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Archive for the ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Category

Harry Reid Claims “Border is Secure”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 16, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is known for making outrageous, partisan and downright stupid statements.  However, even by these standards, Reid went over the top this week during comments he made to reporters after the weekly Democratic caucus meeting.  In it, as included in the video below, Reid claims “the border is secure.”  That ridiculous claim brings into question Reid’s sanity, if not his intelligence.  Just imagine the clamoring from the mainstream media had Sarah Palin made such an outrageous comment.


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Houston Woman Understands Cost to American Poor from Illegal Immigrants

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 11, 2014

To Progressives, the crisis of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding America’s borders is an opportunity. They use this human tragedy to increase the power, scope and spending of the federal government. And yes, at the same time they increase the amount of people employed by and the any amount of compensation some federal employees are paid. It is a despicable use of human tragedy for the same basic greed often blamed on Wall Street and private businesses.

When liberals raise the issue of illegal immigrants, it is typically couched in terms of the humanitarian problems of the immigrants. These immigrants often come from deplorable conditions and corrupt and dysfunctional countries. That does not relieve the federal government of its obligation to have secure borders.

President Obama has responded to the immigration crisis asking Congress for an emergency $4 billion to spend on the issue. Any expenditure comes from a finite pool of funds that are therefore no longer available for Americans and legal immigrants in need. While the President and his Leftist allies seem ignorant to this economic reality, one Houston resident, Ms. Bernadette Lancelin, clearly understands this basic law of economics. Her rant in the video below demonstrates the potential political costs to the President and his party for the immigration mess and the Obama’s lame response.

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Obama Flies to Las Vegas to Give One Speech

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 29, 2013

Today President Obama flew on Air Force One from Washington DC to Las Vegas, Nevada.  The purpose of the trip was to give a speech on immigration (see White House release below).  According to the weeklystandard.com, this nine-hour round-trip cost taxpayers in excess of $1.5 million.

Left unsaid in the weeklystandard.com posting was the tons of carbon that Air Force One belched into the atmosphere for the President to make this campaign style speech.  Whatever happened to videoconferencing?  It is evident by his actions that Obama uses the man-made global warming scare for political gain, not for world improvement.

“While in Las Vegas, the President will deliver remarks on the need to fix the broken immigration system so that it is fairer for and helps grow the middle class by ensuring everyone plays by the same rules.  The President’s remarks at Del Sol High School are open to pre-credentialed media.”

“In the evening, the President will depart Las Vegas, Nevada en route Washington, DC.  The departure from McCarran International Airport and the arrival on the South Lawn are open press.”

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Illegal Immigrants’ Offspring in Florida Granted Subsidized College Tuition

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 9, 2012

In another sign of judicial activism, Federal Judge K. Michael Moore invoked the equal protection clause of the US Constitution ruling that the State of Florida could not charge out-of-state tuition to children of illegal aliens.  Finding that such children are US citizens, the Judge ruled that they must be charged the same rate as offspring of legal citizens who are residence of Florida.  Judge Moore’s ruling exemplifies why governments must exit the business of assisting some residents with benefits at the expense of others.

While the idea of subsidized college education has merit given potential benefits of society, the unintended consequences offset the potential benefits.  Because of the government’s intervention in the college education business, the cost of tuition has risen faster than almost any other service in the Country.  That is not by coincidence.  With the government’s subsidies the college education businesses had less of a need to become more efficient and control costs.  As their costs have skyrocketed, the increases have been passed on to students who accumulate more debt to pay the outrageous bills.  Judge Moore’s will be another addition to the cost increases other citizens will end up paying.

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Minnesota Group Protests Chipotle for Following the Law

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 14, 2010

Minnesota, the land of moonbat Al Franken, continually adds to its Left-wing credentials.  Last week CBS Minnesota reported that the Chipotle restaurant chain is on the receiving end of protests by the Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) for having the audacity to follow American law.

Chipotle received a government I-9 audit, checking the legal citizenship/residency status of workers.  The audit indicated that 50 workers did not have proper documentation.  Those workers were then fired by Chipotle.

Progressives believe that laws they disagree with are not only inherently wrong, but theirs to ignore.  This is a dangerous, slippery sloop.  Unless society lives by the rule of law, no individual’s rights are protected.  With this issue there can be no middle ground.

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9th Circuit Court Allows 11 Foreign Countries to Attack Arizona

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 2, 2010

This one falls under the category that you can’t make this stuff up.  Lee forwarded this outrageous story.  The fact that this story is nearly two months old, but received little play in the mainstream media, is also telling.

The video below helps shows how bold the Progressives’ attack on the United States Constitution has become.  Incredibly, the 9th circuit U.S. federal court ruled that it will allow 11 foreign countries to challenge the Constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration law.  What perverse logic gives foreign entities any rights relating to the American Constitution?  There are none, accept the rampant Progressivism with the Obama Administration and his Department of Justice.

