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Archive for the ‘Louis Farrakhan’ Category

Racist Farrakhan Spanks President Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 22, 2011

Minister Louis Farrakhan is an equal opportunity racist.  Normally his racist rants are saved for white people and Jews.  This past weekend he went on after a black man, Barack Obama, with the following rant aired on Chicago radio:

  • “Don’t let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world.”
  • “Why don’t you organize a group of respected Americans, and ask for a meeting with Gadhafi?  You can’t order him to step down, and get out,-who the hell do you think you are, that you can talk to a man that built a country over 42 years, and ask him step down and get out?  Can anybody ask you?  Well, well there’s a lot, now, going to ask you to step out of the White House, because they don’t want a Black face in the White House”.
  • “Be careful, brother, how you handle this situation because it is coming to America!  It has already started.  Look in Wisconsin!  Look in Ohio!  Look at what’s going on in your country!  And remember your words because the American people are rising against their own government:  It’s not Muslims; it’s not Black people!  It’s White militias that are angry with their government, and they are well armed.  Are you going to tell them- ’Put your arms down, and let’s talk it over peacefully?’  I hope so.  But if not, America will be bathed in blood, not because Farrakhan said so, but because the dissatisfaction in America has reached the boiling point. Be careful how you manipulate the dissatisfaction in Libya and other parts of the Muslim world”.

Louis Farrakhan is not just another racist.  He has a following and he has access to some powerful people on the Left.  By not calling Farrakhan on his racist behavior, Progressives on the Left are tacit supporter of it.



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