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Archive for the ‘Greenhouse Gasses’ Category

Climate Change; Myth, Reality, Man-made?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 1, 2011

The fact that the world did not come to an end this past weekend as predicted by Pastor Harold Camping gave relief to some.  It also caused trepidations for other followers of the good Pastor.  As for Jeff Jacoby of The Boston Globe, he wrote a thought-provoking article titled Cooler Heads Contend with Climate Panic that points to similarities between  those who follow(ed) Pastor Camping and those who follow the high-priest of man-made global warming, Al Gore.

As Jacoby points out, the Guardian.co.uk has recently proclaimed “Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink“.  Not to be outdone, Newsweek proclaimed: Worldwide, the litany of weather’s extremes has reached biblical proportions.  From these and other extreme-weather events, one lesson is sinking in with terrifying certainty.  The stable climate of the last 12,000 years is gone.”  Yikes; sounds like Pastor Camping isn’t the only one looking for the final days.  However, before anyone runs up the credit cards too far, consider that Mr. Gore may also be wrong.

Jacoby then quotes Princeton physicist William Harper who does not believe carbon dioxide (CO2) is the cause of global warming saying:  “Carbon is the stuff of life.  Our bodies are made of carbon.  Yes, atmospheric CO2 is higher today than it was before the industrial age — 390 parts per million now vs. 270 ppm then — but there was a time when CO2 levels were several thousand ppm, much higher than now.  And life flourished abundantly.

The chart below shows the radical shift in worldwide global temperatures that occurred long before the industrial age and man’s influence on the environment.  Also the 10 ice ages and their subsequent global warming’s that occurred before the industrial age give at least some reason to pause on Father Gore’s theories.  But for true believers, the book is closed and the calamity is on the way.

Progressives have learned from their past incorrect predictions, such as Y2K, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and others that included defined ending dates.  With manmade CO2 being blamed for global climate change, they rectified this timing problem with decades of legs remaining.  That gives Progressives plenty of time to realign global wealth and restructure the world, their actual motivations.


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The Global Warming Hoax

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 12, 2010

This Blog has previously raised questions about the science behind the claims that Global Warming is man-made, caused by increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere.  This concern has been heightened with the recent disclosures that scientists have fudged the data to support their theory.  Couple this with the amount of money to be made by proponents of the theory including academics, industrialists, bankers and governments, and the opportunity for a con-game larger than Y2K is a distinct possibility.

John Coleman, meteorologist and founder of The Weather Channel, has become a strong opponent of the manmade Global Warming theory.  His short video posted below raises interesting challenges to the popular theory.  For those not vested in the outcome of the argument, this video raises questions that need to be answered by real science.  We need a real debate and no more junk science.

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EPA Seizes Control of America’s Economic Future

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 8, 2009

This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formally declared carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant. Administrator Lisa Jackson stated that the EPA’s action would “cement 2009’s place in history” when the United States started “seizing the opportunity of clean-energy reform.”  Ms. Jackson’s use of the word “seizing” is prophetic.  This declaration will give the EPA broad powers over the American economy by controlling carbon dioxide output of key industries.  The seizure ultimately will be the rights of all Americans.

It is unconscionable for the EPA to make this ruling just days after it was publicized that prominent scientists who advocate the man-made global warming theory have fudged data.  How can such in important decision be made based on invalid data?  We need to pause to review all of the science before proceeding with such a far reaching intrusion into the economy and our personal freedoms.  But, this logical approach has no place in the Obama Administration.  As the President’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel so ably said: “Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”  and “They are opportunities to do big things.”

The President is indeed seizing the opportunity of this environmental “crisis” to grab power through the EPA’s declaration.  It will go down in history as one of the government’s largest intrusion into American industry and personal freedoms. Read the rest of this entry »

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