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Liberal’s Meltdown Since Trump Election

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 18, 2016

Since Donald Trump’s election, the liberal Left has been in a downward spiral.  Immediately following the election the Left was in shock and acted in a respectable manner.  Hillary Clinton graciously conceded and suggested that the President-elect be given time to work on behalf of the People.  Barack Obama gracious statements included offering his office’s full cooperation in the transition of power.  In the five weeks since, the liberal Left has been in full attack mode.

First, Green Party candidate Jill Stein asked for vote recounts in various states even though she received few votes during election.  This effort had the tacit support of Hillary Clinton’s team.  When that effort failed, the Russian-backed computer issue took over.  While there is clear evidence of Russian hacking that was known before the election, the liberal Left attempted to create a nexus between that hacking and the election’s outcome.  However, there is absolutely no evidence to support this narrative.

The liberal Left is persistent.  Now, their attempt to nullify the will of the People is focused on convincing Electors to ignore the vote outcomes in their states.  While this effort will fail, the tactic nevertheless indicates a distain for the Democratic process and Constitution.  Prior to the election, when the Left was convinced of Hillary’s inevitable victory, their related focus was on whether Trump would accept the will of the People when he lost.  Their approach since demonstrates the Left’s hypocrisy.

The Left’s derangement since Trump’s election goes deeper than organized political associations.  This has been exhibited by some in the news media breaking down in tears, college professors giving students time off for election depression, and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio offering paid counseling for city workers depressed by Trump’s election.  Families were even coached prior to Thanksgiving on how to avoid acrimonious discussions during the holiday dinner.

This week Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Kurt Eichenwald, senior Newsweek writer, concerning his reporting of Trump.  The exchange, included in the video below, is a poster child for Leftist derangement.

Carlson raised an Eichenwald tweet in which the Newsweek reporter indicated that Trump had a nervous breakdown and was “institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990.”  Carlson asked a yes or no question as to whether Trump was ever institutionalized.  Not only wouldn’t Eichenwald’s answer, but he is response devolved into derangement with the Newsweek senior writer seemingly losing connection with reality.

It is understandable that those who voted for Hillary Clinton are disappointed with the election.  However, given that Donald Trump was elected and will become the next President of the United States, the derangement has developed is irrational.  It also is undemocratic.

It is time for all Americans to get behind the President-elect and work with him to promote policies that are for the benefit of the Country.  Should the President-elect propose or promote policies not in keeping with one’s moral or political views, that would be the appropriate time for opposition.


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Leftist Piers Morgan Slams Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2014

By the day more rats are leaving a sinking ship. This week it was former CNN host, Leftist Piers Morgan, who jumped ship.

Jamie TregidgoSince leaving CNN, Leftist commentator Morgan was named editor-at-large of MailOnline. In a scathing column for MailOnline, Morgan says that Obama “committed professional suicide” when went on 60 Minutes and blamed the intelligence community for ISIS gains in the Middle East and further said that the President “single-handedly alienate 200,000 employees in the American intelligence agencies by going on 60 Minutes and ruthlessly chucking them all under a bus over the rise of terror group ISIS.” On this issue Morgan concludes that the President’s action was “a more shameless, reprehensible display of buck-passing it would be hard to find from a sitting President”.

Adding insult to injury, Morgan concludes by admonishing Obama that “it’s time he got off the damn golf course, got up to speed with his intelligence briefings and focused on wiping out ISIS,” before they wipe out more of the people he serves.”

President Obama likely yearns for the good old days when mainly those on the Right criticized his policies and style. As for Morgan and other Leftist in the mainstream media; shame on you. Six years into a presidency you finally begin to speak up on the incompetent and narcissistic behavior of the man. You must also accept responsibility in a failed presidency.

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Al Sharpton has a Joe Biden Moment

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 26, 2014

For the 30th anniversary of the Cosby Show’s airing, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton interviewed Harvard professor Alvin Poussaint, a consultant for the original shows. In typical Sharptonism, Al made it all about him saying: “This show really changed America and changed people like me growing up watching it.” While a great sound bite it doesn’t match reality since Sharpton was nearly 30 years old when the first Cosby Show aired. Facts and reality have never been significant for Al Sharpton.

