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Archive for the ‘NPR’ Category

NPR Board Member Admits NPR Bias

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 11, 2011

The recent scandal at National Public Radio (NPR) has already led to a few positive results.  The first is the resignation of its CEO, Vivian Schiller.  More recently, Newsbusters.org reported that an NPR board member has publically questioned the network’s Liberal bias with Sue Schardt saying:

  • Criticisms of NPRdo have some legitimacy.  We must, as a starting point, take on board some of this criticism.”
  • We unwittingly cultivated a core audience that is predominately white, liberal, highly educated, elite.
  • Ms. Schardt stated that NPR only serves 11 percent of the United States and therefore she “we need to carefully consider whether we warrant public funding and, if so, what the rationale would be.”

Ms. Schardt’s openness and honesty are refreshing in a society that is too often unwilling to look in the mirror to face its demons.  Taking taxpayer money to fund programs for a “predominately white, liberal, highly educated, elite” audience is not only wrong, but on its face racists.



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NPR’s President Vivian Schiller Resigns

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 9, 2011

The Wall Street Journal just reported that National Public Radio (NPR) President Vivian Schiller resigned because fellow executive Ron Schiller’s (not related to Vivian) bigoted comments caught on video tape earlier this week.  This was the subject of yesterday’s posting: “NPR Executive Ron Schiller Caught on Video Spewing Hate”.

Ms. Schiller’s falling on her sword is a desperate attempt at damage control.  NPR is concerned that this new ruckus, when added to the inappropriate Juan Williams firing (“NPR Shows Fascist Fangs by Firing Juan Williams”), will fuel the flames of calls to end federal funding for it.

The Ron Schiller video tape merely outs the Progressive bigots that work for NPR.  Had NPR not been publically funded, this would be an issue for its board and those that support it financially.  But it is not.  NPR receives public funding that makes its bigotry and Leftist leanings a problem for we the people.

While there may have been some logic for funding NPR in its early days given the limited means of distributing news, with advanced technology, the Internet, cable news, etc., all such logic has evaporating.  NPR’s government funding needs to be pulled immediately.  As a private organization they would have to supply services that buyers (advertisers) are willing to support.


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NPR’s Nina Totenberg Apologizes for Using the Word “Christmas”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 20, 2010

Jim Mahoney sent in a story today that, as he said, is “Another example of how out of touch NPR is from the average American”.  In the video, Ms. Totenberg first states that she attended a Christmas party and then apologizes for either using the word “Christmas” or attending the party.

Progressives seem to believe that using a descriptive word for a holiday is somehow offensive to those that might not be Christians.  How childish.  Ms. Totenberg, what is offensive is you and your Progressive friends’ attempts to revise reality through politically correct word games.  And NPR had the gall to fire Juan Williams for saying what was on his mind.  These Progressives would make Nazi Joseph Goebbels proud.

Nina Totenberg Apologizes For Saying “Christmas”


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NPR President Offers Lame Apology for Juan Williams Firing

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 25, 2010

NPR President Vivian Schiller offered a half-hearted apology for the Juan Williams firing in a Sunday interview with Politico.  The firing was the subject of this Blog’s posting on October 22 titled After the Firing, NPR Slanders Juan Williams.

While Ms. Schiller stood by her original decision behind the Williams firing, she apologized for the precipitous way it was carried out stating:

“I regret that we did not take the time to prepare our program partners and provide you with the tools to cope with the fallout from this episode…the process that followed the decision was unfortunate – including not meeting with Juan Williams in person – and I take full responsibility for that.”

OK Ms. Schiller; you blew it and the network you work for will suffer in stature and in donations for years to come.  For making such an egregious error you should resign immediately for the good of the network that pays your salary.  Should you not resign, it is the duty of the NPR Board of Directors to remove you.  Should they not do their duty, the entire Board needs to be removed.


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After the Firing, NPR Slanders Juan Williams

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 22, 2010

Earlier this week NPR fired veteran commentary Juan Williams for expressing a personal feeling when boards an airplane.  But, there had to be more to the firing than that.  Liberal Williams was undoubtedly punished and made an example of by the Leftist NPR for having the audacity of also working for Fox News as a commentator.

The flack over the Williams firing continues.  Yesterday, NPR CEO Vivian Shiller had the gall to suggest that Juan Williams has some mental disorder (video below).  Besides an outrageous claim given Williams credentials, Ms. Shiller has opened up NPR to liability to the ex-employee.  Should Mr. Williams really have some mental issues that NPR was aware of, his firing could fall within a claim under the ADA (Americans with Disability Act).  On the other hand, should Williams not have the mental issues as suggested by Ms. Shiller, then she has opened NPR up to a claim of Libel.  For this incompetence, MS. Shiller should be fired immediately.

There is a deeper issue here that needs to come out of the closet.  The radical Left reserves special virtual for women and people of color who dare to question Progressive and politically correct positions.  Mr. Williams was lynched by the same folks that lynched Clarance Thomas.  These are the same folks that call conservative women bimbos.  How unprofessional; how un-“progressive”.


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