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Archive for the ‘Occupy Wall Streed’ Category

Hannity Exposes Occupy Wall Street Illogic

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 5, 2012

Earlier this week Sean Hannity interviewed one of the foot soldiers of the Occupy Wall Street movement and it was telling.  In the video posted below, Harrison Schultz made outrageous claims including: Those were the people that the NYPD was sending to the park to discredit us and make us look bad,” and the NYPD was sending rapists down to the park,” referring to the rapes and other behavior that occurred at the Zuccotti Park Occupy takeover.

As outrageous as Schultz’s claims above are, they are laughable when compared to his statements in the video that all sorts of luxuries should be free and supplied by the government; i.e. taxpayers.  This is one example that demonstrates the realities behind many of the Left’s demands; greed, plain and simple.  These Progressives want what others have and do not want to expend sweat equity in the process.

Leftist politicians like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have embraced the Occupy movement for personal gain.  While they are already members of the one percenters, it is there lust for power that has brought then and the Occupy freeloaders together.


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Leftist College Professor has Students Attend “Occupy” Rally

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 16, 2011

As reported by the Blaze.com, a professor at Northern Michigan University offered students extra credit for taking part in an Occupy protest.  Sociology Professor Jeanne Lorentzen offered 20 credits to attend the Occupy the Upper Peninsula rally on Saturday.  Students that did not attend may instead write a 20-page term paper about a social movement and receive the same 20 credits.

It is clear that Professor Lorentzen’s motivations are purely political.  Her offer to students to write the alternative term paper for the same credit is a ruse. Giving college students the choice of a walk in the park or writing a lengthy term paper is tantamount to no choice at all.

The Blaze.com did some research on the good professor and found that her Facebook profile is loaded with Leftist political leanings including backing Occupy Wall Street rallies.  Her true intent is included in her comments about the assignment that include: “The Occupy Movement is not aligned with any particular political party as it focuses on a multitude of social inequalities a topic we’ve been studying for the last week, and which we will continue to study (Global Stratification) for the next week.”   The Occupy movements have a strong and often radical Leftist bent.  It doesn’t take a PhD to know that nearly all in this movement are more closely allied to the Democrats than Republicans.  For Ms. Lorentzen to suggest otherwise indicates she is either being disingenuous or lying.  Neither makes her fit to teach young people. However, she undoubtedly has tenure.

Professor Lorentzen is continuing the indoctrination techniques that elitist Leftist has used in education for generations.  Her use of expensive educational time to promote liberal causes helps explain why reasons college graduates have obtain degrees that have not prepared them for the jobs that society actually requires.

It is interesting that Leftist educators like Professor Lorentzen attack the money grabbing ways of capitalist while ignoring similar traits in America’s higher educational system.  The cost of a college education has risen significantly more than the rate of inflation for years.  It is likely that Professor Lorentzen’s promotion of the Occupy movements is not only due to her Leftist leanings, but also self-serving; i.e. to keep the gravy train going in the education business.

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Anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street Rally

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 14, 2011

In the early days of the Tea Party, some on the Left and in the mainstream media attempted to damage the movement by calling it racist.  That claim lost steam as it was patently untrue.  It was but another attempt by the Left to portray those who disagree with their political philosophy as either ignorant and/or racist.

While there are racist fringes in any political movement, the Right has to a great extent been purged of this disease due its sensitivity to such claims that came from the media’s focus on the Right’s legacy racism.  It wasn’t that long ago that Senator Trent Lott was purged of his leadership position in the Republican Party due to an insensitive comment at a Strom Thurmond birthday party.

The Left, on the other hand, has often been given a pass on the racism and anti-Semitism by the mainstream media.  When someone from the Left makes a racist or anti-Semantic remark, often it is excused by his Leftist associates with a comment such as “I know what’s in his heart”.

There is no better example of the pass the Left receives on racism than then one given to Barack Obama during his run for the presidency.  After Obama’s relationship with the racist Pastor Jeremiah Wright became public, the mainstream media and Democratic Party accepted his excuse that while he sat in the church and listened to Wright’s sermons for 20 years, he did not hear them.  Ludicrous!

Earlier this week, a video of one of the Occupy Wall Street’s protesters making aa Semitic rant was posted on YouTube, link provided below.  However, don’t expect the mainstream media to hold these Leftist protesters to the same standards they held the Tea Party.  Once again, this protester will be tagged as merely a fringe player on the Left and not representative of the movement; yet another pass for the Left.

The Democrat Party, who represents the Left, is a collection of special interests.  Many of these interest groups are legitimate with legitimate, if not misguided, causes.  However, the Democratic Party has also become home to radicals with racist, race baiting and anti-Semitic leanings.  That makes an anti-Semite, like the one ranting in the video, feel comfortable joining their rallies.  It also allows other protesters to ignore the cancer growing within the demonstration.

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Wall Street Protesters Joined by Special Interest Groups

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 13, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protests were initiated by college students with an anarchist bent.  Some of the photos from this 2011 fest posted below remind us Baby Boomers of the hippie-fests of the ‘60’s.

The early protesters are being joined in New York by long-established special interest groups from the Left including the Chinatown Tenants Union and the Transit Workers Union, MoveOn.org, various other union organizations and community organizations including the Working Families Party and United NY.  While the Occupy protesters are yet to coalesce around specific demands, they were energized by President Obama’s class warfare rhetoric.  MoveOn.org’s Justin Ruben took on the rhetoric calling the protesters “brave young people” and stating: “From our perspective, we’re protesting kind of the greed that led to the collapse of our economy.  The fact that these banks aren’t paying their fair share.”

Recently, Leftist politicians including President Obama and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi have praised the protestors.  It would be interesting to know if they are praising the folks in the photos below or their union pals.

It is understandable why the Occupy protesters are concerned.  The weakened economy could be especially painful for college students who may be forced to pay for their education and study subjects that lead to professions that society actually needs.

As for MoveOn’s comments about paying “their fair share“, it is likely that most of the protesters pay little, if any income tax.  Left unsaid by MoveOn is what the fair share is for any American.

It is curious that the established groups now joining the Occupy protests have been ardent supporters of Barack Obama in the past.  In addition, Obama’s roots come from connection to the community organizing sub-culture also involved with the protests.  This creates a potential conflict within the protest movement between their stated goals that include anarchy and revolution, and support for President Obama.  It is likely that the President will attempt to harness these protests for political gain, which will require even more radical Leftist policies and rhetoric from the White House.


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