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Obama’s Debate Performance Shows the Emperor Has no Clothes

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 4, 2012

The first of three debates between Pres. Obama and challenger Mitch Romney has been completed.  There was a clear winner and it was Mitt Romney.

During the debate Romney was on the offensive and the President on the defensive.  Romney was well-versed on issues and seemed to enjoy being part of the debate.  Those on the Right are pleased with the debate and Romney’s performance.

Obama, on the other hand, seemed uncomfortable with answers, showed a loss for words at times, and seemed either disinterested or bothered by the whole affair.  Many on the Left are stunned by the President’s poor showing or at the very least are attempting to make excuses for it.  After the debate MSNBC’s Chris Matthews look distraught as if he had a stomach virus.

Leftist Tweets on the Obama’s poor showing are telling.

Bill Maher, a strong Obama supporter and large donor Tweeted:

“[M]y rating: Romney won the debate.”

“Obama made a lot of great points tonight.  Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” tweeted Bill Maher, “But Obama looks like he DOES need a Teleprompter”.

Michael, radical Leftist Tweeted:

“Is Bill Clinton coming in to sub for the next quarter?  O!  Wake up! A ttack!  This is not John McCain over on that podium!

“Obama please be Obama!  You sound like a Democrat (wimpy).”

“PBO – lemme get this straight.  You can send in drones that kill civilians, but you can’t stop Romney or Lehrer from interrupting you?”

“That is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach.”

“Get this: Obama spoke FOUR minutes longer than Romney did tonight!  Didn’t feel that way, did it?  That’s sorta says it all.”

There are some rather apparent reasons for the debate’s results.  Romney’s positive showing in part comes from experience.  As executive of a large and successful corporation, Romney was used making quick decisions under extreme pressure.  In addition, Romney had a long and hard primary battle for the Republican nomination.  This is prepared him well for the battle against Pres. Obama.

President Obama, on the other hand, has had a meteoric rise from being a community organizer, then a relatively unknown state senator, and a two-year stint in the U.S. Senate before taking on one of the most important jobs in the world.  He skipped many of the political battles and wounds that come from them.  In addition, Obama has been handled with kid gloves by the mainstream media, enabling the President to avoid answering difficult questions under pressure.  Last night’s debate was his baptism by fire for and Obama was not prepared for it.

The Washington Post last week published a poll that is interesting in retrospect.  It questioned potential voters as to their view of the outcome of the upcoming Obama-Romney debates.  By a wide margin, 56% to 29%, respondents indicated they expected Obama to win the debates.  Why did those polled get it so wrong?  The answer lies in a narrative created by the Left and perpetuated by the mainstream media that conservatives are lacking in intelligence.  In addition, the mainstream media has created the narrative that above all, Barack Obama is
cerebral.  Both false narratives took a drubbing during the debate and many who began to believe in them are now in a state of shock.

While the first Obama-Romney debate may play a significant role in the outcome of the upcoming election, it is too early to make that call.  However, the President’s performance was so poor as to bring into question his capabilities, specifically those to act quickly on his feet.


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Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Shows Superior Intellect

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 19, 2012

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, is a freelance journalist who sometimes works with Bill Maher.  While one might expect the combination of these two will result in only Leftist dribble, Alexandra Pelosi has shown superior intellect and common sense than that of her mother.

Earlier this month Alexandra showed a clip on Maher’s show that included brief interviews with some Southerners who were fairly characterized as rednecks.  The folks interviewed were lacking in certain logic skills and intellectual capabilities.  Not surprisingly, in the show it was brought out that Mississippi is a Republican state, which allowed Bill Maher and his Leftist audience to have some good laughs.

After the laughs subsided, Maher then did something he since likely regretted.  He invited young Pelosi to come up with a video that would make the Left uncomfortable.  She was more than up to the task, as seen in the video below.  Alexandra, a New Yorker, decided to interview folks at the local welfare office within a block of her apartment stating: “It’s not as if I have to go too far to find the freeloading welfare queens.”  Those interviewed are bilking the system and Pelosi appropriately compared to them to other leeches, including some industries, that are living off the American taxpayer.

