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Archive for the ‘Mexico’ Category

Over 50 Killed in Mexican Casino Attack

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 27, 2011

Monterrey, a northern and fairly well-to-do Mexico city of 4 million, was the site of terrorist attack this week that killed at least 53.  A drug cartel gang burst into the Casino Royale and set fire to gasoline they had spread throughout the building.  At least 53 trapped patrons died in the blaze.  Local police reported that the attack was retribution for the casino not paying protection money.

Monterrey has been the site of increasing drug related violence with another 20 people killed by gunmen in a bar last month.  As tragic as the casino attack is, the 53 dead are a drop in the bucket of the approximately 42,000 people that have been killed in Mexico’s drug violence since 2006, the year Mexican President Calderon started an aggressive crackdown against the cartels.

With the crackdown now in its fifth year, it is apparent that the Mexican government is not gaining the upper hand against the cartels.  The amount of money involved in the drug trade is just too large and corrupting.

The United States is complicit in Mexico’s violence.  American’s are the drug buyers and therefore funders of the cartels.  America has the responsibility to cut off funds to the cartels.  Over the years billions have been spent on drug interdiction and law enforcement.  However, these efforts have failed to stop the flow of funds to the cartels or the drug consumption in the U.S.   Continuing America’s failed drug policies will not be any more successful go forward.

There are two alternatives to stop the money flow to the Mexican drug cartels.  Either Americans will have to give up substantial freedoms to stop drug trafficking within our borders or the drugs must be legalized.  This second approach is the only solution that will stop the money flow to the Mexican cartels and stop the violence that threatens to make Mexico a failed state.  Should Mexico fail, the consequences for the United States are significantly more damaging than the effects of legalizing the drugs.


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Northern Mexico Falling Further into Anarchy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 23, 2010

This weekend’s Wall Street Journal included a chilling story about the disintegration occurring south of our border.  The report stated:

Caravans of armored SUVs crammed with gunmen firing automatic rifles prowled the streets. Parents pulled terrified children from schools.  The town of 6,000 went dark every time the combatants shot out the transformers.  In May, a man was hung alive from a tree in the central plaza and dismembered while town folk heard the screaming from behind shuttered doors.”

It’s like we’re in the Wild Wes. We have no mayor, no police, no transit system.  We have been left to fend for ourselves.” Said resident Santos Moreno Pérez.

This report might be expected from the worst areas of the war in Afghanistan, not from North America.  However, as the Journal reported, while southern Mexico including Mexico City has been spared the drug-war violence, northern states including Tamaulipas, Chihuahua and Michoacán are steadily falling into anarchy.

Drug gangs have been increasing their strength and control in parts of Mexico for years.  In late 2006, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón attempted to wrestle power back from the gangs declaring war against them.  The effort has not been particularly successful with 31,000 people killed in the violence and vast parts of northern Mexico breaking down to near states of anarchy.

While most of the violence has been contained within Mexico proper, it is not realistic to expect this to continue.  The Mexican state of Tamaulipas has a 230 mile border with Texas.  The corruption and violence that have taken hold in northern Mexico will inevitably be brought to the United States

There are two major issues for America to come to grips with quickly.  The amount of money involved with the drug trade is astronomical.  It is this huge pool of funds that corrupts Mexican politicians, police force and army.  It is this money that funds the private militias set up by the drug gangs.  It is this money that buys arms for the thugs.  If the United States cannot stop the demand for drugs by curbing its own appetite for them, then the Country must legalize the poison to stem the violence emanating from its illicit trade.  Giving the hundreds of billions spent over the decades on interdiction and law enforcement with little results to show, it is time to admit this a failed strategy.

We must also address the nearly free-flow of illegal aliens crossing America’s porous southern border.  While the vast majority of those immigrants are merely in search of a better life, some percentage has lees noble intent.  Further, it is just a matter of time before these drug gangs find it in their interest to partner up the Jihadists.  Doubting this likelihood is just plan naïve.

America’s failed policies towards the drug trade and the problems on our southern border have spanned decades through both Republican and Democrat administrations.  This does not excuse Present Obama of responsibility for continuing failed policies.  Instead of having Attorney General Eric Holder attack Arizona for attempting to protect its citizen, Obama should secure our Southern border as he is Constitutionally bound to do.

The situation in northern Mexico presents a clear and present danger to the United States.  Inaction by our federal government is inexcusable.  Unfortunately, the President does not seem to see evil anywhere except within America’s past.


