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Archive for the ‘Voting Rights Act’ Category

Progressives No Longer Believe in On-person, One Vote

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 16, 2010

Blog reader Jim Mahoney sent in an AP article this morning that is beyond belief, link included below.  Here’s a brief review of the story.

Port Chester, New York is a town of about 30,000 with half being Hispanic.  No Latino was ever elected to any of the six trustee seats.  These seats, until now, were chosen in the old-fashion American way, by popular election.  It seems that since most that voted were white that white candidates always won.  Normal logic might say that should the Hispanics choose not to vote, that is their loss.  But Progressives don’t have normal logic and actually do not believe in the Democratic system or for that matter the Constitution.

In 2006 the federal government alleged that the existing system for electing trustees was unfair not because it was, but because the outcome of the elections did not match what Progressives believe to be fair.  Federal Judge Stephen Robinson ruled that the outcome violated the Voting Rights Act and approved a remedy called cumulative voting where residents get six votes each to apportion as they wish among the candidates.

For your ruling, Judge Robinson., you are due a Knucklehead of Year Award.  At the same time thank you for reminding us why Progressives are so dangerous.  Thank you also for making the Tea Party such an attractive alternative to your fellow Progressives in Washington.

As Jim Mahoney said:   “Well, there’s no need for voter fraud when you just institutionalize the practice.”

AP Article in Full


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