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Archive for the ‘Noble Peace Prize’ Category

Noble Peace Prize Goes to UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 22, 2013

In 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize went to our newly elected president, Barack Obama.  This was an amazing choice since none of Obama’s international policies were yet in effect.  Given the Libyan war, the ongoing Afghan war, and the President’s willingness to use drone assassinations at will, this award was more than premature, it was inappropriate.

Furthering the Noble Committee’s weird choices, the 2012 Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union.  The European Union is clearly an economic disaster with many Southern tier EU countries in or near insolvency.  To award a community that created this colossal mess a Peace Prize is absurd.

Last week the Norwegian Nobel Committee continued its questionable record, giving the 2013 Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the United Nations chemical weapons inspectors.  This organization was awarded the prize due to its involvement in attempting to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria with the Noble Committee’s citation stating:  “Recent events in Syria, where chemical weapons have again been put to use, have underlined the need to enhance the efforts to do away with such weapons.”  In addition, Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Committee, indicated that the award should remind nations still holding chemical weapons to destroy them, “especially because they are demanding that others do the same, like Syria.”  How naïve; just how well has that logic worked getting the nukes out of North Korea?

Let’s see; the Syrian Civil War has been ongoing for over 30 months with more than 100,000 killed, but less than 2% of that number coming from chemical weapons.  For that the Noble Committee awards a division of the United Nations, which stood by while this carnage occurred. Now that’s Progressive logic!

Former United States ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, Ryan C. Crocker, was a bit more logical stating:  “The O.P.C.W., wherever it goes in the chemical weapons effort in Syria, is not going to bring peace to Syria because chemical weapons are simply not a major factor in Assad’s ability to wage war, which in my view is why he’s willing to cooperate.  Getting rid of chemical weapons anywhere is a good thing, but to make this worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, I just don’t get it.”

To that, Mr. Crocker, I say “let’s not confuse the Progressives in Europe with the facts”.  In today’s narcissistic world it is one’s job title that matters, not accomplishments.  Europe has gone back to its roots.  The aristocracy lives on, but now camouflaged by flawed democracies.


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Noble Peace Prize Awarded to European Union

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 12, 2012

The New York Times reported that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded to the European Union.  Upon hearing the announcement, British European Parliament member Martin Callanan said: “The Nobel Committee is a little late for an April Fool’s joke.”  Unfortunately the Nobel Committee is dead serious.

The Nobel Peace Prize award to the European Union is rather incredible given the ongoing riots in some European countries including Greece and Spain over the economic calamity caused to a great extent by the creation of the Union’s single currency.  Incredibly, the Nobel committee acknowledged this with its Thorbjorn Jagland stating: “There is a great danger.  We see already now an increase of extremism and nationalistic attitudes.   There is a real danger that Europe will start disintegrating.  Therefore, we should focus again on the fundamental aims of the organization.”  When asked if the Euro would survive, he then said: “That I don’t know.  What I know is that if the euro fails, then the danger is that many other things will disintegrate as well, like the internal market and free borders.  Then you will get nationalistic policies again.  So it may set in motion a process which most Europeans would dislike.”

Jagland’s statement is an incredible admission that the European Union’s creation is in itself a real danger to peace.  In order to blunt this reasonable conclusion, Jagland blames the United States saying: “There are many things to say about the economic crisis — where it originated, for instance.  It started in the United States, and we had to deal with it.”  This claim is revisionism.  The United States did not create the unsustainable entitlement programs of Europe.  The United States did not force Europe to create a single currency without any concern for economic realities.

European Parliament member Martin Callanan correctly concludes: “The E.U.’s policies have exacerbated the fallout of the financial crisis and led to social unrest that we haven’t seen for a generation.  Presumably, this prize is for the peace and harmony on the streets of Athens and Madrid.

This year’s Noble Peace Prize award is as ludicrous as the one given in 2009 to Barack Obama before any of his policies were implemented.  Just another example of political correctness and Progressives gone wild.

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Obama Accepts Noble Peace Prize, Talks War

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 10, 2009

Many people were miffed by the decision to award the Noble Peace Prize to President Obama within days of his inauguration. Adding to this surprise is the fact that in no major hotspot in the world is closer to peace since the President took office.  North Korea has furthered its nuclear weapons program; Iraq remains violent; Israelis and the Palestinians still fight; Iran is marching towards nuclear weapons; Pakistan is a mess; and the war in Afghanistan has just been escalated with the President’s decision to send an additional 30,000 troops.

In Norway today Noble chairman, Thorbjorn Jagland, explained the Committee made its choice for the award because President Obama’s leadership (election) was a “call to action for all of us.”  That explains it, doesn’t it???

President Obama added to the confusion today during his acceptance speech in Oslo.  The President made surprising comments that included: Read the rest of this entry »

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Barrack Obama and the Noble Prize for Peace

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 9, 2009

t1home.nobel.file.giWe woke up this morning to the news that President Obama was awarded the Noble Peace Prize.  My first reaction to this news was it must be a joke as I was not aware of any issue on the international scene that has improved since Obama took office.  Fore example:

Iraq – Not much change.  Bush made an arrangement with the Iraqi government on a drawdown of American troops and that continues.

North Korea – No change in tone or substance from North Korea since the President’s inauguration.  They remain belligerent, kidnapped two American journalists, and set of another nuclear test.

Iran – The Iranians remain belligerent as ever to the West and United States.  They continue their program to develop nuclear weapons and have cracked down on their citizens, resulting in the deaths of Iranians.  They continue to threaten to destroy Israel.

Afghanistan – The Afghanistan situation has deteriorated since the President took office with American casualties increasing.  In March the President announced that he was going to send additional resources to win what he called a necessary war.  His appointed theater commander, General McChrystal, has requested more troops and the President is hesitating on that request.

Pakistan – This nuclear power continues to be unstable with a large terrorism problem.  Just today over 50 died in Pakistan to a suicide bomber.

None of the world hotspots have shown improvement since the President has taken office. With no discernable international accomplishments, the Noble Prize people indicated that the award was given to President Obama based on: Read the rest of this entry »

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