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While Obama Attacks Arizona, Mexico Falls into Anarchy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 1, 2010

The violence in Mexico is escalating and the country is in danger falling into anarchy.  In 2006 President Felipe Calderón declared war against his country’s crime syndicates.  Since then 28,000 people have been killed.  Unfortunately Mexico’s war is not going well due to the huge amounts of drug money funding the criminals and corruption at various levels of the Mexican government.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the following high-profile violence in Mexico:

  • Last week a Mexican mayor of Doctor González and mayor-elect of Gran Morelos were killed in two separate attacks.
  • In early September the mayor of a town in the central state of San Luis Potosí murdered.
  • In August the mayor of Santiago was tortured and killed and involved rouge police officers.
  • Also in August, the mayor of Hidalgo was killed.
  • Rival gangs had a shootout last week with seven killed in the tourist region of Acapulco.  Again local rouge police officers were involved.

The violence in Mexico has become so prevalent that business executives have fled the northern parts of Mexico and the U.S. State Department has issued warnings to American diplomats to take extra precautions with family members in Mexico.

The signs of a disintegrating central government in Mexico are too prevalent to ignore.  While drug users in the United States fund the violence, only Mexico can stop it.  The Obama Administration ignores this serious issue and instead focuses on attacking the State of Arizona for protecting its citizens as the federal government ignores its Constitutional obligations.  It is this type of madness that has led to the growing Tea Party.  It is this madness that will lead to a huge defeat for Democrats in the upcoming election.

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France Orders Illegal Immigrants Deported

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 29, 2010

In another remarkable sign of changing times, while President Obama is fighting Arizona’s attempt to protect its borders, France is deporting illegal Gypsies.  According to UPI, French President Sarkozy ordered 300 Gypsy camps dismantled and the illegals deported.

Of course the France Leftists immediately accused Sarkozy of racism, a convenient excuse to avoid facts.  Here are the facts.  Sarkozy ordered the deportation after three days of riots involving battles between Gypsies and police.  The riots started when a police officer shot a 22-year old Gypsy who ran a roadblock and injured an officer.  How racist of the French to ask illegals to honor a police roadblock!

The Gypsy riots tell an interesting tale about modern views of right and wrong.  In a time when excuses are often made for bad behavior, illegals blatantly test the authorities’ resolve instead of being good citizens.  They made a mistake with Sarkozy’s resolve.

Meanwhile in our continent, violence in Mexico escalates with the Wall Street Journal reporting that four Mexican journalists were kidnapped by drug traffickers.  This occurred in the northern city of Torreón.  The violence is getting closer to the United States and will spill over to cities in Arizona.  Shame on the federal government for not securing our borders.

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Mexico’s Violence Can No Longer be Ignored

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 26, 2010

While the Obama Administration wastes taxpayer money fighting Arizona for its attempt to secure its border with Mexican, the President ignores the serious problems on our southern border.

Violence and corruption is not new to Mexico.  However, it has escalated to a level that we can no longer ignore.  The Associated Press reported that drug traffickers used a car bomb for the first time, killing a police officer and two others with high-tech explosives.  They seem to be learning from other terrorists groups.

Last week Mexican authorities discovered 51 bodies in a trash dump near the northern city of Monterrey, blaming it on drug gangs.  This follows a similar finding in the city of Taxco a few weeks ago when 55 bodies were stuffed into a mine, again drug gang related.  These are but examples of the violence that has claimed some 25,000 lives in Mexico’s drug war since 2006.

Mexico’s violence and corruption points to the possibility that it will become a failed state.  It is no wonder that so many people want to leave that country.  As sad as this is for the innocents, this situation is dangerous for the United States and demands that we secure our borders.  Without proactive action the growing violence will spill over to the U.S. side of the border.

We must also consider other proactive steps to resolve the problems at our southern border.  Progressives blame America’s liberal gun laws for the violence, which is a simplistic and unrealistic explanation.  Even if Americans stop selling guns to Mexicans it would not stop the gangs from obtaining them.  The world is awash with guns and Mexican drug-lords have all the money required to buy them from many sources.

No, the problem is as it typically is; money and greed.  As long as the drug-lords can reap huge profits from selling drugs the violence will escalate.  It is the profit potential that America has culpability in for Mexico’s problems.  Our country must do its part to stamp out the profit for dealing in the drugs.  That leaves us with two alternatives:

1. Continue with drugs being illegal and use laws and interdiction in an effort to stop the sale of drugs; or

2. Legalize drugs, lowering their price to the point where gangs cannot profit from the trade.

Given the billions that America has spent over decades on the first approach, its failure proves it not to be viable solution. A free society is unwilling to give law enforcement the “rules” required to tackle such a widespread problem.

