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Archive for the ‘H1N1’ Category

Swine-Flu Pandemic; More Governmental “Crying Wolf”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 11, 2010

Fourteen months ago the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the swine-flu (H1N1) a pandemic starting a panic.  Joe Biden told us he wouldn’t allow his family to travel in airplanes and the Obama Administration andgovernments worldwide bought millions of dose of anti-viral medication and inoculations for a flu strain that proved relatively mild.

This week the WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said the flu had “largely run its course” and the pandemic over.  That call seems a bit late.

The result of the WTO’s mistaken pandemic call has been billions wasted on medications that will be unused.  In addition, this call forced vaccine manufactures to not produce the vaccines that were really needed for the flu active strains.

Dr. Chan defended the WHO’s wrong call on H1N1 stating: “That was the right call.”  Funning thing about bureaucrats, they never admit to making the wrong call.

The threat of swine flu that never materialized joins other false government crisis such as bird flu, Y2K, WMDs, etc.  Besides wasting billions, these mistakes make it likely that one day a real threat will be ignored by a public numbed by governmental blunders.


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H1N1, The Government Calls it Wrong Again

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 18, 2010

The best and brightest in governments worldwide have once again blown it, this time with the dreaded H1N1 virus sometimes referred to “Swine Flu”.  Just a few months ago governments were warning (scarring) citizens with the impending doom that this plague would bring to mankind.  We Americans were treated to Vice President Joe Biden’s famous comment relating to the dangers of flying and catching this bug.

How quickly the danger passed without government help.  Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that European governments are canceling their H1N1 vaccine orders faster than they submitted them.  Germany is canceling 30% and France over 50% of its order.  The United States government is not yet ready to admit its error and the World Health Organization has refused comment.

Why the change of heart by the Europeans?  First, the same experts that called the coming plague also determined that two doses of the vaccine would be required per person.  Later, they discovered only one would be required.  But more importantly, H1N1 wasn’t as virulent as predicted and ultimately proved to be just another strain of the flu the world sees yearly.

There are those who will resort to the usual excuse for governments’ latest error: “Better be safe than sorry” will be their rallying cry.  This excuse has gotten old.  Remember the other government calls of impending doom?  How about Y2K?  Bird Flu?  SARs?  WMD?  How many mistakes will we accept before we call these folks on it?  How long before this crying wolf makes the people immune to the calls?

With all of the government’s calls of crisis that did not occur, they have also consistently missed the real ones.  How about 9/11?  New Orleans’ damage from a hurricane?  Mortgage meltdown?  Banking crisis?

It is amazing that we continue to trust the folks and organizations that have made all these mistakes.  How can we believe the current call for the impending doom from man-made climate change?  How can we turn over our healthcare to the folks with such a poor record?  History has demonstrated that incompetent governments just can’t get it right.  It’s time for a new approach.  It’s time for us to stop acting as lemmings!

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