, the federal government is buying up huge amounts of ammunition.  As reported by americanfreepress.net, not only is the government stocking up on ammunition, but it is purchasing the most lethal types.  According to the report the US government has stocked over billion rounds of highly lethal ammunition during the past three years including:

Department of Homeland Security – In 2009, this group purchased 200 million rounds including hollow-point bullets and double ought shotgun shells.  450 million rounds were added in 2012, with yet another solicitation for hundreds of million more still open

Social Security Administration – This government agency purchased nearly 175,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point bullets.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – This group purchased over 45,000 rounds of .40 caliber hollow-point bullets.

Federal Bureau of Investigation – The FBI awarded contracts for 400 million rounds in 2011.

Department of Agriculture – The D of A has issued bids for over 320,000 rounds of ammunition.

The above purchases are troubling on various fronts.  Why does the government need to purchase so much ammunition?  Why is the government purchasing the most lethal types of ammunition that are outlawed by the Geneva Convention for use in wars?  There seems to be only two plausible answers.  Either the bureaucrats are becoming paranoid and are wasting the people’s money, or there is a more nefarious explanation.

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Colorado Lesbian Couple Fakes Hate Crime

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 20, 2012

Breitbart.com posted a report of a Colorado lesbian couple, Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin, faking Hate Crime claims.  According to the couple’s complaint to the police, “Kill the Gay” was painted on they are garage and they also found a hangman’s noose on their front door.  The couple accused the local homeowner’s association of the offenses.

Because the acts targeted gay people, it is considered a hate crime and the FBI was called it.  The FBI’s and local police investigation indicated that Whitchurch and Conklin staged the incidents and as a result, the couple were charged with criminal mischief and submitting a false report.

In response to this Breitbart posting, the following comment was offered:

Let me get this straight… if some scrawls “Kill the Gay” and turns out to be a straight person then it is a hate crime.  If a gay person scrawls “Kill the Gay” to incite a certain type of behavior, then it is a local matter and not a hate crime?  No, they deserve to be charged with the same crime that they were looking to pin on someone else– justice for all.

The logic of the above response is flawless and points to the lunacy Progressive crime designation.  On the other hand, with  Progressive logic, one’s political views define the seriousness of a crime instead of the actual damage inflicted.  That helps explain why Progressives show such disdain for clearly defined axioms as included in the 10 Commandments and US Constitution.

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New York Times Clouds Terrorist Bomb Plot with Political Correctness

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2011

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man was charged last week with plotting to use remote-controlled aircraft to bomb the Pentagon and US capital.  The suspect is an American citizen, Muslim Rezwan Ferdaus, whose goal was Jihad against the United States.

According to the FBI, Ferdaus had connections with Al Qaeda.  He earned a degree in physics from Northeastern University in Boston.  According to FBI reports, Ferdaus had been plotting against United States since 2010.  This is but the latest example of the growing danger from homegrown Muslim extremists within United States.

The issue of the dangers from homegrown terrorists in America is often ignored by the mainstream media as political incorrect.  The media often refuses to acknowledge that there is even a problem within the worldwide Muslim community with Jihad.  For example, in the case of Rezwan Ferdaus’s plans to attack the United States, the New York Times article titled Man Is Held in a Plan to Bomb Washington did not once mention the words Muslim or Islam.  This is a curious omission given Ferdaus’s comments to the FBI that indicated his desire to attack the United States was so strong that “I just can’t stop; there is no other choice for me.”

The great Chinese General Tzu once said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  If General Tzu was alive today, he most certainly would not read the New York Times.

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Obama Proposes More Government Stimulus Spending

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 8, 2011

President Obama made his economic presentation tonight to a joint session of Congress.  As a campaign speech it was one of Obama’s better oratories in recent months.  However, in substance it included similar proposals to those that already failed at improving the economy.

The centerpiece of the President’s proposals the “American Jobs Act“.  This proposal, which includes additional infrastructure spending, hiring of teachers, and tax breaks for various individuals and businesses, is estimated to have a price tag of about $400 billion.

The President indicated that the American Jobs Act would be paid for via some undefined budget cuts he will ask Congress to make other areas.  The implication is that the program will have a zero net cost to the Country.  This is unrealistic for any program that comes out of Washington.  In addition, if the President believes that government spending is stimulative for the economy, then cutting an equal amount from other programs will have a net zero impact.  Finally, the Stimulus Package that the President rammed through Congress early in his Administration was nearly twice the size of this new proposal and accomplished little economic growth.  It is unlikely that this much smaller program will do any better.

Another theme in President Obama’s speech was the need for Congress to act immediately, repeating that call at least a dozen times.  This call for action based on crisis has been used often by the President often during his first three years of office.  While the economic challenges the Country faces are significant, that is no excuse for lack of diligence or bad policy.

