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Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty to Desertion

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 24, 2017

In June 2009, US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl disappeared from his Afghan military base.  After spending five years in captivity, the Obama Administration traded five high-value terrorists for Bergdahl’s release.

Arguments were then made for and against the trade, especially given evidence that Bergdahl deserted his base and fellow soldiers.  In addition, some soldiers charged with searching for Bergdahl were wounding and reportedly at least one killed.

CNN reported earlier this month that Bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion stating: “I left my observation post on my own,” and “I understand leaving was against the law.”  It is telling to compare the actual facts with the false narrative the Obama Administration created at the time of the trade.  As seen in the video below, Susan Rice then claimed that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction”.  This was more than a fabrication; it was an outright lie.  It is an example of why the American people no longer trust government.  It is an example of one factor behind the election of Donald Trump.


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Bowe Bergdahl Faces General Court-Martial

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 21, 2015

bowe berdahlAccused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl has been informed by the U.S. Army that he faces a general court-martial.  With this decision Bergdahl could face life imprisonment, as well as other consequences for his act of desertion.  It highlights the seriousness in which the military sees Bergdahl’s actions with the Army Times reporting:

“The desertion charge, which falls under Article 85 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, carries a maximum punishment of five years confinement, a dishonorable discharge, reduction to the rank of E-1, forfeiture of all pay and allowances.

The misbehavior before the enemy charge, which falls under Article 99 of the UCMJ, carries a maximum punishment of confinement for life as well as a dishonorable discharge, reduction in rank to E-1, and forfeiture of pay and allowances.”

The Army’s announcement raises additional questions about President Obama’s decision to trade Bergdahl for five high-ranking Taliban detainees imprisoned in Guantánamo.  It also questions the judgment of National Security Advisor Susan Rice who on June 1, 2014 stated that Bergdahl “served United States with honor and distinction.”  Neither honesty nor getting the facts straight is of primary concern to this administration.

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Obama Reneges on Promise Not to Negotiate with Terrorists

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 11, 2014

In mid-2008 Barack Obama was running for his first term for the presidency.  During the campaign his opponent, John McCain, shared a concern that Obama would be willing to negotiate with terrorists.  As shown in the video clip below, Obama was at his best in his response not only being unequivocal that he would never negotiate with terrorists, but also attacking John McCain for even suggesting otherwise.  Obama’s said:

“John McCain has repeated this notion that I’m prepared to negotiate with terrorists.  I have never said that.

I’ve been adamant about not negotiating with Hamas, uh, a terrorist organization that has vowed to destroy Israel and won’t recognize it.

And that’s the kind of hypocrisy that we’ve been seeing in our foreign policy, the kind of fear-peddling, fear-mongering, that has prevented us from actually making us safe.”

Fast-forward six years and we have another Obama broken promise.  First, the President has agreed to work with the Palestinian Authority even though they have brought Hamas into it.  In addition, earlier this month Obama negotiated with the terrorist Taliban and exchanged five of their key operatives held in Gitmo for American hostage, Sgt. Bergdahl.

So, in 2008 did Barack Obama purposely mislead the electorate or are his words meaningless?  The answer is probably both.

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Chris Matthews Attacks Obama’s Taliban Prisoner Exchange

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 8, 2014

During Barack Obama’s run for his first term as president, one of his early and most vocal supporters in the mainstream media was ultra-leftist and MSNBC host Chris Matthews.  One of Matthews’ more infamous comments was after listening to Obama indicated that he got a “thrill up my leg”.  Demonstrating just how low this President’s approval has gone, even Matthews is jumping ship.

While the seeds of discontent from Matthews has been brewing for some time, Obama’s decision to trade five of the worst Taliban terrorists in exchange for one US POW, Bowe Bergdahl’s, who it is reported deserted his post, has Matthews all lathered up, as seen in the video clips below.

Watch out Chris.  You are likely to be demonized as just another part of the right-wing conspiracy.  Now that’s justice!

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CNN Legal Analyst Says Obama Broke the Law

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 3, 2014

It is remarkable the number of scandals and crisis that have rocked the Obama Administration in recent years.  The trend is accelerating.  It seems on a nearly weekly basis a new crisis becomes public.

Late last month the Veteran Administration Hospitals scandal broke.  Evidently hospitals were falsifying records so that management would receive bonuses for false performance.  It is reported that veterans died waiting for medical treatment during this period.

This week the story broke of a questionable deal President Obama authorized releasing five very bad terrorists from the Guantánamo Bay prison in exchange for the release by the Taliban of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  The furor over this deal is multifaceted.  First, there is the question as to whether potential future danger to Americans from the released terrorists makes the trade inappropriate.  In addition, questions are being raised as to whether this deal will motivate terrorists to kidnap other Americans for use as trade bait.

Finally, there is strong evidence that Sgt. Bergdahl deserted his base that led to his capture by the Taliban.  While this issue should not preclude the US from attempting to obtain the POWs release, it raises questions as to why the President is his Rose Garden appearance with Bergdahl’s parents was made.  In addition, why did Susan Rice once again go on a Sunday talk show and claim that Bergdahl served his country honorably when there is strong evidence to the contrary?

Concerns about the Bergdahl matter are not only being expressed by Republicans, but by Democrats also.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairperson, called the President’s actions “very disappointing”.

Even the mainstream media has expressed concerns on the president’s handling of this prisoner swap.  CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said of Obama’s unwillingness to give the Congress the required 30 day notice before transferring Guantánamo Bay prisoners that it: “I think he clearly broke the law.  The law says 30-days’ notice.  He didn’t give 30-days’ notice,” and. “it is true he issued a signing statement, but signing statements are not law.  Signing statements are the president’s opinion on what the law should be.

Toobin correctly concludes: “The law is on the books, and he didn’t follow it,” and that it “matters whether people follow the law or not.”  This President has, however, acted more like an Emperor than a servant of the people.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media’s silence over the last six years has emboldened Obama to take powers not granted him by the Constitution.  It is likely he will continue on this path as long as he remains in office.

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