During the on-air discussion with Maher, Pelosi took her fellow Democrats to task for helping to create the entitlement mentality and chastising the mainstream media for the death of journalism.  She concluded that her Democrat Party is losing the working man that for many years was the center of the Party’s strength because of related issues.

While this Blog has previously posted videos from Maher’s show, the purpose was mainly to show how despicable an individual Bill Maher is.  The video below falls in the category of good journalism.  It is evident that Alexandra Pelosi has a clearer view of the world than her more famous mother, Nancy Pelosi.

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Rush Limbaugh Spanked by the Left

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 6, 2012

Last week, Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student, made a rather ridiculous presentation to the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.  Ms. Fluke proffered the position that free access to birth control, even from the Catholic University, is a woman’s right.  Left unsaid was where this right supposedly comes from; certainly not the US Constitution or the Bible.

Ms. Fluke’s presentation was the subject of this Blog’s March 1 posting, “Georgetown University Law Student Demand Birth Control from Catholic University“.  At about the same time, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh resorted to some nasty name calling in an effort to denigrate capital.  This included calling her a “slut”.  Limbaugh’s comments were not only uncalled for, but allowed the discussion to get off track on this issue to focus on his unprofessional behavior, rather than Ms. Fluke’s illogical arguments.  It is ironic that Limbaugh, who often professes a strong belief in the U.S. Constitution and the individual freedoms it offers, felt the need to delve into someone else’s private life.  Then again, Limbaugh is to a great extent an entertainer.

Not to be outdone by Limbaugh’s indiscretion on this matter, President Obama jumped into the fray.  Smelling the potential for political hay, the President phoned Ms. Fluke in what White House press secretary Jay Carney said was Obama’s desire to “express his disappointment that she has been the subject of inappropriate personal attacks and to thank her for exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on an issue of public policy.”

Obama’s call to Ms. Fluke was inappropriate on many levels.  First, with important issues facing this Country including the dangers of a nuclear Iran and the ongoing worldwide financial problems, the President should stay clear of trivial political issues.  In addition, Obama and the Left so often remained quiet as their Progressive comrades have made misogynistic comments.  For example, where was President Obama when Bill Maher, whose super PAC contributed $1 million to the Obama campaign, called Sarah Palin the “C” word?  Why hasn’t the President returned the money to Maher’s PAC?  Clearly, Obama’s concern for women is purely political.

Freedom of speech must be protected at all costs in this Country including allowing people to say distasteful or obnoxious things.  At the same time, Limbaugh is being appropriately hurt for the indiscretion as some advertisers have already supporting his show financially.  That is democracy and capitalism at work.  However, the Left’s crocodile tears for Ms. Fluke are nearly as grotesque as Limbaugh’s poor behavior.

The problem with Ms. Fluke’s presentation to the Democratic political meeting gathering was her logic, not her personal behavior.  Unlike some of the fringe issues Ms. Fluke raised during her presentation, the birth control pill is used nearly always to allow certain sexual behavior to have less consequences; i.e. making those actions purely recreational.  Government should play no role in either helping or hindering that behavior as long as it’s between consenting adults.  Instead of the name calling.

Limbaugh should is suggested to Fluke that she not ask fellow citizens to subsidize her recreational behavior.  Having sex is a choice.  Using birth control pills is a choice.  Being a student at 30 years of age and at a Catholic institution is also a choice.  It’s time for Ms. Fluke to take some responsibility for her choices in life.

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Maher Takes Occupy Movement to the Woodshed

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 6, 2012

It is amusing watching the Left begin to eat their young.  The latest episode included Real Time host Bill Maher attacking the Occupy Movement.  On a one of his recent HBO shows, Maher said of the Occupiers:

“Let me ask you about another occupation, because this is – and you would be good on this too, panel, the occupation, the Occupy Wall Street, because similar to Afghanistan, when you occupy anything for too long people do get pissed off.  And as I watch them on the news now I find myself almost agreeing with Newt Gingrich.  Like, you know what – get a job.  Only because, you know, the people who originally started, I think they went home and now it’s just these anarchist stragglers.  And this is the problem when you, you know, when your movement involves sleeping over in the park.  You wind up attracting the people who were sleeping over in the park anyway.”