The presses’ and pundits’ attentions were naturally today on the upcoming Presidential speech.  This focus masked another relevant story that broke today of a failed and potentially corruptive government policy.  On August 31, this Blog posted a story about the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a green energy company from California championed by President Obama.. They have since lost over $500 million of US taxpayer funds.  Here are additional facts that came out today:

  • FBI agents today raided Solyndra’s offices looking for documents.  According to NBC Bay Area News, the investigation was initiated by a report from the Department of Energy’s inspector general.
  • The Daily Caller reported that executives from Solyndra had a close relationship with the Obama Administration, making at least 20 trips to the White House between March 2009 in April 2011.  Also, George Kaiser, a major Solyndra investor and donor of $53,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign, made additional visits to the White House during this period.

The Solyndra story is too often repeated when the government gets involved with picking winners and losers in the economy.  Politicians who have no understanding of the real business world, or for that matter technology, back pet projects and those that benefit their supporters.  The results are often failed policies and corruption.

As for the President’s promises relating to the American Jobs Act, it is useful to also consider promises that he has made for previous governmental interventions.  His record is not promising.  In addition, given the significance and timing of the Solyndra debacle, it is instructive to once again view the speech the President gave at Solyndra just last year (posted below).

Yes, government action is called for relating to the weak economy.  However, the failed policies of the past will fare no better if repeated going forward.

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Pakistani Accused of Improper U.S. Political Contributions

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 19, 2011

U.S. and Pakistani relations are deteriorating by the day.  Today, NBC reported that the FBI has arrested Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, accusing him of being an agent of Pakistan intelligence service, the ISI.  While not be accused of spying, Fai is charged with acting as an unregistered lobbyist of Pakistan government.  His group, the Kashmiri American Council, has made political contribution to congressional candidates and others.  In making the arrest, the FBI stated that: “The government of Pakistan has long directed and funding his lobbying and public relations efforts in the United States,” referring to an over twenty year period of time.

Given the amount of time that the ISI has been sponsoring political contributions in the United States, the timing of the arrest is telling.  It is evident that the Obama Administration is making a statement to the Pakistanis, upping the ante in the growing disputes between with the U.S. that came out of the closet after the Navy Seals assassinated Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in early May.

The Pakistanis have been playing shady game with for years when it comes to terrorism.  On the outside Pakistan proclaims it support for America’s war on terror while at the same time some in their goventment support the terrorists.  Still, the Obama Administration’s decision to go public with its battle with Pakistan is a risky bet with American troops still trying to fight a war in Afghanistan.  It once again raises the question as to what President Obama’s strategic goal is when it comes to Pakistan and for that matter Afghanistan.

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Senate Report Rebukes Law Enforcement for Ignoring Warning Signs with Fort Hood Killer

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 10, 2011

A bipartisan Senate report released earlier this month concluded that both the Department of Defense (DOD) and FBI had enough information about Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan prior to the Fort Hood massacre to have acted before he was able to kill 13 soldiers and wound over 30 others.  The report, authored by Senators Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins, concluded that the DOD and FBI knew of Hasan’s Islamist radicalization “but failed both to understand and to act on it” and further stated that:

  • Although both the public and the private signs of Hasan’s radicalization to violent Islamist extremism while on active duty were known to government officials, a string of failures prevented these officials from intervening against him prior to the attack.”
  • Hasan’s move into Islamist extremism “was on full display to his superiors and colleagues during his military medical training.”
  • The report also found that a DOD instructor called Hasan “a ticking time bomb.”
  • Not only was no action taken to discipline or discharge him, but also his Officer Evaluation Reports sanitized his obsession with violent Islamist extremism into praiseworthy research on counterterrorism.”
  • DOD possessed compelling evidence that Hasan embraced views so extreme that it should have disciplined him or discharged him from the military, but DoD failed to take action against him.”

The FBI responded to the Senate’s rebuke by saying:  “The FBI recognizes the value of congressional oversight and agrees with much in the report and many of its recommendations.  During the internal FBI review undertaken immediately after the attack at Fort Hood, we identified several of the areas of concern outlined in the report, and, as noted in the report, have implemented changes to our systems and processes to address them.  We will review each of the report’s recommendations and adopt them, as appropriate.”  Such words/excuses are of little consolation to those that lost love ones in the massacre.

It is clear that the Fort Hood killings were avoidable.  The dead were not only victims of radical Islam, also of political correctness and government incompetence.  The errors and resulting deaths demand that those responsible up to the Attorney General be fired.  They also demand that political correctness be understood as a clear and present danger to democracy.

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