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Liberal Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Slams Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 29, 2016

Since the election of Donald Trump, liberal pundits have come up with all sorts of excuses for the outcome. At best they look to voter apathy on the Left. More troubling excuses include racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., the “deplorables” according to Hillary Clinton. These head-in-the-sand excuses ignore the weakness of candidate Hillary Clinton and the difficult economic state many Americans find themselves in, which as not improved under Obama’s Presidency.

The excuse-making machine on the Left has ignored the fact that many liberals are displeased with the Obama Presidency. Many expressed this dissatisfaction by supporting Socialist Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary. Others have come out more recently with President Obama throwing Israel under the bus.

Last week the United Nations held a vote that basically blames Israel for the stalled Middle East peace process. While hidden behind the narrative that the vote was about Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the vote was a much more general combination of Israel. Such anti-Israeli votes in the Security Council have become commonplace in recent decades. However, votes the United States has historically used its veto power to block them. Incredibly, this lame-duck president in his last three weeks of office went against American policy back by both Republicans and Democrats and abstained, allowing the condemning of Israel to pass.

The outcry against Obama’s decision has been crosses political parties with many prominent Democrats coming out quite vocally in opposition. One example is Alan Dershowitz, a retired Harvard Law school professor who has been a lifetime Democrat and supporter of Barack Obama. His comments, included in the videos below, include:

He defined the president’s handling of the resolution as a “bait and switch”:

He pulled a bait and switch. He said to the American public ‘Oh this is all about the settlements deep in the West Bank’ and yet he allowed his representative to the U.N. to abstain, which is really for, a resolution that says Jews can’t pray at the Western Wall. Jews can’t live in the Jewish quarter where they’ve lived for thousands of years. And he’s gonna say ‘Whoops. I didn’t mean that.’ Well, read the resolution. You’re a lawyer. You went to Harvard Law School.”

Dershowitz went on to call Obama one of the worst presidents ever on foreign policy. Strong words from a liberal Democrat!

While this Blogger agrees with Dershowitz’s comments, the good Professor and others from intellectual Left bear responsibility for Obama’s policies and duplicity. It was known before Obama’s first election that he held questionable/radical political views and had contacts with some shady characters including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres of Weather Underground fame and others. Many on the Left made excuses for these associations, giving Obama a pass. Now, as Rev. Wright once so infamously said: “the chickens have come home to roost”.



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US Government Admits Errors in Koran Burning

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 4, 2012

The New York Times reported that a US government’s investigation determined that errors were made by military and civilian employees that led to the Koran burning in Afghanistan.  These burnings then led to rioting and the death of six US soldiers recent days.

The destroyed Korans were owned by prisoners held at a US detention center in Parwan, Afghanistan.  Afghan civilian interpreters found notes written on the Korans that American officials feared were coded signals to the Taliban.  Approximately, 1,600 books of all types including a few Korans were segregated and subsequently sent to an incinerator for destruction.  An Afghan employee who saw the at stack included Korans stopped the destruction, however, four were badly damaged.

The Times reported that Afghan religious leaders demanded public identification and punishment of those involved with the Koran burning as the only acceptable remedy for the errors.  An Afghan religious leader said: “There are some crimes that cannot be forgiven, but that need to be punished.  This is not any book; this is the book of the whole Muslim nation, and if a few people are punished, America will not be destroyed.  But if that doesn’t happen, it will create animosity and enmity between America and the Muslim world.”

The unforgiving words of Afghan’s religious leader is too often the reaction within the Muslim community when it believes it has been wronged.  This call for revenge is a key cause of the violence and terrorism associated with some Muslim organizations.  It is also in conflict with any basic rule of governmental law.

The hard-line position expressed by the Afghan religious leader is also in conflict with the way the Muslim community often reacts to violence perpetrated by its community against non-Muslims.  For example, NBC has just reported that the graves in Libya of British soldiers killed in World War II have been desecrated, as well as Italian soldiers’ graves.  For this willful act of vandalism by Muslim extremists, the Libyan government offered an apology.  The West will appropriately except this apology as the Libyan people should not be held accountable for the acts of some renegades, even if those acts were willful.  Contrast this with how the Afghan religious leader responded to an error made by some American soldiers.  These opposing reactions show the disconnect between Western and Islam cultures.  This disconnect is too often ignored by Progressives like President Obama.

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