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Rachel Maddow Squirms on Christie Coverage

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 23, 2014

MSNBC is unapologetic in its backing of Democratic and Leftist politicians.  Their bias has even caused Progressive Bill Maher to question fellow Leftist Rachel Maddow on the network’s over-the-top coverage of the Chris Christie New Jersey lane closing scandal.  It is entertaining to watch this Maddow squirm in the Maher interview.


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Melissa Harris-Perry’s Emotional Apology to the Romney’s

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 5, 2014

Romney FamilyLast week MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry took that network’s distasteful rhetoric to new lows.  During a segment that was supposed to be humorous, a picture of the Romney family was posted that included their grandchildren.  Prominent in the photo was an adopted grandchild who happened to be of African-American heritage.  The panel then went on to make distasteful jokes about the grandchild and the family relating to race.

Yesterday, Harris-Perry went on the air and made an emotional apology that:

“Without reservation or qualification, I apologize to the Romney family.  Adults who enter into public life implicitly consent to having less privacy.  But their families, and especially their children, should not be treated callously or thoughtlessly.  My intention was not malicious, but I broke the ground-rule that families are off-limits.  And for that I am sorry.”

“Also, allow me to apologize to other families formed through trans-racial adoption, because I am deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule.”

After viewing the video below it is hard to imagine that Ms. Harris-Perry is not being genuine in her contrition and apology.  She is to be commended for offering it without equivocation.  However, there is a bigger story here relating to the growing racism and mean-spiritedness exhibited by the Progressive Left of which Harris-Perry is a charter member.  This group has come full circle.  What started many years ago as a group concerned for the less fortunate has morphed into an ugly political movement that stifles free speech and spews hatred to any that disagree with them.  It is this reality that led to the ugly behavior by Harris-Perry and her guest.

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Bob Woodward Calls Obama Administration on Concealment and Lies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 16, 2013

As this Blog has reported, the mainstream media is on the path to ending its incestuous relationship and support of Barack Obama.

For us Baby Boomers who came of age during the Watergate scandal, Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward was an icon who outed the corruption of Richard Nixon and his administration.  In late October during a panel on CBS’s Face the Nation, Woodward turned his scorn on President Obama and his administration, as seen in the video clip below.  This includes Woodward’s statement: “They need to review the this secret world and its power in their government because you run into this rats nest of concealment and lies time and time again then and now.  You get to a point where it’s what do you worry about?  Secret governments.”

There is much in parallel between the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Barack Obama.  Both were/are divisive and polarizing figures.  Both showed/show signs of extreme narcissism.  Both were elected to a second term by significant margins.  Richard Nixon’s presidency unraveled because of actions he and his associates took prior to his second election victory.  History is starting to be written for Barack Obama’s second term.  The parallels seem to be growing.

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Mainstream Media Showing Signs of Guilt with its Obama Bias

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 12, 2013

Since Barack Obama rose to prominence, even before his first election to the White House, the mainstream media has fawned over him.  This went beyond the media’s typical Leftist bias and became a love affair that led to it totally abdicating its responsibility to supply the news.  There are signs beginning to show that some in media are looking in the mirror and not liking what they see.

A good case in point is Benghazigate.  It was apparent since shortly after the tragedy that led to the deaths of four Americans including our Libyan Ambassador on 9/11 2012 that the Obama Administration was being dishonest with the American people.  Immediately after the attack the President blamed it on an innocuous anti-Muslim video, even though the intelligence community concluded that this was an act of planned terrorism.  Incredibly, the Administration stuck to the false video story for nearly two weeks, including President Obama’s disingenuous speech at the United Nations.

With the exception of Fox News and a few other outlets, the Benghazi story received little attention from the mainstream media.  This was as the President expected.  However, because of cable news and the Internet the story would not go away.  The lies and cover-up became so apparent that the mainstream media finally feels an obligation to dig into the story.

Last week ABC News became aggressive on the Benghazi matter.  It released a story indicating that the infamous talking points that UN Ambassador Susan Rice and others used to falsely blame the video were modified 12 times before being released.  Significant changes were made including removing all references to Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups. ABC reported that these changes frustrated then CIA Director David Petraeus.

