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Hillary Clinton on Democrats and Socialists

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 11, 2016

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, is an unapologetic Democrat.  However, that even Matthews is concerned with the Party’s shift the radical Left.

During an interview would likely Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, Matthew stated “I want to try to help you tonight …. Locate yourself politically.”  Then Matthews went on to ask “What’s the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?” in an obvious attempt to allow separation between herself and Socialists in the Party.  Clinton did not have an explanation and instead said: “Well, I can tell you what I am.  I am a progressive Democrat.

Matthews was clearly troubled by Clinton’s lame response then asked Clinton the obvious follow-up question: “How’s that different than a socialist?

Unlike Clinton this Blogger can answer the question.  There is no discernible difference between the modern Democratic Party and Socialism.  In fact, if the historic heroes of the Democratic Party including Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Humphrey were alive today, they would be unwelcome in the Party they helped create.


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Former NAACP President Castigates Democrats on Poverty Issues

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 4, 2015

Kweisi MfumeMSNBC commentator Chris Hayes interviewed former Maryland Congressman and past NAACP president Kweisi Mfume concerning recent events in Baltimore, Maryland.  As an unapologetic Leftist, Hayes proffered questions to Mfume in an veiled attempt to obtain the canned Progressive responses.  However, Mfume response also strongly condemned the Democrat Party for its past related inactions:

“I see where Harry Reid today, said he was directing his staff to come back with some ideas about what to do with this issue.  I’m trying to figure out where was that kind of thinking back, 7 years ago, when my party, the Democratic Party, controlled the White House, controlled the Senate, controlled the House of Representatives, and you could have gotten anything through because you controlled the vote. So Harry Reid?  Please, give me a break.”

While this Blog may differ as to problem resolution, we agree with Mfume as to a major source of the problem, poverty.  At the same time, it needs to be asked why with trillions spent on anti-poverty programs in the United States since the mid-1960s are the inner cities in the sad state they are today.  Also, since Democrats control nearly all major large cities’ governments, it is reasonable to ask why their policies have not improved the poverty situation in the cities.  Finally, it is reasonable to conclude that should we continue following the same failed policies, we should expect the same failed results.

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Radical Islam Creates Conundrum for Liberals

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 12, 2014

The Democratic Party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy bears little resemblance to its contemporary configuration.  What was once the Party of the middle class and working Americans has morphed in to a conglomeration controlled by special interests groups, some of which are radical.

While the special interest groups of the Democratic Party often have competing demands for the People’s assets (taxpayer funds) doled out by the government, they have remarkably held the coalition together.  No better proof is the two successful elections for president of Barack Obama, whose policies are far to the left of many Americans.

The Progressives in the Democratic Party often promote multiculturalism as an important tenant.  This, connected with political correctness has created a taboo in the Party relating to criticism of the significant threat from radical Islam.  This is remarkable given the power of the feminist movement within the Democratic Party and the importance of the female vote for its success.  Yet there are few things so diametrically opposed as women’s rights and Sharia law, a significant legal tenant for many Muslims throughout the world.

The recent publicity concerning the abduction of 300 young girls in Nigeria to be sold in the sex trade by the radical Islamic group Boko Haram is straining one part of the Democratic Party’s coalition.  This schism came to the forefront in a recent airing of Bill Maher’s “Real Time”.  During the show, Maher, an unapologetic Leftist, made strong statements about the problem within Islam.  Two of the shows liberal guests, Arianna Huffington and comedian Baratunde Thurston, took offense to Maher’s statements and when they tried to make the terrorism problem broader than Islam, Maher said: “If this was the 14th century, I would be coming down on the Christians because that’s when they were too violent.  Religions and cultures change.”

However, Maher was not finished and continued stating that “something like 80 or 90 percent” of kitchen Muslims agreed that the death penalty is appropriate for leaving the Islamic religion.  He finally scolded his Leftist associates saying: “Where it becomes dangerous is that liberals like yourself do not stand up for liberalism.  Liberalism means, one, mostly, equality of women.”

