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Gov. Christie Calls it Like It Is

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 31, 2012

This week we heard New Jersey Governor Chris Christie offer some kudos to President Obama for his handling of the Hurricane Sandy issues in relation to New Jersey’s needs.  Christie is rare bread in contemporary American politics.  Why a staunch Romney supporter, he still offers his opponent credit when due.

Below are Christie comments from the previous week.  They are just as honestly expressed by the Gov.



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Gov. Christie Calls Reporter an “Idiot”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 2, 2012

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey on July 1 held a news conference concerning water main breaks affecting 22 municipalities.  In advance, reporters were informed that the only questions that would be taken had to relate to the water issues.  One reporter did not heed the ground rules and asked the Governor a question concerning an upcoming legislative session.  To that the Governor responded in pure Christie saying: “Did I say on topic?  Are you stupid?  On topic, on topic.  Next question,” posted in the video below.

Whether one is a Christie fan or not, he is at least brutally honest, something lacking in many politicians.  It’s interesting how differently the mainstream media response to the Christie outburst to one by Barack Obama during a similar circumstance.  It obviously relates to of the reporter’s politics.


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Christie Asks Obama: “What the Hell are We Paying You For?”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 30, 2011

President Obama’s handling of the Country’s ballooning debt has been nothing short of incompetence.  The President began addressing this crisis when on February 18, 2010, he signed an executive order creating the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.  This bipartisan commission was headed by Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles and charged by the President with creating a plan to cut the nation’s ballooning.

A year ago, the Bowles-Simpson committee delivered their proposal to cut $4 trillion from the federal deficit.  Instead of embracing the bipartisan position, Obama and the Congress, completely ignored the plan.  In fact, these politicians then gave another gift to Americans with the “temporary” payroll tax deduction extension that will cost our children approximately $150 billion a year in additional debt.  Add to that the two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts and total bill could reach $900 billion.

This past summer the Washington knuckleheads had the public battle over raising the national debt limit.  Instead of addressing the issue of the ballooning deficit, the President and Congress once again kick the can down the road creating the Super Committee of six each senators and congressmen from both parties charged with coming up with spending cuts equaling just over $1 trillion, only one quarter of what the Bowles Simpson commission recommended.  Not surprisingly, the Super Committee failed to reach agreement which may lead to automatic budget cuts without the Congress or President having to take responsibility for them.

This sad story proves once again that politicians know how to run up deficits, but have little ability to cut spending.  It also shows the lack of Obama’s leadership skills.

Shortly after the Super Committee’s failure, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said of Obama’s failure of leadership in the video posted below: “What the hell are we paying you for?”  This short video with Christie’s straight shooting words shows what true leadership looks like.  It is unfortunate that Mr. Christie is not running for the presidency.

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Leftist Media Attacking Chris Christie’s Weight

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2011

The leftist attack dogs are in a feeding frenzy when it comes to potential Republican presidential candidates.  Last week one attacked Herman Cain, after is surprise victory in the Florida straw poll.  They also fear the potential candidacy of New Jersey’s Chris Christie and have started their attacks on the Governor.

The Left’s attacks on conservatives often are personal, rather than based on policies.  If the conservative is a woman, they often question her intelligence.  With Herman Cain, some have incredibly called him “racist”.

As for Governor Christie initial attacks are starting based on his weight.  On last Thursday’s NBC’s “Today“, the attacks on Christie’s weight included the following:

Co-host Savannah Guthrie:  There’s kind of this conventional wisdom among the political chattering class that someone as heavy as Chris Christie-” Dr. Nancy Snyderman interjected: “As fat as he is.” Guthrie continued: “… would not be elected.”

Star Jones:  “You are so sweet the way you put that.  You’re really asking us will America elect a fat president?”

Donny Deutsch: ” If he’s [Christie’s] not disciplined enough to keep himself healthy, is he disciplined enough to make the tough decisions for our country? … If he’s not in charge of himself, can he be in charge of country?”

This is an incredible exchange. These Progressives who often promote the acceptance of any lifestyle are unwilling to accept Christie’s overindulgence in food.  They question whether Christie’s obesity make him unfit from a health standpoint to be president, but never ask whether Barack Obama’s addiction to cigarettes inhibits his ability to lead.

