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Archive for the ‘Gov. David Paterson’ Category

NY Governor Paterson Faces More Ethics Charges

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 3, 2010

No sooner did this Blog post a story about Congressman Charlie Rangel getting charged by his peers with ethics violations did another high-profile New York politician get put on the hot seat.  This time New York Governor David Paterson, Democrat, is accused of ethics violations.

Patterson, already involved in a controversy involving his suppressing a domestic-violence case of a close aide, now is accused of violating New York’s law that prohibits public officials from receiving gifts.  According to The New York Times, Patterson received a couple of Yankee World Series tickets for his son, as being charged by the Commission on Public Integrity.  (Article link below.)

Let’s see, Patterson takes the job as New York governor after Elliot Spitzer resigned because of his trysts with a prostitute.  Now we have Patterson who believes he is above the law being charged on the same day that Charlie Rangel is forced to resign his Congressional Committee Chairmanship.  Starting to see a pattern here?

There’s a swamp that needs draining in our political system.  The system has evolved into one in which professional political elites gain power and money at the expense of the people.  The framers of the Constitution expressed concerns about this type of power grab.  Allowing this group to write legislation on major issues such as healthcare has become the new definition of insanity.

NYT – Governor Patterson Ethics Violations


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