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Carly Fiorina Shines in Debates, Rattles Chris Matthews

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 7, 2015

Carly Fiorina Shines in Debates, Rattles Chris Matthews

The first two Republican debates concluded last night and began the process of whittling down out candidates.  There were some surprises.

Fox News is to be commended for not only hosting the debates, but also asking the Republicans difficult questions, the type that other networks refused to ask of Democrats including the current President.

During recent weeks, Donald Trump has taken the lion share of media attention for Republican hopefuls.  He damaged his cause last night.  First, in responding to the initial question, Trump indicated that he is not a team player by being the only candidate not willing to commit to backing the ultimate Republican winter.  This should discount his candidacy to any rational Republican, irrespective of his threat to run as a third-party candidate.  He also showed himself to be mean-spirited and lacking in depth on issues.

While many on the Right are disappointed with the direction of government and the country, that does not justify nominating one ill-equipped for office.  The Democrats did that seven years ago and the results are not pretty.

Most of the other Republican candidates on the two stages acquitted themselves well, but lacking in excitement and vision.  Dr. Ben Carson made a good showing considering he is a novice in politics and political debate.  Perry and Lindsey Graham seemed weak in presentation and substance.

Carly FThe big surprise of the evening came during the first debate with Carly Fiorina stealing the show.  Her performance was so strong that not to do many consider her the winner, but that she even overshadowed the candidates in the second debate in which she did not participate.  This conclusion is shared by this Blog, as well as pundits on the Left, such as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, and Fox News’s conservative Charles Krauthammer, with video clips posted below.

Fiorina’s strong showing came from being well prepared on issues and presenting her views with conviction.   It is obvious that there is significant substance behind this candidate and that the surprise is the result of her being unknown to many Americans.  This is likely to change going forward.

Chris Matthews is an unapologetic Leftist and an eager and early supporter of Barack Obama during his first run for the White House.  The fact that Matthews last night spent significant time after the debates going after Fiorina for calling Hillary Clinton a liar is a telling sign that he fears her skills and potential candidacy.

Following the debate, Matthews interviewed Fiorina and went on the attack asking:  “You called Hillary Clinton a liar tonight on a number of occasions.  Do you want to explain why you would use such a, almost end of conversation term for your possible opponent next year?

Fiorina did not back down, responding concisely: “Because it’s true.  You know, one of the things that I think people are tired of in politics, and Republicans do it as well, is we don’t use common-sense language.  We talk in sanitized sound bites. I don’t, but most politicians do.”  Editing specifics to her response, Fiorina said: “By any standard common-sense measure, Hillary Clinton has lied, about Benghazi, about her emails and about her server.”

It is early in the Republican primary process.  There is much to learn about the candidates and more surprises will come.  However, last night’s debates were helpful in beginning this process with two significant outcomes.  First, Donald Trump began his dissent from political stardom.  That was not a surprise.   On the surprise side, Carly Fiorina’s near rock-star performance was refreshing.  She will be a legitimate force in the upcoming primary processes.


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Election Results Indicate Problems at Fox News for Republican Pollsters

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 11, 2012

Going into the presidential election there were two opposing views as to the outcome.  One, expressed by mainstream pollsters and Obama campaign, pointed to a victory for the President.  The other view circulated by Republican pollsters and promoted by Fox News was a Romney victory.  They justified this conclusion by claiming the mainstream pollsters were over-polling for Democrats.  The mainstream pollsters were indeed correct.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz at least had the good sense for some straight talk on the issue when on Saturday night he said on Fox News:

“Look – the published polls that the Romney campaign and the Republican establishment were trashing day after day turned out to be accurate.  …

“This is a bad day for Republican pollsters, and it’s something that they should be held accountable for.  You have to tell your clients the truth, and you have to be accurate.  And to miss so many states and to be this far off, your Fox News viewers ought to be outraged, because day in and day out they were told that Mitt Romney was going to win, and the fact is Ohio was never up, Wisconsin was never up, Pennsylvania was never up…the published polls were correct.  Nate Silver was correct.  But the Republican establishment polls were wrong.”

