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Politically Correct Profiling

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 23, 2011

Today we have a piece from guest writer, Jim Mahoney.  While Jim is always on the mark, this article is especially important at this time.

Next to America’s (and other Western countries’ debt obligations), political correctness poses the greatest danger to the civilized world.  That’s right, these two issues are here today and far more dangerous that Global Warming.

Thanks Jim for your thoughtful article.

Politically Correct Profiling, Jim Mahoney

Just the other day, this Blog ran the story about the Department of Homeland Security releasing a promotional video to ostensibly help Americans spot unusual behavior that could be sign of terrorism.  In addition to the bad acting and implausible situations, the video portrayed virtually all of the potential “terrorists” as white, male Christian conservatives, while all of the “vigilant” citizens were black, Asian and middle eastern.  So much for the dangers of profiling that liberals constantly warn us about.  I’m also reminded of the aftermath of the Fort Hood shooting, in which the President admonished us within hours of the tragedy to not “jump to conclusions”, even as the facts revealed that the shooter was a Muslim Army officer.  All of this brings us to the horrific shootings and bombing that just occurred in Norway.

I happened to be listening to the radio this morning, as the periodic news updates about the tragedy began coming in.  The first report said that the police had apprehended a “blue eyed suspect’.  A later teaser described the suspect as “an anti Islamic Fundamentalist”.  By noon they referred to him as a “Christian fundamentalist”.  Switch any of these descriptions and tell me if the narrative would fly.  What media outlet would ever dare to describe a suspect as a Middle Eastern, anti Christian, Muslim fundamentalist, even if the evidence overwhelmingly pointed in that direction?

Political Correctness and the mainstream media have advanced a paradigm that now requires us to immediately headline the transgressions of white Christians, while downplaying, or even ignoring, the actions of Muslims, lest we be labeled as reactionary, racist, Islamophobic and intolerant.  Evil is evil and its perpetrators should be punished regardless of their religion or nationality.  This madman in Norway should be tried, convicted and punished to the fullest extent of Norwegian law.  Please let us also convict him for what he has actually done without the imposition of any additional “thought crimes”.  The media are already beginning to refer to Oslo as “Norway’s Oklahoma City”.  Anyone care to make a wager on how soon it will be before the moon bats at MSNBC are drawing parallels between Norway and American Tea Party and/or the debt ceiling debate?


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Progressive Bill Maher Accuses Obama of not being a Christian

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 13, 2011

Last night on Real Time, Leftist Bill Maher made two accusations about President Obama.  First, Maher got defensive about Obama’s supposed move to the center since the elections.  Maher correctly indicated that Obama is a far left Progressive at heart.  However, it was Maher’s second claim that was remarkable when he repeatedly said that Obama is not a Christian, but a “secular humanist”, as seen in the video clip below.

Maher’s comment on Obama not being a Christian is remarkable on many fronts:

  • The media will say little of Maher’s claim.  Imagine the outcry if Sean Hannity or anyone of notoriety on the Right made such a claim.
  • It is amazing that to many on the Left, it is ok to claim Obama is not a Christian if he is instead claimed to be an atheist.  However, it is unacceptable to claim he is not a Chretien if he is accused of being instead a Muslim.  It seems the Left that has an anti-Muslim bias.
  • Maher’s implied claim that Obama faked his Christianity for political reasons is the most troubling possibility on two fronts.  First, it implies that Obama will do anything in the name of being elected.  Second, it begs the question as to why the President chose a racist church to fake his credentials.

Is Obama the worst type of politician who will do and/or say anything in the name of power, or is Bill Maher so fearful of faith that he cannot even consider the possibility that one of his own on the Left has some religion?  Or both?

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