And I think that’s where we are now with the Occupy movement.  They did a great job bringing the issue of income and equality to the fore, but now it’s just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is going to bring on the revolution.”

Mr. Maher has once again shown how little strategic vision Progressives have.  Initially, they were pleased to support the radicals in the Occupy Movement, as long as the riffraff attacked only conservatives.  Joining Maher in support of the Movement were leaders of the Democratic Party including Obama and Pelosi.  However, the Left can no longer control the monster they help create.  With the Occupiers beginning to attack Democrats and getting too close to the swank apartments that wealthy Progressives live in, the Left now attempts to place the genie back in the bottle.

Watch the video below and chuckle.

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Ann Coulter Refuses to Call Bill Maher on his Vulgarities

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 28, 2011

Ann Coulter, a darling of the politically Right, recently showed inconsistency to her often spoken moral outrage.  Last week, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Hannity rightfully took radical Leftist Bill Maher to task for vulgar, sexist and bigoted comments that he made, video included below.  That led to Coulter responding by saying of Meyer: I obviously don’t believe in his politics, I like him, he’s a true and loyal friend, he always has been,” and finally added: “he bought me dinner, so I’m not going to say anything bad about it… I’m easy.  I’m a cheap date.”

Selective morality is but a notch above no morality.  Befriending those with different political views is entirely appropriate and American.  However, befriending one so vile as Maher brings to question not only Coulter’s judgment, but her convictions.

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Bill Maher Spouts More of his Sexism on Palin and Bachmann

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 16, 2011

This was posted today on Newsbuster.org.  It shows Bill Maher, and his leftist audience who applaud this stuff, to be noting more than misogynistic and sexist deep down to the core.  His words and a link to the video are supplied below.

As Jim Mahoney, who sent this one in, so correctly states:

Two for one from the same show.  First, we have Bill Maher showing why he is the least classy guy on TV as he unleashes a sexist attack on Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin and then tells us it isn’t sexist because they are stupid.   Why is it then that any Conservative who has a legitimate policy disagreement with Barack Obama is automatically labeled a racist.  Nor have I ever heard any conservative say anything remotely this vile about Obama’s intelligence, race or family.

BILL MAHER:  And finally, New Rule: Republicans have to stop thinking up intricate psychological explanations for why liberals don’t like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann.  Let me save you all some time.  Are you ready?  Because they’re crazy people, people who are not that bright and full of awful ideas.  Pretty much the exact same reasons we didn’t care for George Bush and made jokes about him.  So trust me, it’s not because they have breast. It’s because they are boobs.

Now, I’m not saying that sexism doesn’t exist and isn’t real.  And we can’t, but we can’t throw around the word “sexist” just to stop people like me from pointing out that Michele Bachmann, now running second for the Republican presidential nomination, isn’t a dangerous nincompoop.  And when I point out that Sarah Palin is a vainglorious braggart, a liar, a whiner, a professional victim, a scold, a know-it-all, a chiseler, a bully who sells patriotism like a pimp, and the leader of a strange family of inbred weirdos straight out of “The Hills Have Eyes,” that’s not sexist. I’m saying it because it’s true, not because it’s true of a woman.

Bill Maher’s Sexist Comments on Video

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Leftists Bill Maher and Jon Stewart Take Racist Swipes at Herman Cain

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 12, 2011

One of the few things that bothers Leftists more than a conservative and successful woman who believes in God is a conservative and successful man of color who believes in God.  Both enrage the Left to the point that their deep seated misogynist and racist beliefs come boiling to the surface.

On May 26 and June 7 respectively, we posted articles that reviewed Leftists Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews spewing misogynist beliefs.  This week it is Leftists Bill Maher and Jon Stewart who show their racist feelings towards Herman Cain.  Mr. Cain’s sin?  He is a black man who dares to be a conservative with a belief in God.

In the video below, Maher says of Cain: “New rule: Newt Gingrich – just stop.  Seriously, your campaign isn’t just off to a rough start.  It’s like you hired me to run it and I purposely ran it into the ground.  Let me put your unpopularity in context for you: you’re a Republican and you’re polling behind a black guy.”

