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Archive for the ‘Sudan’ Category

Sudanese Ethnic Cleansing Begins Again

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 30, 2011

MSNBC.Com has reported that ethnic cleansing has once again begun in Sudan, this time in the Abyei region of the country.  However, beginning in the early 1990’s that Sudan became synonymous with the word “genocide” in Darfur region.

That conflict was between the northern is part of Sudan dominated by Arabs and southern part made up of Christians and animists.  The southerners claimed that the northerners created an Arab Apartheid against non-Arabs in Darfur.  The results, which some have referred to as genocide, was up to 400,000 killed in Darfur.

Now, MSNBC.Com has reported that 150,000 Sudanese have fled their villages since the Sudanese army attacked Abyei last week.  United Nations spokesman on the ground in Sudan, Kouider Zerrouk, said “Abyei is now a ghost townThe only presence on the ground is SAF (North Sudan’s army) and (North Sudan-allied) Misseriya militias.”  Translation, the killings and ethnic cleansing that gripped Darfur has now moved to Abyei and the Arabs from the north are the once again the perpetrators.

John Prendergast of the advocacy group The Enough Project, was more pointed and said: “The ultimate strategy is to ethnically cleanse Abyei, similar to what the regime has done in parts of Darfur.  The international community must respond with more than appeals for calm and mild reproaches.  The time has come for serious consequences for the commission of war crimes, or they will continue“.

Unfortunately Mr. Prendergast, the people of Abyei will likely fare no better from the international community than the victims of Darfur did some years ago.  Both are victims of international political correctness that is racist in origin and does not allow for criticism of movements backed by Islamic countries.  A United Nations that allows countries like Libya and Syria to sit on its Human Rights Commission does not have the political will to focus on those poor folks dying in Abyei.


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