At an unusually contentious news briefing, ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl when after Press Secretary Jay Carney who in last November indicated that the only changes made was a “single adjustment” and further stated, “those talking points originated from the intelligence community.   They reflect the IC’s best assessments of what they thought had happened.  The White House and the State Department have made clear that the single adjustment that was made to those talking points by either of those two institutions were changing the word ‘consulate’ to ‘diplomatic facility’ because ‘consulate’ was inaccurate.”

Even though Karl caught Carney in an outright lie, the Press Secretary refused to back down.  ABC’s Karl and others in the press now find themselves in a difficult predicament.  Do they continue to allow the Administration to play them for fools or do they revert back to an independent press?  The right decision will require deep reflections by a press that abdicated its responsibilities for so long.

One well-known member of the mainstream media, CBS’s Scott Pelley, showed signs of reflection as he accepted the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award.  His candid comments seen in the video below include:

Our house is on fire. Capitalize it.  We didn’t build this house, it was built by Fred Friendly  …….  who built this magnificent mansion that we call American journalism, but today right now as we occupied his house that was built for us, our house is on fireThese have been a bad few months for journalism.  We’re getting the big stories wrong, over and over again.  Let me take the first arrow.  During our coverage of Newtown I sat on my set and I reported that Nancy Lanza was a teacher at the school and that her son had attacked her classroom.  It was a hell of a story, but it was dead wrong.”  (Starts 14 minutes into the video.)

“Let me explain why I think this is happening right now then perhaps it has in the past.  Never before in human history has more information than available to more people.  But at the same time, never before in human history has bad information than available to more people.  Boston was a low point for many people.  Our nation was attacked by terrorists.  I cannot think of a time when the public we serve the needs accurate and timely information more than in those moments when our country is under attack.  So we were attacked by terrorists on that day and amateur journalist became digital vigilantes. Innocent people were marked the suspects.  …. That fire that started on the Internet spread to our more established newsrooms as well.  …… We have entered a time when a writer’s first idea is his best idea.”

“Here’s what the President said in Boston.  ‘In this age of instant reporting, tweets and blogs there’s a temptation to latch onto any bit of information, sometimes jump to conclusions, but when a tragedy like this happens with public safety at risk and the stakes so high, it’s important that we do this right.’  The President of United States and the FBI were telling us what our bedrock principles should be.  Aren’t we supposed to be watching them?

This last quote by Pelley include the most important seven words of his speech.  “Aren’t we supposed to be watching them?”.  Yes Mr. Pelley, press is supposed to be watching the politicians in Washington including the President.  Missing from your comments is how and why this dangerous situation has occurred.  You seem not yet willing to admit the bias and personal agendas that have infected your profession.  It’s time for real candor.  It’s time to clean out the swamp that is your profession.

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Gun Crimes Drop Significantly in Past 10 Years

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 8, 2013

Given the energy many politicians on the Left have placed on gun control it would be reasonable to conclude that gun violence is a growing problem in the United States. However, the statistics show just the opposite.

Newsbusters.org reported on statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicate that between 1993 and 2011, the number of killings involving guns fell by 39%, from 18,000 homicides to 11,000.  This decrease in gun violence raises the question the motivations behind the Left’s current attack on American’s Second Amendment rights.

Irrespective of the Left’s motivations, its attack on the Second Amendment has succeeded in creating the false impression that gun violence is a growing problem in America.  According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, 56% of Americans believe that gun violence has increased in recent decades.  In fact, only 12% of those polled believe that gun violence has actually decreased during this period.

Irrespective of one’s view of the Second Amendment and the issue of gun control, it is dangerous for any democracy to be so ill-informed.  It would be bad enough if this misconception by the American public was out of ignorance.  However, a significant portion of the misconception has been purposely created by a mainstream media who is not independent and pursues a political agenda.

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Piers Morgan Taken to the Woodshed by New York Politician

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 23, 2013

CNN’s Piers Morgan stands out as a particularly obnoxious Leftists journalist; a pretty tough barred to cross.

On Piers Morgan Live this past Monday, Morgan took on Republican New York State Senator Greg Ball on a comment he tweeted concerning one of the Boston Marathon terrorists.  As typical with Morgan, he attacks those on the right who disagree with his Progressive agenda.  Ball would have none of it and shot right back at Morgan in the aggressive, yet appropriate fashion.  The video posted below is amusing.


