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Archive for the ‘Welfare’ Category

Over 46 Million Americans Receive Food Stamps for 35th Straight Month

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 15, 2014

Most Americans realize the economy is not heading in the right direction, even though we are years into the so-called recovery.  One objective indicator of the ongoing economic is the number of people receiving food stamps, a measure of Americans in poverty.

According to the Department of Agricultural, in July 2014 nearly 46.5 million Americans received benefits under the SNAP program.  More telling, July was the 35th consecutive month that over 46 million Americans received food stamps.  In addition, according to CNSNews.com, over 35% Americans now receive some sort of welfare.

Given the trillions America has spent on anti-poverty programs since Pres. Johnson’s Great Society programs, as well as the hundreds of billions of stimulus spending by the government since the 2008 economic meltdown, these poverty figures are staggering.  They not only indicate that these programs failed, but also raise questions as to whether the programs themselves actually have damaged those Americans they were supposed to aid.

It is time to reevaluate which programs work, as well as those that do not.  Programs that not lead to objectively determined positive results should be canceled.  It is no longer reasonable for Progressives to claim that programs that wasted hundreds of billions of dollars over years of time can be repaired by still more spending.

Is no longer a choice between policies promoted by either the Left or Right.  With more than one third of Americans receiving some form of welfare, the trajectory is simply unsustainable.  Without repair to wasteful spending and inefficient programs, the Country will in the not-too-distant future will be unable to pay for those truly in need.  That will be a real tragedy


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Welfare State’s Destruction Powers

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 1, 2012

The “welfare state” is more than a state of mind.  It is a philosophy by which the state makes citizens wards, dependent on it for all manner of things relating to subsistence.

Feudal England had its castles whose lords offered the peasantry food and protection in return for subservient behavior.  While this system was rejected generations ago, is has been replaced by one just as repressive to the masses, the welfare state.  In the welfare system, the political elites who are modern-day lords, drill into the less fortunate their inability to progress in society without the assistance of their new lords.  Initially, the political elites implement programs that sound humanitarian, but in reality increase the power of the elites by making more citizens dependent on their handouts.

While it is staggering to consider the trillions spent on antipoverty programs since President Johnson’ Great Society its own, it becomes criminal given the fact that the same Progressives claim that the current American poverty rate has never been higher in.  Where did all these funds go?  Who actually benefited from them?  These are questions that the proponents of the programs never ask.

Shortly after President Roosevelt’s New Deal and the growth of the intrusive government began, there were those in the United States who feared the outcome of the welfare state.  Their fear’s have been proven correct.  The poem below, initially published in 1949, was sent in by Blog reader Carl.  We had certainly traveled down the slippery slope in the last six decades.

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Obamacare’s Big Lie

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 1, 2010

President Obama and his Democrat compatriots in the Congress attempted to create the narrative that their healthcare “reform” was about compassion and care for those in need.  While these issues may have played a role for some in this debate, the “reform” from the beginning was always about the government taking more control over our  economy.

On May 17 that great intellect from the Left, Nancy Pelosi, gave a speech at the Capital that exposed the Progressives’ real intent with for the healthcare reform bill.

We see it as a entrepreneurial bill a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.” (See the incredible video clip below.)

Now we know why Pelosi said that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it …”.  I guess she is finally starting to tell us.  It is designed to get more people on the government dole.

Healthcare reform is but another European-style welfare program.  Heck, the Europeans are doing so well, let’s just follow them to the edge of the cliff.

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