In Stewart’s video below, with a racially demeaning accent, Stewart impersonating Cain says: “I am Herman Cain and I do not like to read.”

As more women and people of color join the conservative and Libertarian movements, the deep-seated racist and misogynist beliefs of the radical Left will come out of the closet.  Right behind them will be the simmering anti-Semitism within Left’s circles.


Jon Stewart Mocks Herman Cain: He Doesn’t ‘Like to Read’

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Bill Maher: Another Progressive Bigot Comes Out of the Closet

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 9, 2011

What does Progressive Leftist Bill Maher do when he is unhappy with President Obama?  He resorts spouting anti-Semitism.  This past Friday Maher said (video below):

“I heard him a couple of times saying, “You know what? We met the Republicans what they asked, and then we gave them more.”  That’s like your lawyer saying to you,  “You know, I went into the chambers with the judge and the prosecutor, and my first offer was 40 years to life for you. And I think I can get your tailgating charge moved up to manslaughter.  And that’s my first offer.”  What is wrong with these people?  He is a terrible negotiator.  Does he not even know a Jew?”

Adding an exclamation point to his bigotry, Maher then showed a poster for replacing Glenn Beck on Fox News that depicted Joe Lieberman doing a program called, “Morning Jew.”

For years bigotry has been gaining traction in Leftist circles.  In earlier years it manifested itself mainly on the Left’s fringes with the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Pastor Wright.  It is becoming more mainstream in the Left.  Maher joins other Leftist bigots, as previously post on this Blog:

NPR’s Vivian Schiller attacking Zionist and Christians.

Code Pink calling for Clarence Thomas to be lynched.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell saying the Michael Steele answers to “his masters”.

Helen Thomas telling Jews to go back to Germany.

Oliver Stone indicating that Jews have overblown the Holocaust.

Congressman Paul Kanjorski demeaning minorities.

MSNBC’s Chris Mathews forgets that Obama is black for a few minutes.

Cynthia Tucker taking off on Michael because he is black.

When examples of racism and bigotry from the Left are outed, inevitably Progressive elitists offer excuses such as “they know what is in the person’s heart and therefore that person could not be a racists”.  The Left has wrapped racism in the covers of political correctness for their own continence.  This is a dangerous slippery slope that can lead to fascism.  It is the same slide that allowed half the country to vote for president a man who admittedly attended a bigoted church for twenty years.

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Progressive Bill Maher Accuses Obama of not being a Christian

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 13, 2011

Last night on Real Time, Leftist Bill Maher made two accusations about President Obama.  First, Maher got defensive about Obama’s supposed move to the center since the elections.  Maher correctly indicated that Obama is a far left Progressive at heart.  However, it was Maher’s second claim that was remarkable when he repeatedly said that Obama is not a Christian, but a “secular humanist”, as seen in the video clip below.

Maher’s comment on Obama not being a Christian is remarkable on many fronts:

  • The media will say little of Maher’s claim.  Imagine the outcry if Sean Hannity or anyone of notoriety on the Right made such a claim.
  • It is amazing that to many on the Left, it is ok to claim Obama is not a Christian if he is instead claimed to be an atheist.  However, it is unacceptable to claim he is not a Chretien if he is accused of being instead a Muslim.  It seems the Left that has an anti-Muslim bias.
  • Maher’s implied claim that Obama faked his Christianity for political reasons is the most troubling possibility on two fronts.  First, it implies that Obama will do anything in the name of being elected.  Second, it begs the question as to why the President chose a racist church to fake his credentials.

Is Obama the worst type of politician who will do and/or say anything in the name of power, or is Bill Maher so fearful of faith that he cannot even consider the possibility that one of his own on the Left has some religion?  Or both?

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Progressive Racist Bill Maher Goes after Obama’s Color

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 14, 2010

Progressive Bill Maher starts with the statement: “I thought that when we elected a black president we were going to get a black president.”  The video below just gets worse.

When those on the Right make racist statements they are appropriately called on them.  When Progressives Leftists go racists, it is somehow considered mentally stimulating.  It is time for the Left to purge its ranks of the deep-seated racism that it has been given pass on for too long.  The Left is travelling down a dangerous path that in the past has led to fascism.

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