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Congresswoman Waters Believes Russia’s Invaded North Korea

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 8, 2017

Politicians have been known throughout to often make dumb statements. While our current president Donald Trump plays the role of the anti-politician, he too has come up with some doozies during the past year.

Not to be outdone, two of our esteemed congresswomen, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, both of California, came up with a couple recently that could put them on top for year. It seems Ms. Pelosi still thinks Bush is president. As for Ms. Waters, she seems to believe that Russia invaded North Korea. This video below might humorous if these folks weren’t charged with enacting legislation for the Country.

While the mainstream media was all too happy to take on Sarah Palin for claiming she could see Russia from her property, don’t expect coverage on the mistakes made by Leftist politicians.


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White House Continues to Blame Bush for Ongoing Economy’s Problems

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 30, 2014

Dan Pfeiffer, a Senior Obama advisor, hit the talk shows this past weekend.  In a question-and-answer session with Fox News Chris Wallace, video below, Pfeiffer continued to blame Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, for the country’s continued poor economic.

During the exchange, Wallace pointed to the following economic problems that plague the country that worsened during the Obama presidency:

  • median      household income dropped from $55,900 to $52,100,
  • poverty      increased by 6.7 million to 46.5 million, and
  • participation      in the labor force dropped from 65.% to a 36-year low of 62.8%.

When asked by Wallace if a stronger economy would have helped lessen these problems Pfeiffer responded: “Well, absolutely, but I think it’s important to remember this president inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression.”

The gall that Washington politicians have is remarkable.  We are into the sixth year of the Obama presidency and his administration continues to blame his predecessor for the ongoing economic malaise.  These folks have no shame.


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Bush Versus Obama’s Record on Terrorism in the United States

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 25, 2013

Tennessee Republican Congressman Tom Cotton took to the floor of Congress and made a compelling case that the Obama Administration is failing to protect Americas from Radical Islamist terrorists.  As he points out in the video below, during the seven years after 9/11, there were no terrorist attacks on US soil under George W. Bush.  In just over four years under President Obama there been five jihadists’ attacks on US soil.

President Obama often blames the current problems in the United States on his predecessor.  The comparison of the number of terrorists attacks on US soil since he took office make that excuse lame.

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George W. Bush’s Popularity Increasing

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 24, 2013

G. W. BushA reasonably objective review of the George W. Bush presidency would indicate successes and some failures.  On the negative side was the war in Iraq that with the benefit of hindsight was not required given Iraq not having weapons of mass destruction.  In addition, Bush’s economic policies led to increased deficits and bailouts of irresponsible and failed companies.

On the positive side, George W. Bush’s response and leadership after the 9/11 terrorist attacks was artful.  In addition, whether one agreed or disagreed with his foreign policies, they were at least consistent and coherent.

B ObamaHistory is beginning to look more kindly on the George W. Bush presidency.  According to a recent CNN/ORC International Poll, 45% of Americans now view his presidency in a positive manner, up 13% in the past four years.

While some of the positive trend can be attributed to the passage of time, the disappointments of the Obama presidency are likely adding to a more positive view of the Bush years.  To many, President Obama does not always act presidential.  He is the most partisan president of modern times.  In addition, while Obama has continually blamed Bush for the ongoing failures of his policies, George W. Bush has been a perfect gentleman, never responding to any of these attacks.  The difference in approaches help define the differences between a community organizer and a president.

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The Branding Of Barack Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 17, 2013

julius-caesarPoliticians on both sides of the aisle are managed by handlers whose job is to create a positive narrative of the man (or woman) they work for.  The images these marketing folks create are often kept within realistic bounds by the mainstream media.  Unfortunately the press has not always handled these responsibilities professionally.

In the case of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the press hid just how crippled he was.  They explained this ruse by claiming it was irrelevant relating to his ability to run the Country.  This is a bogus claim.  The president works for the People and they have a right to know everything about the person asking to hold or holding the office.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also given a pass by the press.  Like Roosevelt, Kennedy had serious health issues, but he was portrayed by the media as healthy and even athletic.  More seriously, Kennedy had many extramarital affairs before and after being elected president.  Given Kennedy’s indiscriminate and numerous indiscretions, they were a risk to national security.  However, the fawning press who were also friendly to the Kennedys turned a blind eye, making the excuse that his private life was irrelevant to the presidency.  That fallacious logic was not their decision to make.  The People and have the right to know about the private lives of elected officials or those seeking public office.  It is the People’s right to decide whether such indiscretions bar them from the office.

Currently, Barack Obama is the beneficiary of a fawning press.  However, the mainstream media has taken their proclivity for this president beyond even the occurrences mentioned above.  It is rare that Obama has been asked a difficult question, either before or since the two elections.  Their reporting has been highly biased and rarely critical.  There is no better example of this bias than their treatment of Obama’s use drone strikes.  These assassinations not only have targeted American citizens, but have resulted in many innocents being killed.  Compare the press’s response to this issue to the way George W. Bush was treated when it became known that his administration used waterboarding on three suspected terrorists.

A free society is in danger when the press becomes a propaganda tool of the government.  Such is the case today.  It is evident that Barack Obama feels like he holds an Imperial office and the.  propaganda tools are becoming more outrageous.