The entire exchange on Today is posted below.  It is evident that the attack on Christie’s weight is yet another attempt by the Left to avoid discussing the real issues that affect this Country.

Today; Thursday September 29, 2011

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: I want to move to another pretty controversial topic.  Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor, is all in the news this week and there’s speculation yet again that he may get into this presidential race, no matter how many times he’s denied it. But it does raise a question.  There’s kind of this conventional wisdom among the political chattering class that someone as heavy as Chris Christie…

NANCY SNYDERMAN: As fat as he is.

GUTHRIE: …would not be elected.

STAR JONES: You are so sweet the way you put that. You’re really asking us, will America elect a fat president?

GUTHRIE: Well, Star, you said it.

DONNY DEUTSCH: Yeah, what do you think?  What do you think?

JONES: What, as the resident used-to-be-fat-girl?

DEUTSCH: Yeah, I mean, you know.

JONES: Honestly, there’s a lot of prejudice against people who are overweight.  People who are overweight or obese or grossly obese.

SNYDERMAN: But does it get in his way of becoming president?

DEUTSCH: No, I’m going to flip it-

JONES: I actually do think, if we look back to history, if you look at like Nixon and Kennedy, America looked at the two of them, one looked like the little troll from the Lord of the Rings and the other looked like Harrison Ford.

DEUTSCH: I want to give – but I want to give the opposite perspective.  Traditionally, obviously there is a bias, but I think now that people are looking for the quintessential outsider, the quintessential non-politician-

GUTHRIE: I was going to say, does that add to his authenticity?

DEUTSCH: I think it does.  Wait a second, he doesn’t look like a politician.  He doesn’t-

JONES: But we want a healthy government, we want a healthy person.

DEUTSCH: No, that’s another issue, he doesn’t look – he looks like me.  But there are two down side issues.  Number one, can he handle the physical rigors of a race?  And number two, and this is – please, I’m not taking a knock at overweight people because a lot of people have health issues –  if it’s not something where he can’t control it, if he’s not disciplined enough to keep himself healthy, is he disciplined enough to make the tough decisions for our country?  You know, it’s self-discipline.  And once again, people who struggle with weight have struggles but you kind of go, ‘Wait a second, is he really – if he’s not in charge of himself can he be in charge of country?’

GUTHRIE: Is it a health issue?

SNYDERMAN: Well, he’s not healthy. I mean, he’s probably pre-diabetic.  If he doesn’t have high blood pressure, he soon will be.  I’m sure his knees hurt, his feet hurt, his hips hurt.

JONES: I can guarantee all that.

SNYDERMAN: He’s morbidly obese, so I can tell you he’s not healthy.  But it’s interesting about leadership.  Do we want our leaders to look like us?  If so, two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.  Or do we want a leader to lead in a different way?  And I think we some – we’ve blurred the lines with that.

DEUTSCH: Yeah, we’ve blurred the lines, there’s two sides to it.

GUTHRIE: But if we vote for people based on cosmetics, I mean, you have to ask yourself if that’s what you get?

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Newsweek Editor Says Obama Wasn’t Ready for the Job

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 28, 2011

The Leftist mainstream media has been one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters since the early days of the presidential primaries.  Even after watching Obama polices fail, the media remained stoic in that support.  However, they are now beginning to jump ship, like others from Obama’s base.

On September 27, Newsweek editor Tina Brown was a guest on MSNBCs Moring Joe.  Brown is well known for her Leftist views of politics.  During an on air discussion as to whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ready for national office, Brown indicated that Barack Obama was not saying: “Actually, I just hope he doesn’t, because in the end, you know, his tremendous misgivings, maybe he is right. I mean, we had this with Obama.  He wasn’t ready, it turns out, really.” [Emphasis added]

The video of Brown’s comments posted below is telling.  It is but another example of the Obama Administration in self-destruct mode.

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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Shows he has Backbone

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 14, 2011

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Shows he has Backbone

America’s ongoing difficulties relating to its excessive and huge deficits are signs of the failings of our national political leaders.  American’s dissatisfaction with these politicians have been directly responsible for the birth and growth of the Tea Party.