Polling, while not exact, is indeed a science.  For Republican pollsters and Fox News to get it so wrong is unconscionable and is unlikely merely the result of wishful thinking.  Both need to be taken to task for their glaring mistakes.  For Republicans, the established leaders of the RNC and others in power within the party need to be fired.  As for Fox News, they will be handled appropriately with the loss of viewers and resulting advertising revenues.


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Congressman Akin Must be Purged from Republican Party

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 21, 2012

Congressman Todd Akin opened his soul to the public Sunday during an interview when he said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”  The view is ugly.  This was an incredibly dumb statement that is not backed by science or moral reasonableness.

The reaction from the Left was predictable, attempting to paint Republicans as the party of women abusers.  The truth is that both parties have their share of knuckleheads and Akin is one the Republicans must take responsibility for.

The GOP reacted quickly to the Akin affair since he is running against Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri for her Senatorial seat.  The National Republican Senatorial Committee has withdrawn all support for Akin.  Many Republicans including Mitt Romney and, Senators John Cornyn and Scott Brown have suggested that Akin withdraw from his Senate bid.  Akin has yet to withdraw showing the same lack of common sense that led to his rape and abortion comment.

Certainly part of the GOP’s harsh reaction to Akin relates to self-preservation.  The Republicans want to gain a majority in the Senate and the Missouri seat is a key part of that effort.  At the same time the Party is to be commended for its no nonsense and immediate response to this issue.

Beliefs of the far Right that that are similar to Akin’s should find no home in the Republican Party.  Modern fathers of the Party such as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would have no part of those views.  To be success, the Party views should be comprised of those of the center-right makeup of the Country, with a strong focus towards the Constitution and a Libertarian bent.

The Democrat Party of Truman, Kennedy and yes Clinton is no more.  It has morphed into a far Left conglomerate controlled by radicals like Obama, Reed and Pelosi that allows racists and bigots.  The Republicans should use this Akin moment and a strict interpretation of the Constitution to purge itself of those on the fringes.

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The Winds of Change are Coming

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 29, 2009

How remarkable the change has been in the political landscape in the just past year.  A bit more than a year ago Barak Obama was swept into office with a huge mandate and majorities in both houses of Congress, elected primarily because of his promise of “change”.  The Republicans were totally beaten and rightfully so as they misused the public’s trust with corruption and spending like drunken sailors.  It looked like the Democrats would rule for at least the coming decade.

Wow, have things changed almost overnight and not the way Obama envisioned it.  No, the Republicans are not yet back.  They are still smarting from the election and have yet to find a voice to take them back to the Promised Land.  Instead, it is the Democrats who are self-destructing.  While Obama was elected to lead from the center, he and his compatriots in Congress are ramming far left changes down the throats of an unwilling electorate.  Obama’s historically low poll numbers and the velocity of this drop tell the story.  This, combined with arrogance, will make it difficult for the President to reconnect to the people.

While the Republicans are still licking their wounds, there are whispers of common sense coming from within the Party, the first requirement for its rebirth.  The whispers come from those who want to take the Party back to the Conservative principals of Reagan and Goldwater.  That will require it to stay clear of issues that the government has no right to interfere with.  Sorting this out will require with growing pains.

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, is a true Conservative that “gets it”. This past fall he went against some in the Party by backing liberal Republican, Dede Scozzafava of New York against a Conservative Party candidate.  Gingrich didn’t take this risky step because he agreed with Scozzafava politics, but because it was the right thing to do for the Party and ultimately the country.  Had Newt been successful there would be one less Democrat in the Congress next month.  But don’t fret too much for Newt’s pragmatism.  His conservative credentials are impeccable as demonstrated in a recent speech that I have linked below.  It’s a good start for a railing cry for conservatives throughout the country.


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