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Archive for the ‘Osama Bin Laden’ Category

Germany’s Left and Some in America’s Right Critical of Obama Hit on bin Laden

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 4, 2011

It is remarkable what strange bed-fellows big events can create.  Some on the American Right and the German Left are both critical of President Obama’s decision to have Osama bin Laden killed.  The logic of both, while different, is seriously flawed.

Some German politicians have criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for expressing her joy over bin Laden’s demise.  Katrin Göring-Eckardt of German’s Green party said; “But you can’t be happy about his death.”   Siegfried Kauder of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), called Merkel’s comment reminiscent of something a person would say in the “middle ages.”  Martin Lohmann of the CDU Party said; “It would have been better if Osama bin Laden had been arrested and brought to justice”.

It is rather incongruent for the Germans to lecture Americans on either “middle-age” behaviour or the rule of law.  Let us be clear to our German allies; this killing was retribution for attacks on America that
resulted in thousands of innocent deaths.  We need not apologize for that.

Some on the American Right have also been critical of President Obama’s handling of the bin Laden matter.  For them this is unrelated to bin Laden not being read his Miranda Rights.  They instead
cannot stomach Obama getting credit for what was a very successful military operation.  It is time for the Right to get over it, less they get sucked into another Birther side-show.

This Blog has been critical of the President since his election and there has been much to be critical of.  That criticism will continue going forward, as he will not change his Progressive stripes.   However, as Commander-in-Chief, Obama took great political risk in planning and using special ops to put the hit on bin Laden.  He could have instead made the easy decision and ordered a laser guided bomb dropped from 40,000 feet.  However, that would have made confirming bin Laden’s death more problematic.  In
addition, allowing the SEALs to take this terrorist out, mano on mano, sent a message to Jihadists worldwide that America is not a paper tiger.

So this Blog will say “thank you “ Mr. President for a job well done.  …..  Now change your decision
announced today and release the photographs of bin Laden’s dead body.  The same people who witnessed the towers going down and paid millions to take this guy out have a right to see the
photos.  You promised transparency if elected and we the people demand it.


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Bin Laden Hides Behind a Woman in his last Moments

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden has been removed from this earth.  The information coming out as to how he died says much about the man who claimed for so many years to desire Martyrdom.   It turns out he lied.  Yes, Obama was killed by the infidels, as he predicted.  However, it was not as a warrior, but as a
coward like so many thugs that preceded him.

In a White House briefing Monday, counterterrorism advisor John Brennan described some of bin Laden’s end days.  He lived in a custom-built $1 million mansion in Abbottabad, not far from of Islamabad, Pakistan.  As the Navy SEALS prepared to send him to his just reward, bin Laden used his young wife to serve as his human shield.  How fitting for bin Laden to die as a coward and then to end up as fish food.

There is the potential for a signficant benefit to the cowardly manner in which bin Laden lived for the past 10 years and then died.  It once again showed the world, and more specifically the Muslim community, the true nature of Jihadist leaders.  Their cowardly behaviour might make future suicide bombers hesitate when these folks offer them martyrdom in return for their lives and those they would take with them.

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Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday by US Special Forces.  It was a good day for America and a good day for President Obama.  For America, we received a bit of revenge for the killings of so many innocents.  For President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief he deserves kudos for being the top-dog of a mission that seems to have worked to perfection.

Soon after the OBM’s death was announced, parties began in the streets of New York City and Washington, DC.  Many seen celebrating were no more than elementary school children on 9-11.  While the Special Forces exorcised the OBL demean from this world, he was unfortunately yesterday’s war.

The news that OSM was living a life of luxury in Pakistan indicates that in recent years his interests were more in personal comfort and safety than the killing of infidels.  No, today the most pressing danger facing America is our run-a-way deficit that threatens not only our financial well-being, but our long-term security as well.  An insolvent country cannot pay its old folk’s medical bills or for its special forces.

We can celebrate for a day on the death of a truly evil person.  Then it must back to war and the number one enemy of the people is runaway spending in Washington, DC.

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