There is more to this story than merely Progressivism gone wild.  It is also a story of greed using the Progressive mantle as cover.  Most of the illegal drug traffic into the United States comes from south of the border.  Shutting down the illegal immigrant traffic will cost some powerful people in Central and South America a lot of money.  As it is often said; follow the money and the motivations will become clear.

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While Obama Attacks Arizona, Mexico Falls into Anarchy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 1, 2010

The violence in Mexico is escalating and the country is in danger falling into anarchy.  In 2006 President Felipe Calderón declared war against his country’s crime syndicates.  Since then 28,000 people have been killed.  Unfortunately Mexico’s war is not going well due to the huge amounts of drug money funding the criminals and corruption at various levels of the Mexican government.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the following high-profile violence in Mexico:

  • Last week a Mexican mayor of Doctor González and mayor-elect of Gran Morelos were killed in two separate attacks.
  • In early September the mayor of a town in the central state of San Luis Potosí murdered.
  • In August the mayor of Santiago was tortured and killed and involved rouge police officers.
  • Also in August, the mayor of Hidalgo was killed.
  • Rival gangs had a shootout last week with seven killed in the tourist region of Acapulco.  Again local rouge police officers were involved.

The violence in Mexico has become so prevalent that business executives have fled the northern parts of Mexico and the U.S. State Department has issued warnings to American diplomats to take extra precautions with family members in Mexico.

The signs of a disintegrating central government in Mexico are too prevalent to ignore.  While drug users in the United States fund the violence, only Mexico can stop it.  The Obama Administration ignores this serious issue and instead focuses on attacking the State of Arizona for protecting its citizens as the federal government ignores its Constitutional obligations.  It is this type of madness that has led to the growing Tea Party.  It is this madness that will lead to a huge defeat for Democrats in the upcoming election.

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Feds Get a Black Eye in Arizona

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 29, 2010

The Obama Administration has been on a witch hunt against the state of Arizona since shortly after coming to power.  While most of the press has focused on the Administration’s lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration reform, that has not been the only attack on this State by the Feds.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been at the receiving end of the Obama Administration’s ewer because of his department’s tough stance on criminals and illegal immigrants.  For 18-months the Justice Department has been looking into how the Sheriff treats inmates and whether he discriminates against Hispanics.

This week another department of the Unites State government released its report on Sheriff Arpaio’s jails.  This federal audit, which started in September 2009, gave a favorable grade for treatment of inmates and the facilities themselves with an in “compliant” grade, the highest mark possible.  The Marshall’s report specifically stated: “This deputy was impressed with the overall facility operation and cleanliness.

OK, so the U.S. Marshalls concluded that the good Sheriff and his department are in compliance.  That should be good enough for the Justice Department, right?  Wrong.  The Justice Department said that its investigation will continue and justifies this second test by stating that it “pertains to allegations of discrimination in jails and police practices that are not covered by the Marshals Service review.”  In addition, they said that the Marshals’ inspections are “check-box” reviews not intended for civil-rights investigations.  That excuse is nothing more than political doubletalk with the Obama Administration using the Department of Justice to further its political agenda.  Wow, these Progressives make Tricky Dick Nixon’s group look like amateurs!

The Obama Administration’s attack on the people of the State of Arizona is deplorable.  The problem is not Arizona, but the illegal traffic crossing our southern border.  The problem is the federal government not doing its job securing our borders.  The problem is the growing violence in Mexico that is seeping across the border and will only get worse.

Obama’s action against Arizona mimics that of his foreign policy where he attacks friends and cozies up to real enemies.

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Joe Friday Lectures Eric Holder

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 3, 2010

You just have to love some good-old-fashion commonsense over Progressive dribble!

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8 percent of U.S. Births to Illegal Aliens

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 12, 2010

According to the Pew Hispanic Center in cooperation with the Census Bureau, 8 percent of births in the United States during 2008 were to illegal aliens.  That’s about 340,000 babies.

While illegal aliens compose about 4 percent of the U.S.’s adult population, due to high birthrates, their children are a much larger share of the newborn population, equaling about 7 percent of those younger than 18.

These simple numbers tell a story of crisis and one reason that the Country’s finances are in havoc.  The Progressives started this crisis by creating a nanny-state with handouts for all sorts of issues.  Then, they allowed the handouts to be given to illegal immigrants and their offspring.  That opened the floodgates at our southern border.

The illegals are not to be blamed for wanting benefits that they cannot receive in their own countries.  It is the Progressives who created this mess and now force us to seal the borders.  Now these Progressives claim “racism” against anyone who demands corrective action.  The numbers prove this claim to be fallacious.

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