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Archive for the ‘Leon Panetta’ Category

The Demonization of the Tea Party Movement, By James Mahoney

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 8, 2010

Today enduringsense.com is pleased to present a posting authored by Jim Mahoney.  Jim, a fellow Penn State University Business School Alumni, reviews how the Left is trying to avoid debate on important issue facing this country with good old fashioned mudslinging.  These Progressives could sure teach Joseph McCarthy a thing or two.  Thanks Jim.


The legislative process behind the government takeover of healthcare has arguably been the most corrupt in the history of the country.  The arrogance, underhanded dealings, outright bribes to legislators and perversion of the Congressional Reconciliation process has left a majority of Americans feeling bitter and betrayed.  The bill is extremely unpopular as evidenced by the fact that two weeks after the bill has passed the president is still out on the road trying to sell it to voters with a series of over-the-top campaign style speeches.  Although polls indicate that 53% of Americans remain adamantly opposed to the health care takeover, the President still insists on dismissing us as some sort of insignificant fringe resistance.  Since Barack Obama claimed a mandate for himself after winning the 2008 election with 52% of the popular vote, it is surprising that he won’t give those of us who oppose this bill the same consideration.  In the face of such opposition, a prudent person confident of his position might change his tactics and try to debate his critics in a logical way.  Instead the President, liberals and the media know there is no way they could win in a fair debate about this corrupt bill.  When you can’t win the debate your only chance is to end the debate by any means necessary.  They are attempting to accomplish this by launching a coordinated effort to demonize, marginalize, bully and silence their critics.

There is no question that the Tea Party movement is growing in size, influence and visibility, making them public enemy #1 to the administration and liberals in general.  The liberal notion that the movement is a Republican front organization is shattered by a recent poll that indicates 40% of the Tea Party movement is comprised of Democrats and Independents.  In the face of this growing discontent, the only chance the administration has to avoid a complete blowout in the November elections is to attempt to discredit the movement.  With the willing cooperation of the mainstream media and liberal pundits they have manufactured a template that the Tea Party movement is comprised of a bunch of violent, sexist, racist, bigoted homophobes.  Since the evidence so far indicates Tea Party members are nothing of the sort, liberals are going to greater lengths to push the envelope.

On the day the health care bill was passed, Nancy Pelosi and company marched triumphantly through the crowd of Tea Party protestors gathered on the National Mall.  This is a curious thing to do if you truly believe your opponents are violent, but it makes perfect sense if you want to provoke peaceful people into a trumped up act of violence.  To their credit, the people in the crowd maintained their composure without resorting to physical violence.  Try to imagine the result if a group of conservatives pulled a similar stunt at a rally full of Progressives.  Unsatisfied that nobody took the bait; the liberal congressmen claimed that people in the crowd hurled racial epithets at members of the black caucus as they made their way through the throng.  The press accepted the accusation without question, and the AP posted a full account of the story less than 90 minutes after the alleged incident took place.  Unfortunately, in their haste to shape the message, the liberals have apparently forgotten that we are no longer living in the 1960’s when there was only a single Zapruder film to provide evidence.  The Mall was blanketed with cell phones, video cameras and other electronic recoding devices and, shockingly, nobody has been able to produce evidence of any racial comments.

Unfazed by this setback to their efforts to whip up public hysteria against conservatives, the liberals went back to one of their tried and true favorites; the Militia movement.  They hit pay dirt last week with the convenient arrest of members of the Hutaree Militia in Michigan. The mainstream media, who would never dream of labeling a terrorist as Islamic, even when they clearly are Muslim, have absolutely no problem at all referring to the Hutaree, almost gleefully, as a “Christian Militia”.  The President, who cautioned all of us not to “jump to conclusions” within hours of when a Muslim Army officer killed soldiers in a rampage at Fort Hood last November appears to have no problem when Christians are painted with a broad brush of violence.

From what we have learned so far, this “Militia” consists of a total of nine members who attended the same church.  Their master plan apparently called for them to kill police officers in the belief that it would inspire average Americans to rise up and overthrow the government.  It’s my sense that the overwhelming majority of conservatives in the Tea Party movement, as well as those who frequent this blog, would react with complete revulsion and outrage toward anyone who would murder a police officer.  We would not rise up against the government, but we would demand that the maximum punishment for anyone who perpetrated such a crime.  Having said that, we are only talking about a total of nine people and, judging by the photographs, there doesn’t seem to be a single Navy Seal in the bunch.  Strip away the Militia aura and we are left with a bunch of overweight guys in camouflage running around in the woods.  While no one could accuse them of being terribly bright, so far they don’t appear to have broken any laws.  However, from the mainstream media perspective, it is mission accomplished in furthering the liberal equation that Tea Party = Militia = Violence.  By the way, one of the Hutaree members is a registered Democrat, but I don’t think we’ll be hearing that fact on the network news.  Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

Exhibit three:  There is a new video of an interview with Michelle Obama making the rounds on YouTube in which she makes a reference to her and her husband getting AIDS tests when they “visited Barack’s home country of Kenya”.  Since Barack Obama has spent two years and over $1 million dispatching an army of lawyers to quell any questions about his citizenship, it seems strange that he would let his own wife make a statement that would provide potential fodder to the Birther movement.  Since this administration doesn’t do anything by accident, the only way this makes sense is if it was done intentionally.  Let’s review the facts.  This particular interview with Michelle Obama is from July 2009.  Why has it taken 9 months for it to surface?  Secondly, the only area where the administration is polling well is on the question of Obama’s citizenship, with over 85% of the population, including the conservative Midwest, convinced that Obama was born in the United States.  If the Birthers were to pick up on this story, Michelle Obama would then have the plausible deniability of saying she was only referring to Kenya as a home country as part of Obama’s “citizen of the world” persona and not as an actual birthplace.  The mainstream media would then dutifully report the story along with the appropriate tisking that the Birther movement is indicative of the Tea Party mindset of ratcheting up the rhetoric of hate, etc.  That could put a significant dent in independents’ support of conservative candidates in November.

So far, liberal attempts to discredit the Tea Party movement have been about as successful as the Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon.  However, with seven months remaining until the November election we can expect them to become more desperate and more aggressive in their attacks.  We also cannot discount the possibility of them intentionally causing trouble at a Tea Part rally to have it blamed on conservatives.  If you attend a rally you have to remain on your best behavior regardless of what you see or hear and encourage those around you to do the same.  If the attempt to disgrace the Tea Party movement gains any traction it could be game over for the conservative opposition.  The stakes in November are far too high to allow that to happen.


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Leon Panetta & the CIA – On the Hot Seat

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 16, 2009

leonLeon Panetta has been Democrat foot-soldier for nearly four decades, including a stint as a Democrat congressman from California and Chief of Staff for President Clinton.  Panetta was appointed CIA Director by President Obama this year.  It seems he may have too much integrity for the radical left.

Early in Panetta tenure as CIA Director he seemed to have the backing of the President who indicated that he wanted to look forward instead of back on matters relating to the CIA and its handling of terrorist during the Bush administration.  Evidently this angered the radical left and influenced Obama to change this commitment.  Let’s review the history on the President’s attack on the CIA: Read the rest of this entry »

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