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Protests in Saudi Arabia Begin; Potential for Oil Crisis Grows

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 10, 2011

Stratfor.com has issued a “Red Alert” on Saudi Arabia reporting that police used gunfire and stun grenades against protesters in the Shiite-populated city of Qatif in its eastern oil region. In addition, a “Day of Rage” protests have been called for tomorrow on Facebook by some Saudi dissident groups.

It is too early to determine if Saudi Arabia is catching a bad case of the Tunisian/Egyptian flu or merely sneezing.  However the signs are very troubling.  With Saudi Arabia being America’s largest supplier of oil, should it fall into turmoil there is no telling how high oil prices will go.

For years the West including the United States have allowed the radical environmentalist and Global Warming zealots to run wild as if there were no consequences to their radical agendas.  That willful dumbness will no longer pass the smell test.  While there are environmental dangers that may occur from the use of fossil fuels, the results of $200 per barrow oil is real and here now!  Not only will economies head south in such an economic environment, but people in third world countries will starve with the cost of food skyrockets up.

America’s dependence on Middle East oil did not have to happen.  The environmental radicals who first stopped America from developing nuclear power and later shut down the Country’s oil and gas exportation caused this predicament.  They and their Progressive friends in Washington are responsible for the consequences of these irresponsible acts.

Now, we must react and take drastic corrective steps.  It takes five years or more to bring new nuke plants on line.  Fossil fuels are available in North America in shorter time periods and are therefore the only short to medium term solutions available to us.  Drill baby drill and now!



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