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Boston Marathon Terrorism and Multiculturalism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 6, 2013

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook Connecticut massacre, Progressives were quick to find a culprit; the assault-style rifle.  The fact that the killer, Adam Lanza, was mentally ill, a product of broken family, and raised by a mother who saw fit to introduce her mentally ill son to guns garnered little attention in the mainstream media.  These omissions were not by accident.  Digging into such issues would get dangerously close to areas that could damage the façade of the Progressives agenda.

Tsarnaev PhotoIt is interesting to compare the Left’s quick, but misguided, conclusion relating to Sandy Hook to the more recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  Guns were not used to kill and maim at the Marathon so they were spared from an assault by the Left.  However, like the tragedy in Sandy Hook, there are important issues that demand discussion, but are being ignores by the mainstream MEDIA.  This includes the American government being informed by the Russians that one of the perpetrators had terrorist connections, but took no serious action.  That same person left America for a six-month visit to an area full of terrorists, but still no action from the government.  In addition, one of the students who covered up for the suspects after the bombing remains in United States on a student visa, even though he is no longer a student.  The mainstream media remains silent on these issues for fear they would bring into question the failure of government its Progressive policies.

What the Left fears most from the tragedy known as the Boston Marathon Bombing is the fact that its cause is deeply rooted in the Progressive agenda.  One leg of this agenda is the Left’s push for multiculturalism, an issue that is deeply rooted in the relatively new phenomena of immigrants disliking their adopted country.  Mike Gonzalez published an op-ed in the Denver Post, included below, that rightly attacks multiculturalism.

Gonzalez: Wrong message on assimilation

By Mike Gonzalez, The Heritage Foundation

In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, many are asking how someone who came to America at the age of 9, attended some of our best schools, captained the wrestling team, went to the prom and became a citizen could have inflicted such a devastating attack on our society. The emerging evidence suggests that part of the answer is that no one in the past decade taught Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to love America, or at least did a very poor job of it.

But we know one thing for sure: He wasn’t taught that assimilation into American society was desirable.  As I’m finding while researching a book on Hispanics – indeed, what I experienced as a young Cuban coming to this country in the early 1970s – we no longer teach patriotic assimilation.  By that I mean love of country, not just its creature comforts.

We teach the opposite, in fact – that we’re all groups living cheek by jowl with one another, all with different advantages and legal class protection statuses, but not really all part of the same national fabric.  In other words, we teach multiculturalism and diversity, and are officially making assimilation very hard to achieve.

If Dzhokhar and his brother Tamarlan are guilty of the acts of terrorism they are accused of because they succumbed to Islamist radicalism, then they are monsters who are personally responsible for turning against the land that welcomed them.  Tamarlan has paid with his life, and Dzhokhar will be dealt judgment.

But as we grapple now with the thorny question of immigration, how to handle the millions of people who started to arrive at mid-century in a massive immigration wave, we could do worse than look at the affairs in Boston for a clue on whether our current approach works.

First let’s look at the brothers Tsarnaev.  For a hint on their motivation we have no less an authority than their uncle Ruslan.  Asked why his nephews had bombed the Boston Marathon, he replied with the now famous line, “Being losers, hatred to those who were able to settle themselves; these are the only reasons I can imagine of.”

In other words, failure to assimilate provided the fertile ground that allowed the bad seed of radical Islamism to take root.  Ruslan’s reply resonates especially because it contrasts so greatly with his own view.  Here’s what he said he teaches his own children: “This is the ideal micro-world in the entire world. I respect this country.  I love this country.  This country – which gives chance to everybody else to be treated as a human being.”

Then we have tweets that 19-year-old Dzhokhar, now clinging to life after a shootout with Watertown, Mass., police, has sent over the last few months.  Two in particular display a disdain for the country that gave him refuge, sent him to the prestigious Cambridge Rindge and Latin Academy and gave him a scholarship to attend the University of Massachusetts.

On Nov. 6, the night of the elections, @J—Tsar tweeted out “america is impervious to the fxxkery #justforthisoneday. On March 14, 2012, Dzhokhar averred, “a decade in america already, i want out.”

