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Archive for the ‘France’ Category

France Orders Illegal Immigrants Deported

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 29, 2010

In another remarkable sign of changing times, while President Obama is fighting Arizona’s attempt to protect its borders, France is deporting illegal Gypsies.  According to UPI, French President Sarkozy ordered 300 Gypsy camps dismantled and the illegals deported.

Of course the France Leftists immediately accused Sarkozy of racism, a convenient excuse to avoid facts.  Here are the facts.  Sarkozy ordered the deportation after three days of riots involving battles between Gypsies and police.  The riots started when a police officer shot a 22-year old Gypsy who ran a roadblock and injured an officer.  How racist of the French to ask illegals to honor a police roadblock!

The Gypsy riots tell an interesting tale about modern views of right and wrong.  In a time when excuses are often made for bad behavior, illegals blatantly test the authorities’ resolve instead of being good citizens.  They made a mistake with Sarkozy’s resolve.

Meanwhile in our continent, violence in Mexico escalates with the Wall Street Journal reporting that four Mexican journalists were kidnapped by drug traffickers.  This occurred in the northern city of Torreón.  The violence is getting closer to the United States and will spill over to cities in Arizona.  Shame on the federal government for not securing our borders.


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Debt Bubble Has Popped-II

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 14, 2010

On June 8 this Blog posted an article titled “The Debt Bubble Has really Popped” that included Germany’s response Europe’s growing debt problems.  Germany committed itself to serous debt reduction to avoid future economic problems like Greece currently faces.

More recently France, another major European Union (EU) “player”, announced its own steps for debt reduction that included:

  • Cutting public spending by about $54 billion over three years
  • Raising France’s retirement age, an aggressive move in France.
  • Bring France’s governmental deficit down to the EU’s 3% limit.  In other words to play by the EU rules.
  • In addition, Prime Minister François Fillon indicated that France would reduce its public deficit by about $120 billion.

Just as telling as these budget actions is the rhetoric coming from France’s politicians.  Prime Minister François Fillon said: “It would be cowardly of us to tell the French people that their pensions could be maintained without lengthening their working lives and without altering the symbolic retirement age of 60.”  While not a pleasant statement for those who cannot retire when they thought they would, it is refreshingly honest coming from a politician.  Our politicians in Washington are indeed “cowards”, spending as if there were no consequences.

In another moment of honesty, France indicated that it is projecting tax-revenue estimates based on an assumed growth rate 1.4% for this year.  The Obama Administration on the other hand has projected a long-term growth rate of about 3% in coming up with the already massive projected deficits.  Should actual growth rates be lower, as they likely will be, the deficits will be even larger than the $1 trillion plus estimated by the Obama Administration.

Remarkably, the Nanny States of Europe are leading the way in addressing the generational stealing that comes with unsustainable government deficits.  President Obama, who has on occasion expressed admiration for European countries’ policies, would do well to follow the Germans and French on addressing the deficits.  Unfortunately the programs Obama has put in place since taking office add substantially to these deficits and preclude him from making an honest assessment to the American people about the debt problem.

It is ironic that the Europeans join the Tea Party as the drivers for deficit reduction.  It will take a major statement by the electorate in the upcoming November elections to begin repairing the decades of damage done to the United States by the Progressives and their massive entitlement spending.

The winds of change are indeed coming!

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