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Archive for the ‘Patriotism’ Category

“Courage” Defined by Pres. Obama and Col. Allen West

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 5, 2013

Throughout history words such as courage, patriotism and radical have been defined by the popular narrative of their time.  During the 1950s, the narrative was controlled by the Right, often through anti-Communist rhetoric and McCarthyism.  Currently, the narrative is controlled by the Left.

There is no better example of the Left’s control of the contemporary narrative then the hoopla surrounding NBA basketball player, Jason Collins, publicly stating that he is gay.  As seen in the video below, Jay Carney, speaking for President Obama, calls Collins’ action courageous.  That is a curious claim considering the adulation Collins has received from the press since his announcement.

It is sad what signifies courage in contemporary America.  Col. Allen West eloquently discusses his definition of courage in the second video posted below telling the story of Sgt Greg Robinson.  Robinson recently concluded the army’s rigorous air assault school, even though he is missing the lower section of one leg.  In another time a person like Col. West might have been Pres. of this country.  Today he is considered a radical.


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Patriotism and the Left

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 18, 2012

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American Patriotism Distorted by Progressives

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 4, 2011

Earlier this month soccer’s Gold Cup final was held in the Rose Bowl in California.  The contest for the championship was between teams from the U.S and Mexican.  Given its U.S. venue you would expect the American team to have the home-field advantages.  But not in today’s topsy-turvy world.  The US. team lost, 4-2, but that was not the real story line of the match.

Of the 93,000 fans that attended the match, an estimated 80,000 cheered on team Mexico and more surprisingly booed the American team.  This would not be particularly surprising had the team Mexico fans lived in Mexico, but in fact they are residents of the United States.

In a free country, patriotism is a sense of national pride that society creates that acts as glue holding together diverse special interest groups.  While in the past it has at times led to overstepping of reasonable boundaries, it also enabled countries to overachieve for the betterment of the world.  America’s herculean effort that saved the world from fascism in World War II is a prime example.  So too was America’s long and expensive effort to contain and ultimately defeat the Soviet Evil Empire.

The melting-pot that is America was created through freedom, opportunity and yes patriotism.  This allowed people of many different ethnic backgrounds to mold together for the common good and create the world’s greatest country.  However, in more recent times the patriotic glue has been weakened by Progressives who see America as the impediment for achieving a new world order.

It is not surprising that American’s of Mexican heritage would feel pride in their old country’s soccer field successes.  It is, however, shocking that they would boo their new country’s team.

Most Mexicans flee their country because of lack of economic opportunity and/or the fear of violence within that failing state.  Remarkably, those that attended the Gold Cup still feel greater kinship to the country they fled, rather than the one that now feeds and protects them.  Yikes.  Compare this to previous waves of immigrants who came to America and quickly assimilated into the melting-pot.  What has changed?  Progressives have created a society based on entitlements.  Instead of a societal view that immigrants start at the bottom, work hard and learn the national language, Progressives have demanded that the rest of America learn the language of the immigrants.  They also offer immigrants, both legal and illegal, social benefits that previous immigrants did not have access to.

As we celebrate Independence Day, it is time to once again embrace patriotism as a national virtue.  Patriotism is a requirement for the melting-pot to continue to succeed.

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The People School League of Women Voters

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 23, 2010

Yes, the winds of change are coming.  That is evident in the grass roots movement called the “Tea Party”.  It is also evident by the way the American people took on their elected officials at Town Hall meetings in the last year.  And it was evident at a debate between Representative. Melissa Bean and challenger Joe Walsh.  The League of Women Voters didn’t start with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The people had a different view and they won.  Power to the people!


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An American Muslim Patriot Speaks Out

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 13, 2010

Many Americans have been taken back by the lack of sensitivity shown by supposed moderate cleric, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, due to his decision to build a large mosque at Ground-zero and his unwillingness to change its location since.  In September 10’s Wall Street Journal, American Muslim Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy based in Phoenix, Arizona puts Imam Rauf’ intransigents into perspective stating: “He may not appear to the untrained eye to be an Islamist, but by making Ground Zero an Islamic rather than an American issue he shows his true allegiance.”

Dr. Jasser is a medical doctor and former U.S. Navy lieutenant commander.  He is a patriot who places his country, the United States, first.  This is the essence of the “melting-pot” in which Americans of all religions and nationalities made the United States great.  The straight-talk and courage shown in Dr. Jasser’s op-ed, full text below, is refreshing in a world where political correctness and double-talk have become the norm.

President Obama and his predecessor, George Bush, mistakenly tried to appease radical Islamists by placing closest radicals like Imam Rauf on a pedestal.  Instead we should have American-Muslim patriots like M. Zuhdi Jasser speak for America and American Muslims.

Questions for Imam Rauf From an American Muslim, by M. Zuhdi Jasser

After a long absence while controversy over the mosque near Ground Zero smoldered, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf finally held forth this week both in the New York Times and on CNN.

As someone who has been involved in building mosques around the country, Read the rest of this entry »

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Obama Won’t Fly the U.s Flag in Haiti

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 27, 2010

The USA Today reported last month on a story that did not get much press in the mainstream media.  The Obama Administration decided that it is a bad idea to fly the American flag in Haiti with America’s massive relief efforts.  The USA Today report states that, “the country whose contributions dwarf the rest of the world’s – the United States – has no flag at its main installation near the Port-au-Prince airport.

Under other Administrations we would expect the absence of the U.S. flag to be just another government blunder.  But this is no ordinary Administration.  According to the U.S. government’s Haiti Joint Information Center: “We are not here as an occupation force, but as an international partner committed to supporting the government of Haiti on the road to recovery.”  What an outrageous statement.  It matches President Obama’s lame excuse during the presidential campaign as to why he did not wear a U.S. flag pin, at least until it became politically expedient to do so.

President Obama’s actions tell us what is in his heart.  Had the American people focused on these actions, rather than his hypnotic speeches, he would have not been elected president.  What the president has never explained, and the media has not asked, is why man born of an immigrant father has such a negative view of the history the country that gave him so much.  We must concluded that  there are things in the President’s past that profoundly affected his view of the United States that he cares not to share with the people who elected him.

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