As we can see, Dzhokhar had mastered the lingo of an American, but not the patriotism that once went along with it.  As Peggy Noonan said in a prescient column in 2006:

“We are not assimilating our immigrants patriotically now. We are assimilating them culturally. Within a generation their children speak Valley Girl on cell phones.  ‘So I’m like no,’ and he’s all ‘yeah,’ and I’m like, ‘In your dreams.’ “Whether their parents are from Trinidad, Bosnia, Lebanon or Chile, their children, once Americans, know the same music, the same references, watch the same shows. And to a degree and in a way it will hold them together.  But not forever and not in a crunch.”

What’s even worse is that this state of affairs is the result of decision we made.  We didn’t just get lazy and stopped teaching immigrants (and natives) to love America; we decided to stop and made assimilation a dirty word that connoted coercion and loss of ancestral culture.  This despite all the evidence that assimilation, as preached and practiced since the nation’s founding, was not coercive nor did it demand an end to St. Patrick’s Day parades or love of Italian cooking.

In a retrospectively timely paper this month, the Hudson Institute reviewed evidence from a Harris Interactive Survey that showed that a large patriotic gap exists between naturalized Americans and native born.  On such questions as to which should be the highest legal authority in the land, the Constitution or international law, or whether they considered themselves Americans or “citizens of the world”, native Americans saying the Constitution and U.S. citizen led naturalized Americans by more than 30 points.

“Why is there this large patriotic gap between native-born and naturalized citizens?” asked the Hudson researchers. “American leaders have essentially altered our de-facto assimilation policy from Americanization (or patriotic integration) to a multiculturalism that emphasizes ethnic group consciousness at the expense of American common culture.  In short, we have sent immigrants the wrong message on assimilation.”

It wasn’t always so.  We debated assimilation vs. multiculturalism in the 1910s, and chose the former.  The Greatest Generation that ensued met Noonan’s “crunch test.”

Over the past few days, many people pondering the question of how the Tsarnaevs could have acted the way they did have discounted that lack of assimilation could be the case, emphasizing that the brothers Tsarnaev lived in Cambridge, “one of the most diverse and inclusive places in America.”

The problem is indeed with an “inclusive” approach that considers it wrong to teach love of a country so generous that it takes in two foreigners from a far-away land, gives them refuge, welcomes them in and gives them a free education.  To have done so might have precluded the radical brain washing that led to the bombing.

Mike Gonzalez is vice president of communications for The Heritage Foundation.


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U. K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron Attacks Multiculturalism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 10, 2011

Late last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Europe’s attempt at multiculturalism a failure, as posted on this Blog on October 17, 2001 in Germany Calls its Attempts at Multiculturalism “Dead”.  Last week it was United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron turn to attack this failed social experiment.

During a speech in Germany to the Munich Security Conference, Cameron claimed that young Muslims in Britain were attracted to violent ideology because they found no strong English identity in Britain stating:

  • If we are to defeat this threat, I believe it’s time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past.”
  • Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream“.
  • All this leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless.  And the search for something to belong to and believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology.”
  • A passively tolerant society says to its citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.  It stands neutral between different values.  A genuinely liberal country does much more.  It believes in certain values and actively promotes them.”

Cameron’s remarks received the expected condemnation from the British Muslim community with the Muslim Council of Britain accusing Cameron as treating the Muslim community “as part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution.”  Nothing, but the Muslim community’s own inaction, keeps it from being part of the “solution” in the U.K. and elsewhere.

Multiculturalism was Euriope’s attempt to allow minority immigrant communities to set up little communities mimicking their fatherlands’ cultures without integrating into their new counties’ overall culture.  European leaders learned after the fact that these efforts have created dissatisfied immigrants that have difficulty succeeding in their adopted countries.  The United States has avoided much of these problems because our society demanded immigrants join the “melting pot”.

American Progressives on the Left seem intent on not learning from Europe’s mistakes.  Given the chance, they would experiment with multiculturalism in the United States and turn the melting point into the mess that Europe now faces.

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The Coming End of the Multicultural Cult

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 20, 2010

Last week German Chancellor Angela Merke, in an unusually politically incorrect speech for a politician, added light to a discourse that before was shrouded in darkness.  Multiculturalism, a glorious sounding scheme for Progressives to experiment with societal chemistry, was declared a failure in Germany and dead going forward.  Progressive worldwide have been left sucking for air.  While they expect such straight-talk from Libertarian politicians in the New World, how could one of their own in Progressive Europe confuse the world with the acts?