The video clip below includes an instructive and important discussion on the dangers emanating not only from radical Islam, but also from liberals who “do not stand up for liberalism”.  Is it possible that Libertarians and liberals who stand up for liberalism might find common ground?  The thought is intriguing.

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Univision and Jamie Foxx Show Their Racist Sides

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 10, 2013

It is enlightening to view the racism on the Left from a historical perspective.  Prior to the Civil Rights movement during the 1960s, the racist leanings of the Left were out and open.  The Democratic Party from, even before Abraham Lincoln’s time, was the Party of slavery.  After Lincoln abolished slavery and the North won the Civil War, the Democratic Party was the Party of segregationists.  After the Civil War, there were two groups of Americans killed by segregationists; African-Americans and Republicans.  As a result of this reign of terror, African-Americans had no rights in the South on till 100 hundred years later.  During this same period the Republican Party was all but nonexistent in the South.

In the early 1960s the Civil Rights movement began to hit full stride.  The Democratic Party saw an opportunity to increase its popularity among the African-American community.  However, the racist side of the Party did not disappear, merely became less public.  Some Party members with Ku Klux Klan connections, such as longtime Democrat Sen. Harry Byrd of West Virginia, remained powerful figures in the Party nearly 50 years later.  Remarkably, today’s revisionist history created by the Left has painted the Republicans as the Party of racism.

Racism continues to this day.  However, this scourge of humanity goes across the racial barrier and in both directions.  White on black and white on Hispanic racism is appropriately called when discovered.  Often, public figures caught in racist acts are forced to resign or at least publicly chastised.  Unfortunately, racism that emanates from minorities or the Left is given a pass in our politically correct society.  Two examples include:

RubioUnivision – Univision is the Spanish-speaking network owned by Haim Saban, a big time Democratic donor.  The Miami Herald reported that an assistant to an Univision executive, Angelica Artiles, said of Rubio in a Tweet that he is a “Token Slave Boy”.  Ask someone on the Left to condemn this racist comment and they typically equivocate with dribble that we first need to understand the “context” in which the comment was made.  That’s curious; would they suggest the same of similar racism that spews from white supremacists or if a similar comment was made by an assistant to a Fox News commentator?

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx – Last week actor Jamie Foxx was awarded Entertainer of the Year at the NAACP Image Award.  Newsbusters.org reported that as part of his acceptance speech Foxx said: “Black people are the most talented people in the world.  I, it’s, I can’t explain it.  You can’t sit in this room and not watch Gladys Knight sing and go like, ‘Golly, what in the world?’”  This is not only an outrageously racist statement, but dangerous, one that risk going down a slippery soap.  Saying that people have characteristics of talent by merely the color of their skin is exactly what the segregationists of the South promoted for over 150 years.


There is indeed a growing undercurrent of racism occurring in the United States.  Its growth is being promoted by Leftists and Progressives.  Their constituents no longer attempt to hide its racist underpinnings.

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Democratic Platform Change Vote on God and Israel

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 6, 2012

Earlier this week there was controversy over two issues in the Democratic Party Platform.  For the first time in history their Platform did not include the word “God”.  It also questioned a commitment for Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, as affirmed by Pres. Obama four years ago.

Because of the political firestorms created by the issues, the Democratic Party attempted to correct the matter by modifying the Platform.  According to Democratic Party rules, a two thirds majority from via a voice vote is required to a change the Platform.  While the Party bosses thought implementing the changes would be pro forma, as the video shows, many delegates objected to the changes.  When the speaker called a voice vote, twice it seemed to come up with an even response.  After a third vote came up with the same results, the speaker merely claimed a two thirds majority and passed the resolution to a chorus of boos.

Irrespective of what some Democrats suggest, there is a large portion of Party that has an aversion to religion and religious beliefs.  In addition, the Party’s commitment to Israel is a tenuous one.  Party bosses’ attempts to cover up these realities are hypocritical.

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