While our political leaders in Washington have lost the respect of the People, leaders are beginning to emerge on state and municipal levels that show promise.  One such leader is Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Democrat.  In the last two weeks Mayor Nutter has been dealt a difficult hand.  A portion of Philadelphia’s youth have taken to create “flash mobs” that involve young people banding together to create mayhem.  Over 60 people have been beaten and hospitalized by the mobs that rampaged through the city.

Initially, Progressives made their typical excuse for the culprits.  As expected they blamed society for not giving these young people enough to do.  Mayor Nutter would have none of this nonsense.  With straight talk, Nutter described those engaging in the rampages “a tiny minority of ignorant, reckless fools.”

Nutter then went further, announcing a curfew for anyone under the age of 18 in the areas affected by to be off the streets by nine o’clock. Again as expected, he was criticized for this no-nonsense approach to which he again straightforwardly responded:

  • I guess it was like 50 people out of a couple hundred thousand who apparently either didn’t get the message or maybe for some reason didn’t take it seriously.  We’re as serious as a heart attack about this.  We’re not playing around.”
  • Speaking to the parents of the troubled youths, Nutter said: “If your child is out after curfew, tall, short, nice, not so nice, the curfew is the curfew is the curfew.  Buy a watch!”
  • Again to the parents of the youths: “If you don’t even bother to pick up your child, we are immediately calling the Department of Human Services, and you can then be taken to court for other violations including neglect of your child.”

Below is an incredible video showing an even tougher message by Mayor Nutter delivered at is church.  What a breath of fresh air!

This is not the first time that Mayor Nutter has shown backbone.  During the Democratic Party’s primary for the presidency, Nutter bucked the bandwagon and backed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.  It is clear that he chose the better qualified candidate.

While Mayor Nutter and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey come from different political parties and likely have very different philosophies on major issues, both show the type of moral character and backbone required to truly represent the People’s interests.  Both political parties would do well to elevate such individuals in their power structures.

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Fed Will Continue Efforts to Prime the Pump

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 9, 2011

The Federal Reserve (Fed) announced today that it will keep short-term interest rates at near zero through mid-2013.  This announcement, which smacks of desperation, is an obvious response to the significant depreciation in world equities markets in the past week.

Before commenting on the Fed’s most recent market intervention, it is instructive to review what their policies since the 2008 meltdown.

  • Towards the end of 2008, the Fed made and has since held its benchmark short-term interest rate at near zero.
  • The Fed flooded the banking system with cheap money in recent years.
  • The Fed purchased more than $2.5 trillion in U.S. Treasury and mortgage-backed securities (Quantitative Easing) to keep long-term interest rates artificially low.

It is now clear that the Fed’s expensive market interventions have failed.  In announcing its long-term plan to keep interest rates artificially low, the Fed said as much by stating that growth “has been considerably slower” than they expected and it will continue into the future.

The historic length of the ongoing downturn makes an argument that the Fed’s interventions actually exasperated the problems.  For example, the artificially low interst rates hurt senior citizens on fixed incomes.  This lowers their spending capabilities, a downer for the economy and those selling into their market.  In addition, lower interest rates push investors into higher risk including the stock market.  Those investors lost big-time in the past week, which will further hamper future economic activity.

Given the Fed’s poor track record, their renewed commitment today to the same failed policies of the past three years is not very comforting.  The Fed, as well as the politicians in Washington, either do not understand the real problem or more likely are unwilling to honestly inform the public of its root cause.  The problem is excess debt that started in the private sector and now also envelopes the public sector.  Behind the Fed’s failed attempts to fix the economy by artificially manipulating important aspects of it is the hope that by kicking the can down the road the economy can grow its way out of the excess debt.  Hope is not a strategy and the problem caused by excess debt cannot be resolved by still more debt.