On October 17, this Blog posted an article titled Germany Calls its Attempts at Multiculturalism “Dead.  More recently, Dr. Thomas Sowell, one of the smartest social scientist/economist of our time, wrote a far more insightful piece titled The Multicultural Cult on this failed experiment from the Left.  While a link to the entire article is provided below, a few choice quotes are included for an appetizer.  Sowell should be a must all budding social scientists.

  • “Multiculturalism is not just a recognition that different groups have different cultures.  We all knew that, long before multiculturalism became a cult that has spawned mindless rhapsodies about “diversity,” without a speck of evidence to substantiate its supposed benefits.”
  • “In Germany, as in other countries in Europe, welcoming millions of foreign workers who insist on remaining foreign has created problems so obvious that only the intelligentsia could fail to see them.  It takes a high IQ to evade the obvious.”
  • “Expecting any group to adapt their lifestyles to the cultural values of the larger society around them is “cultural imperialism” according to the multicultural cult.”
  • “Multiculturalists condemn people’s objections to transplanting hoodlums, criminals and dysfunctional families into the midst of people who may have sacrificed for years to be able to escape from living among hoodlums, criminals and dysfunctional families.”
  • “It was in later generations, after the children and grandchildren of the immigrants to America were speaking English and living lives more like the lives of other Americans, that they spread out to live and work where other Americans lived and worked.  This wasn’t multiculturalism.  It was common sense.”

A Thank you to Jim Mahoney for forwarding this interesting article.

The Multicultural Cult, By Thomas Sowell


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Germany Calls its Attempts at Multiculturalism “Dead”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 17, 2010

The BBC carried an interesting story earlier today relating to Germany’s failed attempts at creating a multicultural society.

In an amateurish manner, since the early 1960’s Europe has tried to mimic the United States and its success.  Examples include the European Union with its single currency, the Euro.  While the United States includes 50 states with a single currency, it has a strong Constitution that governs all states equally.  The EU on the other hand includes a weak set of cross border laws that are manipulated by politicians for the benefit of one country over another member of the Union.

One result of the poorly conceived EU is that countries like Greece are not pulling their weight at the expense of Germany and other more diligent countries.  In fact Greece needed a bailout by the EU earlier this year to avoid bankruptcy only because it refused to comply with the financial rules in place for each European country.  Without major revisions to the EU’s charter, it is unlikely that the EU can survive in its current form.

Another way in which Europeans attempted to mimic the United States is what they refer to as “multiculturalism”.  The theory behind multiculturalism is that immigrants can move into a country and not integrate into their greater society.  While they can work and/or collect benefits in their adopted country, they need not learn the new language or integrate in other ways into society as whole.  To many Europeans, this was their way of creating the “melting pot” that made the United States such a success.

It is clear that the Progressives in Europe, and for that matter those in the United States as well, did not understand the reasons behind America’s melting pot success story.  In America’s melting pot, immigrants were free to keep their religion and customs within their houses and houses of worship.  However, there was an expectation in our society and from the immigrants themselves to socially integrate into our public schools and work places.  These key ingredients are lacking in the European version and thus a recipe for failure.

This week German Chancellor, Angela Merkel threw in the towel stating: “And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed.”  She further declared that “immigrants should learn to speak German“.  Her Party member Horst Seehofer said it was “obvious that immigrants from different cultures like Turkey and Arab countries, all in all, find it harder” to integrate and declared that “Multikulti” is dead”.

Barack Obama has often pointed to Europe for his vision for the economic and political models for the United States.  Since being elected, he has acted on implementing that vision through massive increases in the size of our government and its debt.  He has pushed through ever larger entitlement programs such as healthcare reform.  In addition, he and his Progressive allies have for years worked to modify American’s “melting pot” and change it into the European version of multiculturalism.  The fact that these European Progressive programs failed will not deter their American counterparts from inflicting the same failures on this country.  Like all Progressives, Obama and friends believe their intellectual superiority will overcome the obstacles that have caused others to fail.

The people are scheduled to “speak” in the upcoming important elections.  At stake is not Republicans or Democrats, pro abortion or not, gay-rights or not, pro immigration or not.  Those that choose based in an individual belief are thinking narrowly.  At stake is the future of this Country and that boils down to whether or not the people are willing to live with any more of the Progressives’ experimentation.


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