Fireside Hangout

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U.N. Attacking Israeli Interests

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 29, 2012

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the United Nations will call for an international effort to damage Israel economically by attacking American companies that do business with it.  This includes large corporation such as Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, and Motorola.  The economic attack will also involve European companies that do business with Israel.

The UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC) is spearheading the aggressively anti-Israeli action and has stated: “The costs to companies and businesses of failing to respect international humanitarian law are considerable,” and further offered threats “including damage to a company’s public image, impact on shareholder decisions and share price and could result in employees being criminally responsible for rights abuses.”

The HRC’s anti-Israeli positions are not surprising given that the organization’s makeup includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba.  Having this group dish out human rights punishments is an outrage.

President George W. Bush refused to work with HRC and he was correct in this approach.  After taking office, President Barack Obama joined HRC with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice stating:Working from within, we can make the council a more effective forum to promote and protect human rights.”  This naive approach to foreign policy has been a trademark of the Obama Administration.  It is an example of America’s foreign policy failures in the Middle East during the past four years.

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$1 Trillion of Debt

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 25, 2012

When the United States runs a deficit, i.e. spends more than its annual revenue, it borrows assets from future Americans.  In times of national crisis like World War II, such deficits are defensible.  However, when deficits are run for the benefit (greed) of a current generation, the act is criminal.  Such is the situation that the United States currently finds itself with the Baby Boomer generation attempting to improve its mature years at the expense of future generations.

As the chart shows, the United States total debt adjusted for inflation was relatively flat through the mid 1990’s.  It has since exploded with on the books debt now at about $16 trillion.

During his presidency, George W. Bush ran what were then historic deficits of up to $400 billion annually.  Since then Barrack Obama has made Bush look like an amateur, running annual deficits in excess of $1 trillion.  Given that deficit spending is stealing from future generations, Obama has proven to be a bigger thief than Bush.

This morning Lee sent in the photos below that help show just how much we are robbing form future Americans.  Multiple the money in the lowest photo by 16 to understand the magnitude of America’s current debt.

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Obama Attacked Bush for Asserting Executive Privilege

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 20, 2012

Earlier today this Blog posted “Obama Asserts Executive Privilege in Fast and Furious Documents“.  The video below shows Obama castigating of his predecessor, Bush, for asserting precisely the same privilege.  Another example of double talk from a man who promised change and transparency.

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Obama’s Spending Binge

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 14, 2012

Last week President Obama had the audacity to say, “Since I’ve been president, federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60 years“.  This claim was the subject of an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore titled Obama’s Real Spending Record.

Laffer and Moore conclusions on Obama’s spending record are based on a chart they created covering 1992 to today showing US government spending based on National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) as a percent of total GDP.

  • Bill Clinton significantly cut government spending as a percentage of GDP.  In 1992 government spending was 23.5% of GDP, but dropped to 19.5% by the time he left office.  The Republican Congress and speaker Newt Gingrich deserve some credit too.
  • As the chart indicates, the biggest jump in government spending since 1992 occurred during the last two years of President George W. Bush’s presidency.  Bush rarely used his veto authority to cut spending.  In addition, a Medicare prescription drug benefit was added in 2003 and his Administration bailed out AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, $600 per person tax rebate in 2008 and also during that year approved the TARP fund.  The Democrat House and Senate and its leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are also responsible for this spending spike.
  • Barack Obama took the oath of office in January 2009.  On top of a Bush supplied deficit of nearly $1 trillion, he rammed through a $830 Billion Stimulus Program that the Congress didn’t even read.  In addition, there were bailouts that included auto companies, mortgage relief and Obamacare.  Total spending for 2010 decreased only because of TARP loans being repaid to the government.  Spending slowed in 2011 and 2012 as a result of the Tea Partiers elected to Congress that has been during this period controlled by Republicans.

Laffer and Moore come to two overall conclusions based on the chart.  First, as government spending increases as a percentage of GDP, the economy suffers.  Just as significant, the increased in spending under Bush and Obama are the main reasons that the current recovery is the weakest since the Great Depression.

President Obama and his fellow Progressives are true believers of Keynesian economic theory whose main premise is that government spending is necessary to offset an economy’s weakness during recessions.  Given this philosophy, one would think that the President would be bragging about his free spending programs rather than trying to distance himself from them.

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Shrub Cost Taxpayers Over $200,000 to be Relocated

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 14, 2012

CNSNews.com reported that the taxpayers paid over $200,000 to relocate one plant (Shovel Ready in San Fran: $205,075 to ‘Translocate’ One Shrub from Path of Stimulus Project).  It seems that some governmental bureaucrat discovered a Franciscan manzanita bush in San Francisco that was in the way of a highway project.  While commercially grown manzanita are sold in California for less than $20 per plant, some biologist determined that this might be a native plant so the bureaucrats when to work spending the people’s money.

According to the report, the government spent $100,000 for the plant’s removal, $80,000 to nurture and monitored the plant for the next decade, and about $25,000 for governmental “reporting requirements”.  This particular example of governmental waste was the result of President Obama’s $800 billion plus Stimulus Package.  Assuming the Bush deserved moving, had the government not been involved in the task probably could have been accomplished for about 1/100 the cost.

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