Given the policy failures, it is unlikely that Barack Obama will be elected to a second term as president.  The question then shifts to whether a once in a generation leader will emerge to lead the Country through this challenging time.  That individual will start with an honest discussion with the people of the pain that must come with deleveraging the bad debt we have amassed as individuals and as a country.  To date, the only politician with national stature that has stated this clearly is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

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Florida’s Governor Turns down Washington’s Rail Project

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 16, 2011

First it was Governor Chris Christie who turned down the federal government’s offer to partner in the building of a tuning connecting New Jersey and Manhattan.  His logic was simple: New Jersey just could not afford the project.  In typical government boondoggle fashion, what started out as a $5 billion project in 2005 and grew to $8.7 billion by 2008, was most recently priced at over $9 billion.  In cancelling the project Christie said simply: “I can’t put taxpayers on a never-ending hook.”  How refreshing!

Today Governor Rick Scott of Florida followed Christie’s lead announcing that he has rejected $2.4 billion in federal funds for a high-speed rail line proposed for his state.  In rejecting the funds Scott said:” Government cannot spend more than it takes in.  Government has become addicted to spending beyond its means and we cannot continue this flawed policy.”  He concluded that: “The truth is that this project would be far too costly to taxpayers and I believe the risk far outweighs the benefits“.  Scott, like many governors, is running a state with a huge deficit, about $4 billion for the current year.  At a news conference Scott gave the following reasons for rejecting the rail project:

  • Cost overruns for the project could cost Florida taxpayers an additional $3 billion.
  • He didn’t trust the ridership and revenue projections supplied by the Feds.
  • If the project had to be shut down after it was started, Florida would owe the federal government $2.4 billion.

These two governors are acting like CEOs instead of short-sighted politicians.  Unlike the federal government that can print money, states must balance their budgets and that requires the type of tough decisions that Washington has refused to make in a long time.

How has the Washington politicians responded to the states rejections?  Like a teenage boy whose offer for a date was spurned.  After Christie turned the Feds down, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg announced that he and other tunnel proponents would try to circumvent the Governor’s decision.  In Florida, its Senators Bill Nelson was more specific saying that he planned to press ahead with the project without Florida’s participation stating: “We are exploring … how we could keep this project going forward“.  With typical Washington arrogance, Senators Lautenberg and Nelson would trample states rights to increase Washington’s power and control.

The federal governments use of cash handouts to states creates a dependent relationship between the two that is not dissimilar to the drug pusher and their addicts.  Once the states become hooked on federal funds, they become beholding to Washington for even more funds and its unfunded mandates.  With huge deficits,  the states now have no choice but to go cold-turkey.  We should expect more governors to follow the lead of Christie and Scott.


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Union Prays for Government Christie’s Demise

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 10, 2010

Last week the president of Bergen County Education Association, Joseph Coppola, sent an e-mail to his 17,000 members with an unusual pray.  Instead of merely asking for higher intervention into a contract issue, this union boss requested the early demise of New Jersey governor Chris Christie with the following prayer:

“Dear lord,’ this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays.  I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor.”

Coppola was quick to apologize, stating: ““While it was intended as a joke, I recognize that it was in poor taste, bad taste and was definitely an error of poor judgment and I sincerely apologize to the governor. “Poor judgment”; with folks like Coppola teaching our youth it is no wonder test results are dropping.

You may not have heard much about this unusual prayer since the mainstream media is loath to criticize indiscretions when they come from the Left.  Just imagine the outcry had Sarah Palin prayed for a person’s death!

Coppola’s comments were in bad taste.  However, unlike the loony Left who has blamed all tea Partiers for similar actions of a few in their group, this Post will not cast such a wide shadow on all New Jersey teachers who happen to belong to the union.

Governor Christie’s “sin” that generated the requested intervention from a higher authority was his desire to have New Jersey’s teachers give up a 4 percent raise they are supposed to receive and increase their contributions to their health care costs.  The state of New Jersey, like many others, has given so much in pay and benefits to State employees that it is basically insolvent.  Without cutting expenses, the ugly alternative will ultimately be bankruptcy.  The Teacher’s Union knows this, but like so many who have been riding the gravy train of our bubble economy, they want someone else to pay.

The Union’s only hope to avoid cuts for their members does not rest in prayers.  Instead, the only alternative is a federal government bailout for various states in the same predicament.  But unlike GM, the banks and others, this problem is too big for even the Progressive spenders in Washington to rectify.  The day of reckoning is coming, irrespective of their prayers.

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