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Putting the Rutgers Basketball Scandal into Perspective

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 9, 2013

During the past week the mainstream media has been fixated on the story of the Rutgers basketball coach throwing basketballs and epitaphs at players during practice sessions.  From the repeated news presentations one would think that there no other newsworthy stories in the world.  Heck, North Korea threatening South Korea and the United States would nukes, no big deal.  Japan accelerating the printing of currency to destroy the Yen, no problem.  Thousands continue being killed in Syria, heck it’s only the Middle East.

The mainstream media has become a pitiful example of yellow journalism at its worst.  Stories of consequence are ignored if they do not fit within the political narrative of the Leftist media.

This week, Matthew Philbin of newsbusters.org published an article titled Nets Give Rutgers Basketball Scandal 41 Mins., Gosnell Baby Murder Trial 0 that shows how outrageous and biased the mainstream media has become.  What a sad testament to how trivial and how low the moral fiber of the Country has traveled in just a few decades.

Nets Give Rutgers Basketball Scandal 41 Mins., Gosnell Baby Murder Trial 0

By Matthew Philbin April 09, 2013 | 11:18

The Rutgers basketball story continues to transfix the media, and why shouldn’t it?  Mike Rice, the disgraced former Rutgers basketball coach allegedly killed a woman and at least seven viable, born-alive babies “by plunging scissors into their spinal cords” in his filthy, macabre “house of horrors” abortion clinic.

Oh wait, my mistake.  Rice was fired last week from Rutgers over video of him shoving, kicking and yelling at his players, throwing basketballs at them and – most damning – using “homophobic slurs.”  That’s made Rice the most notorious villain in America.  And in one week it earned him 36 network news stories clocking in at 41 minutes, 26 seconds of air time on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Now, had Rice been accused of killing a woman and eight babies, he’d be enjoying the same anonymity as Kermit Gosnell – provided the killings were carried out in an abortion clinic.  Gosnell is the West Philadelphia abortionist who ran an unimaginable charnel house of a “clinic,” for 30 years.  Witnesses testified that he may have murdered over 100 babies outside the womb.  Gosnell’s trial, underway for weeks, has featured wrenching testimony and horrific details.  And it has received exactly zero seconds of airtime on the broadcast networks.

Let’s break it out by network.


  • Rutgers: 8 min., 1 sec.
  • Gosnell: 0 min., 0 sec.


  • Rutgers: 14 min., 27 sec.
  • Gossnell: 0 min., 0 sec.


  • Rutgers: 18 min., 58 sec.
  • Gosnell: 0 min., 0 sec

Last week, Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell and 20 other leaders of the conservative movement publicly demanded the networks end their blackout of the Gosnell trial.  They haven’t.  Perhaps they’ve been too traumatized by Rutgers and the “shocking videotapes,” as ABC’s Jenna Wolfe called them on “Good Morning America” April 6.  NBC’s Erica Hill also called them “shocking” on that morning’s “Today.” At CBS “This Morning” on April 3, anchor Norah O’Donnell found the video “stunning.”

“We`ve all been in environments, basketball courts, locker rooms, where the coaches can get fiery, they can get animated with you, CBS special correspondent James Brown allowed, “but putting your hands on a player and engaging in that kind of – those kind of homophobic slurs and abusive behavior, you don`t treat animals that way.”

And you certainly don’t call them “faggot” or “fairy.”  Rice’s bullying might have been excused had he not used those terms.  In fact, they merited a special apology from Rutgers President Robert Barchi “to the LGBT community and all of us who share their values for the homophobic slurs shown on that video.  I personally know how hurtful that language can be.”

ABC was so troubled by the antics of an overbearing basketball coach that on the April 5 “World News Tonight,” correspondent David Muir promised that the network’s “20/20” news magazine show “is now exploring the bigger question, the conversation started by that tape this week.  How common is this bad behavior, how early does it start?”

And explore it they did, with Muir talking to “a mother devastated by that video the nation watched this week.  Her son towering over that Rutgers coach, but still defenseless.”  Stacy Williams, the mother of Rutgers player Austin Johnson, told Muir, “We have to now empower our children to say enough is enough and that we are not gonna stand idly by because you dangled a scholarship in our hands and allow you to get away with all manners of evil.”

“All manners of evil” … like severing a newborn’s spinal chord?  Like JB said, “you don`t treat animals that way.”

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