That leaves us with the second option.  Many on the Right go ballistic at the thought of legalizing drugs and base their outrage on moral grounds.  This Ostrich approach ignores reality.  Making drugs illegal does little to limit availability.  Drugs are readily available to all Americans, even our younger children.  The billions wasted annually attempting to enforce drug laws can be better spent on education, rehabilitation and relating tasks.

Americans bare some responsible for the growing violence in Mexico due to the drug trade.  Should Mexico fall into anarchy, we will pay an even steeper price than we currently are.  It is not our guns that have brought power to the Mexican drug gangs; it is our money.  Only by stopping the flow of money to these gangs can the problem be addressed and our border made secure.

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Homeland Security Issues Terrorist Watch Through Mexico

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 27, 2010

The Associate Press reported that the Unites States Homeland Security agency has requested that Houston law enforcement authorities be on the lookout for a Somalia-based terrorist, Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, who could be trying to come to the U.S. through Mexico.  This government admission is further evidence that the porous border with Mexico is a threat to our national security.

The Obama Administration’s policy on the Mexican border crisis is outrageous.  When Arizona put in place a law that was required only because the Federal government was not fulfilling its obligation to secure our borders, the Progressives hypocritically cried “profiling”.  Now, just a few days later that government issues a warning about an Islamic terrorist entering the country through that same border.

The Homeland Security’s warning is a sobering reminder that Obama’s refusal to protect America’s borders involves much more than illegal aliens streaming into America for a better life.  This country cannot have security without a secured border.  So Mr. President, instead of attacking are partners in Arizona, spend your resources going after the bad guys.

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Mexico’s Calderon Lectures America

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 19, 2010

Mexican President Felipe Calderon today met with fellow Progressive Barack Obama in Washington to sing Kumbaya.  Barrowing from an Obama phrase, Calderon said “Yes we can,” but didn’t elaborate on what “we can” do.  Then, in Obama’s comments the President said: “I say to you and to the Mexican people: Let us stand together,” more meaningless dribble.

Calderon then took off after Arizona’s new immigration calling it discriminatory to Mexicans stating: “With such laws as the Arizona law, which is forcing our people to face discrimination.”  If by this gibberish Calderon means that the law targets Mexicans, who would he expect the law to target?  Nearly all of the illegal immigrants in Arizona come from Mexico.  Maybe that’s new to this Progressive.

The two main problems in the relationship between Mexico and the United States are immigration and drugs/the drug war.  Neither Obama nor Calderon addressed these real issues.  Instead they resorted to deflection; the cry of discrimination that doesn’t exist.

Obama should be securing our borders so that the states do not have to act unilaterally.  Instead he is derelict in his duties.  He should being addressing the United States’ huge demand for drugs that fuels Mexico’s violence.

Calderon and his politico associates should create an economic environment in Mexico that offers its citizens the chance to prosper so that they would not have to escape from their own country.  He should break the backs of the Narco gangs now basically run his country.  He should stop the corruption in their police, military and government so that his citizens can feel safe.   These are not America’s problems Mr. Calderon, they are yours!

Progressives, like vampires, fear mirrors.  Should they have to look into them the real problems would become painfully clear.

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Mexican Hypocrisy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 29, 2010

In response to Arizona’s new law relating to illegal aliens, Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s made the following statements:

The law “opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.”

Nobody can sit around with their arms crossed in the face of decisions that so clearly affect our countrymen.”

Calderon’s statements are disingenuous on a variety of fronts.  First, why is Mexico is so inhospitable to its own citizens?  Why can’t Mexico create an economy that allows its workers to earn a far wage without leaving their country and even their families?

Also, Arizona’s law basically allows its policemen to check the status of residency for people that they have just cause to stop.  This law is less intrusive on the rights of individuals than Mexico’s own policies.  For example, Michelle Malkin posted on her website part of a column from Arizona Republic writer that states:

“Having traveled into Mexico last year to various cities on the Baja Peninsula, a distance of more than 1,000 miles round-trip, we were stopped more than 20 times at various checkpoints.  At most of those stops, we were told to exit the vehicle and we were subjected to rigorous inspections.  Where does Mexican President Felipe Calderón get off with his hypocritical outrage at our Senate Bill 1070?”

Maybe President Obama will ask President Calderon about his sense of fairness, instead of asking this of the good citizens of Arizona.

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