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Archive for the ‘Olympics’ Category

Obama’s Olympic Foray – Costing Taxpayers $1 million

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2009

AF1President Obama’s decision to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to lobby on behalf of the City of Chicago’s desire to host the Olympics is a curious use of his time and the country’s funds.  Using the Pentagon’s estimate hourly cost for flying Air Force 1 and the huge presidential staff, the 14 hour junket cost the taxpayers about $1 million.

Olympic_Rings.svg.hiThe trip was political payback by the President to his Chicago political friends including Mayor Richard Daley.  Putting cost aside, was this a good use of the President’s time?  With the serious problems the country faces including Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the disintegrating Afghan War, and today’s announced unemployment rate of 9.8%, the answer is “no”.  This President’s leadership style continues to be troubled by a lack of focus, spreading his priorities too wide. Read the rest of this entry »


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