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Archive for the ‘Wisconsin’ Category

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Supports Gov. Walker’s Restrictions on Collective Bargaining

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 14, 2011

The headline below speaks for itself, vindicating Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s take on the state’s law.  Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court found the Governor’s restrictions on collective bargaining for state workers to be legal.

While state employee unions will continue to fight for a larger piece of the pie, it is inevitable given the budgetary problems that many states face that this is a battle they cannot win.  In this case it is not a case political power, but economic reality that will ultimately determine the inevitable outcome.

Supreme Court reinstates collective bargaining law


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Wisconsin Leftists’ Uncivil Behavior Ignored by Mainstream Media

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 2, 2011

It was only a few weeks ago that the Left and their allies in the mainstream media were preaching “civility” in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  Through this Arizona tragedy the Left attempted to create the narrative that conservatives who disagree with Progressive positions were guilty of creating an atmosphere promoting violence.  While the argument didn’t pass the smell test, the mainstream media did a professional job promoting it.

News since the Giffords’ shooting has further debunked the theory that incivility emanates from conservatives.  The vitriol in Wisconsin coming from those protesting Governor Scott Walker’s position relating to public employee unions is a prime example.  Some of the more gentle slogans from this group compare Walker to Hitler and Gaddafi.  Just imagine the response from the press had the Tea Party taken this tactic with a Progressive.

In one of the more mean-spirited events coming from Wisconsin, a Democrat assemblymen, Gordon Hintz, of Oshkosh, went on the attack last week against fellow assemblywomen Michelle Litjens, a Republican, saying “You are f–king dead“, as reported by the Northwestern.  But don’t expect the mainstream media to run this uncivil behavior story, since it came from a fellow Leftist.

As reader Jim Mahoney so well said; “Another caring, sensitive liberal in action.  Apparently he didn’t get the memo about the new civility.” No Jim, the Left views civility as they do bi-partisanship; a one-way street for others to follow

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Wisconsin Teachers Compare Governor Scott Walker to Hitler

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 21, 2011

The protests being held in Wisconsin by some public employees and teachers has garnered national attention.  The attention is likely because this is an early attempt by a state to bring their costs in line with income; i.e. tax receipts, during a very trying economy.

Many states are reaching the point of insolvency, a problem brought to a head by the worldwide 2008 financial meltdown that substantially reduced tax receipts.  However, the initial causes of the states’ financial challenges began much earlier.  Through unionization and inept politicians, public employees could hold taxpayers hostage to salary and benefits demands.  Threaten to shut down schools and politicians caved in, especially when the true cost of giving into the demands would not be felt until sometime in the future.  Well, the future is now.

Wisconsin is the poster child for states’ with problems caused by unsustainable compensation to its employees.  That State is facing a $137 million deficit in 2011 that at the current rate will balloon to $3.6 billion by 2013.  Its governor, Republican Scott Walker, is attempting to address these shortfalls by cutting costs.  A large portion of any states’ cost is the wages and benefits its employees receive.  To cut these costs, Walker proposes the following changes Wisconsin public employee benefits:

  • Wisconsin taxpayers contribute 99% to its public employee pensions.  Walker wants the State’s employees to pay in 5.8%, lower than the national average.
  • Wisconsin’s public employees currently pay about 6% of their health care premiums.  Walker’s proposal increases that to 12%, about half the national average.
  • Walker proposes taking away the State’s employees right to collective bargaining for benefits, not wages.  The Governor justifies this action since previous union negotiations required about 15 months.  Wisconsin’s new budget will slash the State’s contributions to its local communities immediately.  Therefore, the local communities will not have luxury of time for prolonged negotiations.

It is understandable that Wisconsin state employees do not want to give back benefits they now have.  Who would?  However, more difficult to understand is the rhetoric and vitriol coming from supposedly well educated and professional employees.  For example, their comparison of Governor Scott Walker to Hitler is an outrage more expected of the lunatic fringe then from those that teach our children.  This and other less than intellectual statements are included in the video below.

The winds of hate and anger within Wisconsin’s state employees are being stoked by outside agitation.  National unions are appropriately concerned that should Wisconsin state employee unions be broken, dues from members would substantially decrease.  This would negatively impact the salaries of those running the unions.

In addition, the Democrat Party is concerned that any weakening public sector unions will decrease their contributions to the Party, both in terms of money and in the get out the vote efforts.  This concern is great enough for President Obama to once again wade into a states’ rights issue and publically announced support for the Wisconsin public employees.  How un-presidential!  Governor Walker appropriately told to the President that he should focus on balancing the federal government’s budget instead of meddling in Wisconsin’s internal affairs.

There is an old saying that goes: “When someone says it is not about the money, it is always about the money.”  If we cannot get civility out of these public employees we should at least expect the truth!


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