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Archive for the ‘NOW’ Category

National Organization of Women Once Again Show Hypocrisy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 16, 2010

The Californian gubernatorial race is causing a stir nationally.  Meg Whitman, former CEO of E-Bay, is running as a Republican against professional politician Jerry Brown, the Democrat.  Last week it went public that one of Brown’s supposedly private meetings with his handlers, someone in the group called Whitman a “political whore”.

In this politically correct world you typically would expect that type of statement to cause an outcry from feminists.  Once again that theory has been debunked with the political view of the perpetrator the issue, not the words.  NOW (National Organization of Women) has once again shown their hypocrisy.

While Whitman is a member of NOW, the National Organization of Wimps whimpered little more than a peep about the Brown campaign’s use of the anti-feminist language.  While initially NOW national president Terry O’Neill called for the firing of the Brown aid, which did not occur, Californian NOW President Parry Bellasalma rewarded Brown with an endorsement and said: “The very troubling issue that is embedded in that call is what prompted the description of Meg as a ‘whore’ is basically that she sold out Californians for an endorsement and a $450,000 independent expenditure campaign.”

Hmmmmm  ……  That sounds like NOW calling a lady a whore, doesn’t it?  Politics sure makes strange bedfellows!


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NOW Finally Speaks

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 23, 2010

The National Organization of Women (NOW), has been eerily quiet in recent years on issues with significant impact on women’s rights.  Their silence seems to coincide with the election of a Liberal President.

When Iran announced it would stone a women to death for a supposed affair or when the Ground-Zero Imam suggested that American needs to be Shariah compliant,  not a word came from NOW .  Their acquiescence seems more fitting for the National Organization of Wimps

But never fear, NOW has been awakened by the folks at Kentucky Fred Chicken.  To publicize its new bunless Double Down sandwiches to younger people, KFC is  hiring coeds on college campuses to hand out coupons while wearing fitted sweatpants with “Double Down” in large letters across their rear ends.  That got the folks at NOW going with its president Terry O’Neill saying: “It’s so obnoxious to once again be using women’s bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products.”

Should Ms. O’Neil visit a college she would see that coeds and apparel makers are using the seat of their pants for all sorts of messages.  Should she take a moment to watch MTV or listen to today’s popular music she would learn that sex sells.  Where does Ms. O’Neil hide?

Finally, as Blog reader Jim commented, NOW advocates that women are solely capable of making a decision on abortion, but doesn’t seem to believe they have the capabilities to determine what goes on their buns.  …..   Seeing any inconsistency here?

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